Dua Prayer Teacher (Yusuf Tavaslı) -1648

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The Duo Is Found In The Most Virtuous Prayers In The Prayer Teacher Book
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  • Duo Prayer Teacher (Color - Picture)
    2. Paste Bound Gilded Printed
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    Roman Boy
    864 Pages

    Religious Works

    O traveler of rights! Learning prayer is the most important and foremost command of our religion.

    It is fard for every Muslim woman and man to learn prayer information. It is the duty of a Muslim's neck to learn this knowledge, which is the order of Allah.

    Prayer is never abandoned, it cannot be abandoned in any way. Every Muslim who has faith should know this fact in this way and thus keep it in mind and not be heedless in his attitude.

    For example, even a sick Muslim cannot stop praying. He cannot fail to pray. Prayer cannot be abandoned in combat, even in the face of enemy bullets.

    Yes, if a sick Muslim cannot perform his prayers, he will sit down. If he cannot sit down, he can do it while lying down or how easy it is. He even makes it with the impression (head sign). (The explanation of these issues will come in their own sections, in the patients' prayer section.)

    We also learn from these orders of our religion and understand that there is absolutely no abandoning or quitting prayers in Islam. And to leave prayers is one of the great sins.

    The first account that Allah will ask about his use in the hereafter will be the first suâli prayer worship. Learning this important worship properly is a necessary duty for every Muslim's own happiness and happiness.

    I have prepared this new book in the hope that it will serve my religious brothers and sisters in this regard. My book: “DU and Acirc; And the dhikr prayer teacher & raquo; I named it.

    For, there are many virtuous prayers and dhikrs that are read after prayers. Our beloved Prophet (Aleyhisselam) read many virtuous prayers and dhikr at the end of the prayers and advised us to read to their ummah. We have written these prayers and remembrance in this book. Reading these important prayers and dhikr will mean a portion of the hereafter for a Muslim.

    I wanted my brothers of the religion to learn about prayer and the knowledge of catechism from this book, and let them perform these virtuous supplications and dhikr, and ensure that they will provide the following.

    In this respect, our Prophet (Aleyhisselâmm) said: "The best of people is the one that is beneficial to people." If I can receive the hadith, I will have the highest happiness.

    My only aim is to serve and help my religious brothers and sisters.

    Tevfik and guidance success and success are the grace and help of Allah Almighty.

    Preface 3
    Introduction 5
    Why was man created 7
    DU and Acirc, READ IN PRAYER; LAR
    Subject 11
    Ettehiyyâtü 13
    Allahumma Salli 17
    Goddamn bariik 17
    Rabbena is over 20
    Prayer of Rabbenağfirli 22
    Quranic prayers 23
    Takbir - Allah Almighty 25
    Ruku 'rosary 25
    Prayer of revelation from Ruku 25
    Prostration Rosary 26
    Salam - When the prayer is over 26
    Allâhümme entesselâm and min kesselâm 27
    Surat al-Fatiha (Alham) 28
    The virtue of the chapter of al-Fatiha 29
    Benefits of reading the Surah al-Fatiha 41 times 30
    Nâs "Kul eûzü Birabbinnâs" Surah 32
    Felak "Kul eûzü Birabbilfelak" Surah 33
    The Virtue of the Surah Falak and Nasr 34
    Surah Ihlas "Kul huvallâhü ehad" 38
    The Virtue of the Surah Ihlas 39
    Chapter 43 of Tabbet
    The Virtue of Tabbet 44
    Al-Nasr 45
    The Virtue of the Surah Al-Nasr 46
    Chapter 48 of the Unbeliever
    The Virtue of the Chapter of the Unbeliever 49
    Surat al-Kevser 51
    The Virtue of the Surah Kevser 52
    Surat al-Maûn 54
    The Virtue of the Surah Mâûn 55
    The Quraysh 57
    The Virtue of the Surah of Quraysh 58
    Surah Elephant 60
    The Virtue of the Elephant 61
    Hümeze Chapter 62
    Asr 64
    The Virtue of the Asr 65
    Surat al-Takâsur 66
    Surah Karia 69
    and Acirc; the Surah of the Diocese 72
    Zilzâl Sura 75
    Surah Al-Bayyine 78
    Qadir 81
    Al-Alak 84
    Chapter 88
    Inshirah 90
    Feature of the Surah Insirah 91
    Surah Al-Duha 94
    Characteristics of the Surah Al-Duha 96
    The Lei 100
    Al-Shams 103
    Surat A'lâ 106
    The Virtue of the Surah A '108
    and Acirc; yetel-Kürsî 110
    and Acirc; Virtue of Yetel-Kürsî 111
    and Acirc; mener'Resul 114
    and Acirc; Virtue of the Messenger of Mener 116
    Hüvallâhüllezî - Surah Hashr 117
    32 Fard 121
    The Conditions of Faith 121
    and Acirc; the mentee's Arabian 122
    Faith in God 123
    God's attributes 124
    What does belief in God mean 125
    Belief in the Angels 125
    Belief in the books; 127
    Belief in the Prophets 128
    The names of the prophets 129
    The attributes of the prophets 130
    The life of the prophets is short 130
    The Prophet Muhammad's (A.S.) life is short 155
    The morality of the Prophet 161
    and Acirc; believing in the hereafter 165
    Belief in destiny 165
    Ablution fards 4 166
    Conditions of Islam 5 166
    The fards of ghusl 3 167
    Tayammum's obligatory duties 2 167
    Prayer fard 12 168
    Ablution for prayer 169
    Ablution 171
    Prayer when wudu is over 172
    How to Make Wudu (Pictures) 173
    The sunnahs of wudu 175
    Ablution suppressants and literatures 176
    Reading Kadir Surah 178
    Things That Invalidate Wudu 179
    To wipe on the hijab 180
    Wudu prayers (famous and known) 181
    The reward of wudu and the hadiths 187
    Whoever reads this prayer enters through the 8 gates of Paradise 189
    Ghusl - full ablution 191
    Sunnah of ghusl 193
    I take ghusl ablution 195
    Situations that require ghusl - Why ghusl is made 197
    What does Vedi mean, does it require Ghusl? 199
    What does Mesi mean, does it require ghusl? 199
    Explanations about ghusl 200
    Is there a ghusl in the sea? 204
    Is there a ghusl under the shower? 204
    Is ghusl permissible in the rain? 205
    Special circumstances of women 205
    Menstruation 205
    Postponement (postpartum) state 210
    The blood of destabilization (sickness) 211
    How an excused person worship 212
    Things that are forbidden for a woman with menstruation and care 213
    Permissible things for women with menstruation and maintenance 214
    Prayers to be read by a woman in a special state 215
    Prayers to be read on special occasions 216
    He can also read the following prayers 218
    God forgives you 218
    Prayers with lots of rewards 220
    Hz. The will of the Prophet to Fatima 222
    Prayer phrases that shed sins 224
    Best Prayer 226
    Read 100 times 228
    Prayer to relieve stress 229
    70 thousand readers are given the good news of paradise 229
    14 thousand sins are deleted 230
    Removes My Anxiety 230
    The two virtues that lead to heaven 232
    One who reads 100 times does not fear graves 233
    Prayer Times 234
    Kerahat times 235
    Times of non-prayer 235
    When it is makruh to perform a voluntary prayer 236
    The number of rak'ahs of prayers is 237
    Prayer to be read on the way to the mosque 238
    Prayer to be read when entering the mosque 239
    Prayer while leaving the mosque 240
    Know the 12 fards of prayer 241
    How is prayer performed 244
    The sunnah of the morning prayer 245
    Pictures for ladies 245
    Kamet 251 for men
    Fard of the morning prayer 252
    Pictures for men 253
    What does one do who cannot perform the morning prayer on time 259
    Suffering at the end of prayer 260
    Prayers of prayers 261
    and Acirc; yetil Kürsî - in the prayer of simile 263
    Prayer at the end of the prayer 265
    The reward of having a prayer of prayer 269
    Hz. Prophet's advice to his daughter 271
    Special prayers after the morning prayer 275
    Salat tuncinâ end of prayer 276
    The end of the morning prayer surah of resurrection 280
    Prayer of the glorification of the Imam-i A'zam 281
    Prayer end of prayer in arabic 283
    The essence of Arabic prayer 286
    The wajibs of prayer 289
    Secde-i Sehiv, Wrong Prostration 290
    The sunnahs of prayer 293
    Makruhs of prayer 294
    Poetry - My Religion 296
    What we have learned - Reading text 297
    Adhan and Doomsday 300
    Adhan also has conditions 303
    The Virtue of Adhan and Muezzin 305
    Evidence of the legitimacy of adhan 306
    The Merits of Muezzin 307
    The conditions to be fulfilled by the muezzin in adhan 308
    Azân words (Arabic) 310
    Ezânm in Turkish 310
    What does the hearer do 313
    Prayer recited after adhan 314
    How to make a muezzin in mosques 316
    Salevatlama in great mosques 318
    Salam in Minarets 320
    Praying with congregation 321
    Imamate - imam 323
    Who becomes an imam when there is community at home 324
    The condition of obeying the imam when joining 326
    What it takes to keep up with the community 327
    If he is an imam, he will not be in congregation 330
    If he does not make an imam, he will not be in congregation 330
    Cemâat Information Questioned - Answer 332
    Imam being a very valuable profession - Reading text 335
    341 Examples of performing prayers with pictures
    Patients praying in pictures 363
    The virtue of prayers and dhikr after fard prayers 367
    Between the sunnah of the morning prayer and the fard 367
    The reader goes with faith in his last breath 361
    The sins of those who read 100 times are forgiven 368
    Also read as supplication 369
    The reader gets up as donated 370
    Even the major sins of the reader are forgiven 371
    Or do not leave this prayer after the Muaz prayer 371
    At the end of the prayer, after the hands are rubbed on the face 372
    Reading passage
    Fard, Wajib, Sunnah in prayer 373
    Prayer is comedy in the wild - Poem 375
    Noon prayer 376
    First Circumcision (Pictures for men) 376
    Fard of Noon Prayer 383
    The Last Sunnah of the Noon Prayer 386
    End of prayer simulated prayers 388
    Prayer at the end of prayer 390
    Longer simile prayers 392
    Arabic prayer prayer 396
    Aşri Şerif (Le kad sadakallahü ...) 400
    Afternoon Prayer 403
    Fard of Afternoon Prayer 406
    Ashri Sharif - Surah Amme 410
    Evening Prayer 414
    The Sunnah of the Evening Prayer 416
    Prayer at the end of prayer 419
    Isha Prayer 421
    Isha Prayer Fard 421
    Last Sunnah of Isha Prayer 422
    Salat-i Witr (Witr Prayer) 422
    Tasbih prayers and end of prayer prayers 424-426
    Tarawih Prayer 428
    Friday Prayer 433
    Prayers to be read on Friday 436
    438 to say salawat on Friday
    Prayer read a hundred times on Friday 438
    Read a thousand (1000) times on Friday 439
    Read 7 times after Friday prayer 440
    Reading the Surah of Duhan on Friday 441
    Reading the Surah Al-Kahif on Friday 442
    Friday and Acirc; reading the Surah l-i Imran 443
    443 read on Friday
    Sermons 445
    Example of sermons 447
    Prayer to be read at the end of the sermon 450
    Eid Prayers 452
    How to perform Eid Prayer 453
    Tesrik Takbirs 455
    456 The importance of holidays
    Nice things to do on holidays 458
    Reviving the days of eid by worship 459
    Prayer to be read on the day of Arafa 461
    Funeral Prayer 464
    How to intend for Funeral Prayer 464
    The prayer that can be read for every funeral 465
    How to perform the Funeral Prayer 466
    What does a person who does not know prayer read 471
    How patients pray 473
    How a passenger (guest) prayers 474
    How to perform accidental (past) prayers 476
    Mustahab (rewarding) prayers 478
    Prayer after making wudu and ghusl 478
    Prayer of Tehiyyetul-Masjid 479
    Tahajjud (night) Prayer 480
    Tahajjud Prayer Prayer 480
    Prayer of Isra 483
    Duha (mid-morning) prayer 484
    Prayer of Awwab 486
    Prayer while traveling and returning 487
    Prayer to be performed by the new bride and groom 488
    489 when the pilgrim leaves his home
    Prayer of the murderer (death row inmate) 490
    Salat al-ri (Mother - Father) Prayer 490
    Prayers for Mother - Father Right 491
    Prayer for Repentance 493
    Prayer of the Rosary 494
    How to perform the prayer of the Rosary 496
    Prayer of Hajat 499
    Prayer of hajat 500
    Information about the prayer of hajat 504
    Prayer of Resignation 507
    Prayer for rest 508
    Praise Prostration 511
    Prayer for Rain and Prayer 512
    Eclipse Prayer 514
    Husuf (Lunar Eclipse) Prayer 515
    The love affair of lovers prayer - Reading insert 516
    Supererogatory prayers performed on weekdays 517
    Prayer on Friday 518
    Prayer on Saturday and Sunday 518
    Prayer on Monday and Tuesday 519-520
    Prayer on Wednesday and Thursday 520-521
    Vain Prayers performed at night 521
    Friday night prayer 521
    Prayer on Saturday and Sunday night 522
    Prayer on Monday and Tuesday night 523
    Prayer on Wednesday and Thursday night 524
    Prayer prayer in Arabic 528
    ORUÇ İB ve Acirc; DETİ
    The Virtue of Fasting 536
    Penalty for breaking the fast - kaffarah 539
    Atonement for fasting 539
    Things that break the fast 540
    The makruhs of the fast 543
    Suggesters of the fast 544
    What does a broken fast 545
    The things that make it permissible not to fast 545
    Types (parts) of fasting 548
    The benefits of fasting 548
    The virtue and reward of fasting 549
    Prayers to be read at the iftar table 560
    561 The reward of futile fasting
    Monday and Thursday fast 562
    Fasting on Ashura 564
    Six days fast in Shawwal 565
    Ayyam-bid fasting 566
    Fasting for the month of Sha'ban 567
    The fast of the prophet David 568
    Fasting of a married woman 568
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday fast 569
    Fasting on the day of Arafa 570
    creed 571
    certifying conditions 572
    What to do in creed 573
    Disbelief 573
    Confidence 574
    The virtue of creed 574
    Sadaka-i fitır - Fitre 576
    Who is given the fitrah 576
    What Sadaqah-i fitir makes you think 576
    The importance of charity 578
    Zakat 580
    How to give zakat 581
    Niyyet 583
    To whom zakat is given 583
    Zakat is not given to whom 585
    Virtue of Zakat 586
    HAC İB and Acirc; DETİ
    Fards of hajj 593
    Conditions for hajj to be fard 594
    The conditions for a valid hajj 596
    The importance of entering ihram 597
    Volume vacibleri 598
    Sunnah of Hajj 599
    The etiquette of hajj 601
    The prohibitions of hajj 601
    Types of hajj 602
    Words Related to Hajj 604
    There are three types of tawaf. 606
    Telbiye (lebbeyk) prayer 609
    KURBAN İB and Acirc; DETİ
    Sacrifice 611
    When is the sacrifice slaughtered 613
    Permissible animal to be sacrificed 613
    Animal not permissible to be sacrificed 614
    Skin and flesh of the victim 614
    Sacrifice 615
    The virtue of sacrificing a sacrifice 616
    Hz. Sacrifice of the prophet Ismail 625
    Hz. Abraham being a friend of God 628
    Prayers of the sacrifice 637
    Reading text: The virtue of fard prayers 639
    Hellbites - Non-prayers 647
    648 of those who do not perform prayers properly.
    A Few Hadiths about Prayer - Sharif 651
    The virtue of the Morning Prayer 653
    The virtue of the afternoon prayer 654
    The Merit of Witr Prayer 655
    Hymns of Yunus about Prayer 657
    The blessings of prayer and
    Statements of Hadith-i Sharif about prayer 661 - 674
    Hz. Umar and the importance of prayer Menkıbe 675
    Reading passage: The importance of prayer with camâat 677
    The subtleties of prayer 685
    The explanation of the ma'na of the Surah Fatiha 687
    Regaib (Kandili) night 698
    Regaib Kandili (night) prayer 700
    After prayer 702
    Salevât-i ummiyye 702
    Prayer 703
    The prayer to be performed in the month of Rajab 705
    Prayer of 30 rak'ahs 706
    Prayer on the night of Mi’râç Kandili 713
    Berat Kandili night prayer 716
    Prayers to be read when the prayer is over 716
    Prayer of the night of Qadr 720
    Mevlid Kandili 724
    The first religious knowledge we will teach to our children 726
    DU and Acirc; LAR DEPARTMENT
    Morning - Evening Dhikr 755
    Morning - Evening read 757
    Morning - Evening Hz. The prayer that Abu Bakrin (R.A.) recited 759
    The prayer of the Messenger of Allah at night 760
    760 who read 100 times in the morning - evening
    Two Words that God Likes 761
    Morning - Nothing harms those who read the evening.762
    Those who read it three times in the evening are not harmed. 763
    Prayer that earned countless rewards 764
    The reward of the reader when he wakes up 764
    If he reads after Fajr prayer, 765
    The reward of those who read 100 times 765
    Arafatta Read 100 times 766
    4 Words that Allah Likes 767
    Two million rewards are given 769
    When the prayer is completed, this prayer is read as follows 772
    Dünya ve and Acirc; obtaining the benefits of hereafter 773
    Hz. Fatima (R.A.) prayer read in the morning 775
    Hz. Fatima's (R.A.) morning - evening prayer 775
    Morning - Another prayer to be read in the evening 776
    Morning - Evening to be read Sayyidul-Istigfar 777
    A cure-all to read morning and evening 778
    Evening will please those who read in the morning 780
    Esmâül Husnâ 781
    Reading of Esmâül Husna 783
    Prayers for cleansing from sins 785
    God's forgiveness and forgiveness is greater than the sin of the servant 785
    The prayer of forgiveness that the Messenger of Allah read a lot 787
    The Prophet's prayer for forgiveness 790
    Prayer of forgiveness read 3 times while lying down 791
    700 sins of those who seek forgiveness are forgiven 792
    The Prophet's wish for forgiveness 100 times 793
    Hz. Ayşe's prayer of forgiveness 794
    Great Tawba-Tajdid-i Iman 795
    Readers attempting a new job 798
    Prayer to start a new job 799
    Prayer to protect all his family and property 799
    Prayer for protection from disasters 800
    One should read 800
    The thawab of la havle velâ power 801
    Read a hundred times to get out of poverty 802
    Protected from the evil of the devil 803
    Prayer to get rid of debt 803
    Prayer to be read by the debtor 804
    807, which is said to be emancipated from poverty and poverty
    The prayer that relieves the troubles of the world and the hereafter 808
    Prayer to be read by those who have difficulty in making a living 809
    A lonely (afraid) person reads 810
    70 angels call this prayer as Amin 812
    God should be asked to forgive 813
    The prayer that includes the goodness of the world and the hereafter 814
    Whoever reads at the end of prayer enters paradise 816
    Read ten times in the morning and evening 817
    Salat Tefriciye - Salah Nariye 818
    Salâten Tüncînâ - Müncina 819
    30 thousand rewards are given to this salawat 821
    At the intercession of the Prophet 822
    All prophets will intercede 823
    Salevât-i Ümmiye 824
    The reader receives the reward of charity 825
    Cooking Prayer 826
    Surah Yasin 834
    Tabareke 842
    Amme 846
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