Full Prayer Teacher For Shafiis-1645

Hayrat Neşriyat
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It is a Prayer Teacher Book for Shafiis, which is about the Features of Islam.
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    This booklet has been prepared in order to learn how to perform prayer, which is the pillar of our religion, without the need for someone else's help. For this reason, how to make wudu, the rituals of the prayer and how to perform it are described with pictures. Drawings were made separately to draw attention to the different movements of men and women in prayers. Later, some short fiqh information about prayer was included, and the suras and prayers read in prayer were put at the end of the book.
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    The greatest goal of sending people to the world is to know Allah, to believe in him and to worship him. A person who believes in Allah will definitely love him. Ctinkti knows by implication, and sect; u universe and every and sect; God created and sect; he created himself and all his loved ones from nothing, and sect; provided him with limitless blessings and sect. Ostelik has promised an eternal paradise to itself and to all mti's and sect.

    Boyle yiice, who knows a compassionate creator, will surely love him wholeheartedly. I ve sect; te, the Quran and sect; to the love of Allah of mti'mins; such i ve sect; indicates: "Allah loves them, they love Allah ...," 1

    Creation and sect; as a matter of fact, when people love someone, they want them to love themselves. He is gali and sect; he is willing to let him in for his love. For this reason, it is a necessity for a person who loves Allah to gain his consent and love; masi, created and sect.

    i and sect; ta prayer is the best evidence of our dignity and gratitude and our desire for his consent, as well as being the most beautiful occasion for gaining his love and consent.

    Prayer, which is the most virtuous prayer in our religion, is a day and sect; It is fard form and sect on the Muslims as time. Being abandoned is a great day. A verse tells us that prayer is fard and sect: "Prayer is obligatory for mu'min, depending on certain times." 2

    This book in your hand has been prepared with the intention of teaching how to fulfill the prayer prayer, which is the pillar of our religion, without needing the help of the head and sect;

    For this reason, the prayer rukiins and clay and sect; i were described with pictures and the sect; the differences in the prayer of men and hammlar, i and sect; separate mysteries were made for the sign and sect. In addition, the alini and sect of the abbey were also described with pictures and sect. Then, some intellectual information about the prayer and explanations about the prayer ge and sect were given and sect.

    As an innovation in our book, prayer is obligatory and sect; the verses and hadiths that show the flour, its value and importance are given and sect.

    In addition, in this book, although the precious words of Ustad Bediuzzaman Said Nursi in prayer and worship are presented for use, two tracts about prayer and a lesson about the congregation are added to the end of the book.

    In the intellectual information, the works of Halil Goneng Hocanin Buyuk and sect; his afii Ilmihali and Imam Nevevi's Minhac were taken as a basis and sect ;, Huccetu'l-islam Imam Ghazali (ra) was used in some issues related to virtue sect; tir.


    Onsoz 7

    Prayer Value and Virtue 9

    Aspects of God 14

    SelbT Aspects of God 14

    Stibuti Prescriptions of Allah 15

    Ef'al i Miikellefin and Ahkam-i ve sect; to er'iye 16

    Another Part of Religion! Phrases 18

    Basic Obligations. 21


    Ghusi.il Ablution 27

    Gusliin Farzlan 27

    Sunnets of Gusli 27

    What is Haram while Jihad and sect; things 28

    The Scholar and Sect of Ghusiil Ablution 28

    Prayer Ablution 29

    Wudu and sect; i 30

    Nullifying the ablution and sect; acts 38

    Nobody Without Ablution and Sect; Can't Do It 39

    Sargi Ozerine Mesh 39

    Teyemrnum 40

    Cleaning in Prayer 41

    Impurity and Hiikiim 41

    Heavy Impurity 41

    Light Impurity 42

    Medium Impurity 42

    The Effect of Najasetin on Prayer 43

    Istinca and Istibra 44

    Covering the Avret Places 45

    Time 46

    Intention 46

    Heading to the Qibla 46


    BE and sect; VAKiT PRAYER 65

    Prayer Times 66

    Time of the Dawn - - 68

    Prayers Kilim & sect; lari & mdash; 70

    Morning Prayer 70

    Ogle Prayer 71

    The Afternoon Prayer 74

    Ak & sect; am Namazi 76

    Isha Namazi 79

    Prayer Times 82

    Literature of Prayers 88

    Namazin Makruhlari 89

    Circumstances that Nullify Prayer 92


    Congregation Virtue 97

    HadTs on the Virtue of the Community 98

    Some Issues Regarding the Congregation and the Imamate 101

    Congregation of Prayers and sect; attached 104

    Prayer TesbThati 106


    The Virtue of Friday Gununtin and Friday Prayer Ill

    HadTs-i on the Virtue of the Cuman and sect; infler 112

    The Kilini and sect of Friday Prayer 114

    Cumanin Vticubunun & sect; artlan .115

    Cumanin Fdasinin & sect; artlan 116

    Friday Adabi 117

    NAMAZ gE and sect; iTLERi 121

    Prayer 0e & sect; itleri 123

    Funeral Prayer 124

    The Kiln of Funeral Prayer and its sect 125

    Funeral Prayer Prayer and Means 126

    Vain Prayers 127

    Eid Prayers 127

    Kilini of Eid Prayers and sect; i 128

    Bayram Giinii Adabi. 130

    Prayer of Tarawih 132

    Tehecciid Namazi 134

    F.wabin Namazi 135

    Duha (Ku & sect; luk) Prayer 135

    Tahiyyetii'l-Masjid Prayer 136

    Rosary Prayer 137

    Hajet Prayer 139

    Prayer of Hacet Prayer and Its Meaning 139


    Prayer and Meal for istihare 141

    Prayer After Wudu or Ghusl 142

    Journey Prayer 142

    Prayer of Repentance 142

    Istiska (Prayer of the Rain) Prayer 143

    Kiisuf (Giine & sect; Eclipse) Prayer 144

    Special (Lunar Eclipse) Prayer 145

    & sect; ukiir Sajid 146

    TADiL-i ERKAN in PRAYER, HU ve sect; 0 AND VESVESE 147

    Hu & sect; Virtue of U 150

    Waswah in Wudu and Prayer 155


    Prayer Nullifies 159

    The Differences between Eda and Kazan and the Accidental Prayers 181

    Matters About Miidrik I 184

    Issues About Mesbuk 187

    Issues Regarding Sehiv (Misunderstanding) Prayers 188

    Blood and Sect of the Recals 195

    Reading Errors that Require Bow Prostration 197

    Patient and Oziirltinun Namazi 197

    SARIK AND MiSVAK ​​165

    Prayer With Sank 167

    Sangin Virtue 167

    Hadiths About Sank 171

    Miswak I Iakkinda Hadlsler. & mdash; & mdash; 172

    A TibbT Article About Miswak 174


    Dordiincu Soz 201

    Twenty First Quote 204

    Ninth Soz '(in Be et sect; pearl letter 214

    Na'bUdii Certificate 223


    A Reminder of Miihim 230

    Azan and Kamet 231

    Azan and Kamet Duasi 232

    Prayers Recited in Prayer 233

    Subhaneke Prayer 233

    Prayer of Ettehiyyatii 233

    Prayer of Allahumme Salli 234

    Allahtimme Barik Prayer 234

    Rabbena Prayers 235

    Kunut Duasi 236

    Surahs Read in Prayer 237

    Surat al-Fatiha 237

    Surah Elephant 238

    Kurey and sect; Surah 238

    Surat Maun 239

    Surat at-Kevser 239

    Surah Unbeliever 240

    An-Nasr 240

    The Tabbat 241

    Surah al-ihlas 241

    Al-Falak 242

    An-Nas 242

    Verse '1 Kiirst 243

    Kaynakga -.... 244
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