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  • Mealli Large - The Boy Hafiz

    Product features :

    Number of Impressions 1st Edition
    Language ARABIC, TURKISH
    Skin Type Bound
    Paper Type 1. Hm. Paper
    Number of Pages: 263 pages
    Size 14 x 20 cm
    Weight: 520 gr
    Publisher: Hayrat Publications


    In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful
    O Tawab who accepts the repentance of those who regret their sins and took refuge in their lodges! And O the Wise of all deeds! When they do an ugly deed or persecute their souls, who immediately mention Allah and ask for forgiveness of their sins
    Accept our repentance with our repentance, which is sincere repentance, so that I may be one of your servants. Who forgives sins other than Allah? (1 time)
    I ask forgiveness from Allah, who is the owner of the infinite greatness and the endless grace, that there is no god other than him. He is Hayy, whose life has no beginning or end. All existence is the Kayyûm that survives only with him. I repent to him and release him from any deficiencies. (To 11-33-100 def)


    Al-Fatiha 2
    Elif, Lâm, Mim 3
    and Acirc; yete'l-Kürsî 4
    From the Surah of Baccarat 5
    Surah Al-Kahf 5
    Surah Ya-Sîn 17
    Surah Al-Dhuhan 23
    Conquest 26
    Surah Rahman 30
    Surat al-Waqa 33
    36 from the Surah al-Hashir
    Surah to Fri 37
    From the Surah of Tahrîm 38
    Residence Sura 39
    Surah Al-Qiyama 41
    Nehe 'Time 42
    Surat al-Takâsur 44
    Surah Al-Fil 44
    Quraysh 44
    Chapter 45 of Mâûn
    Surah Kevser 45
    Chapter 45 of the Unbeliever
    Al-Nasr 45
    Surah of Tabbet 46
    Chapter 46 of İhlâs
    Fate 46
    An-Nas 46
    Prayer 47
    Virtues of Cevşenü'l-Kebir 50
    Duâ-yı Cevşenü'l-Kebîr 57
    Evrâd-ı Kudiye 101
    To the Prophet (pbuh About the Virtue of Salawat and Acirc; Yet and Hadiths 120
    Delâilü'n-Nûr 123
    The Virtues of the Salawat Mentioned in Delâilü'n-Nur _ 139
    Sekine 147
    A Prayer in the Order of Name-i Azam 149
    Münâcât-ı Üveys al-Karanî 153
    Duâ-yı İsm-i A'zam 157
    Duâ-yı Tercümân-ı İsm-i A‘zam 161
    Münâcâtü'l-Quran 161
    Ta h mîd iye 203
    Hulâsatü'l-Hulâsa 219
    The Nature and Value of Kasîde-i Celcelûtiye 237
    Kasîde-i Celcelûtiye 239
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