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  • How to Make Our Children Love Prayer

    Product features :

    Publisher: Timaş Publications
    Author: Ahmet Bulut
    Cover Quality: Soft Cover
    Page Quality: 2. Dough
    Number of Pages: 175 Pages
    Language Turkish
    Size: 13x21 cm
    Weight: 160 g


    Our children of the flower of paradise are at the same time our not closed book of deeds. They are entrusted to us immaculately. It is our main duty to raise them for nature. How much are we doing this? Do we satisfy the heart of our child as much as we feed his stomach?
    Every Muslim parent wants their children to have strong faith, righteous deeds, and obey themselves. So, for this, have we thought about when to teach the child and what information to teach our banana and how? How much time did we spare for this? Unfortunately, we are making serious mistakes in this regard. Even if our intention is good, we • cannot get good results because we apply the wrong ethot.
    Muslims worship collectively, there are many beautiful examples, the education system is organized according to their beliefs - in the case children pray on time and regularly and laquo; malar may not be a problem. But today it is not at all like that. Prayer training cannot be given in our schools. Even if it is given, it is not enough. There is serious corruption in our society. Here the biggest task - dedication falls to the family. Their children must seriously give their prayer training and prayer training in bidet. 5 - "- when they do not do it on time and duly, they attract SK.
    In the Prayer Resurrection Programs of the Prayer Volunteers Platform, I saw that the biggest need is to find ways to make our children love prayer. Except for some articles on this, I could not find any work. First, I prepared a seminar on this subject. I started offering programs and notes. Then I saw that there is a very serious interest. It was clear from the eyes of the people how much interest they showed. It was possible to see this from the questions received at the end of the program. Families, especially mothers, have some difficulties in this regard. Everyone wants their children to pray. But he cannot predict when it will start, how to get used to it, how long it will continue. He also makes serious mistakes when he says “do it well”. We started this work in order to offer solutions to all these problems. During the study, we exchanged ideas with many of our teachers. As a result, this beautiful work came out.
    In our book, we first looked for ways to make our children love prayer. If they love prayers, they will perform it wherever they are. Even if they don't like it, they won't do it no matter what we do. Our aim should be to make people love prayer. We have proposed methods to be followed to achieve this goal. It
    we have made the methods more vivid and up-to-date with experienced examples. As you read, you will find yourself a lot of these examples. Sometimes you will be happy and sometimes you will be sad. You will be glad for your correct application. You will be sorry for your mistakes. But your damage
    You will find consolation as you read, as it will be useful wherever you turn. You will turn to your children with hope saying there is still something I can do. Our recommendations
    It will enable you to get more efficient results with your additions. But the main thing here is that making children love prayer is your agenda. You will start looking for remedies soon.I hope this study will be a guide for those seeking remedies.
    Although I have worked on it for a long time, there will still be errors and omissions. These are from my soul. All the beauties in the work are from my Lord. I pray to those who report the shortcomings. I ask Rabbulalemin that our work will bring light to parents and guide the upbringing of generations in prayer ...
    Ahmet Bulut April 2009

    Family and Prayer / 15
    Start Time of Prayer Training / 21
    Until the Age of Seven / 22
    Seven to Ten Years / 23
    After Ten / 26
    He should explain God and His Prophet correctly / 29
    We Must Make God Love / 31
    Makes Children Immaculate / 34
    Make the Prophet Love / 36
    The Prophet's Education Method for Children / 37
    What Should Parents Do? / 39
    Introduce Models Performing Prayers in a Favorite Area / 41
    Make sure they can be in the same places as their peers who pray / 42
    Help Your Friends / 45
    Set an Example by Living Yourself / 46
    Pray Together / 49
    Grow in Beautiful Environment / 52
    Appreciate / 57
    Celebrate When He Begins to Regularize his Prayers / 59
    Do Not Do These / 61
    Do Not Threaten With Beating / 63
    Do Not Negotiate / 65
    Do Not Hate / 66
    Do not tighten / 68
    Best Practices and Recommendations / 69
    Prof. Dr. M. Esad Coşan / 71
    Ahmet Akin Cigman / 73
    Mehmet Caglayan / 75
    Münir Ozkul / 77
    Penalty / 83
    If We Did Not Get The Result You Want / 89
    FOOTNOTES / 93
    A SECOND OF LOVE WITH MY CHILD Prayer is Thanks to Allah / 99
    Just One Hour / 103
    Come On Friends! / 10S Why Should We Pray? / 109 Who Does Prayer Similar to? / 113 Let's Get to Know Beautiful Examples from the Age of Happiness / 117 Let's Ask for Help with Prayer / 123 I Only Want From Him / 127 Can Or Canan? / 130 A Magnificent Tahlo / 131 Our Prophet and Children / 139
    The Prophet's Interest in Children / 141
    Playing with Children / 143
    Troubling Children / 144
    We Live The Way We Live / 145
    Who is sick? / 147
    Omer Seyfettin / 150
    Let's Gain A Prayer Awareness / 153
    Let's Join Conversations / 156
    Let's Tell Others / 158
    Let's Try to Find Ablution / 160
    Let's Help Our Friends / 162
    Do Not Intercept Internet Prayer / 164
    Do Not Be Sad / 166
    Monthly Prayer Tree / 168
    Introduction of the Tree / 169
    User Guide / 170
    What is the Purpose of the Tree? / 171
    In addition, the following issues must be paid attention to.
    / 172
    Weekly Prayer Chart / 173 FOOTNOTES / 175 Acknowledgments ... / 176
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