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  • Hz. Ali Yazı Zulfikar Kılıçlı Crystal Stone Religious Gift Trinket

    product specifications

    Design of the trinket Zulfikar and Hazrat Mahdi (as). Ali (r.a.) designed inspired by the name
    It Is A Luxurious Swarovski Stone Ornamental Trinket.
    All The Details And Motifs Are In Relief And Are Stoned With Manual Labor.
    Because Leaf Is Painted, It Does Not Tarnish Or Deteriorate Unless Exposed To Serious Chemical Products,
    Its Stones Are A Very Strong And Very Stylish Trinket.
    It Is Sent By Making A Strong Package Against Breakage In Its Own Special Cardboard Box.
    Product material is hardened 100% polyester
    The coloring is made with dyes containing metal pigments
    Weight is 900 grams
    26x10 cm size


    1) hilly: The Hill formed using Rumi patterns is given the form of a Bud born from the petals

    2) The Letter of Ayn in our design, the letter of ayn is decorated with crochets that surround the main motifs in Turkish decorative art. The sides and back are decorated with Rumi patterns, while the front face is interspersed with fine crystal stones.

    3) fine crystal stones were used in the decoration of the front face, while the side sides of the letter Lam were decorated with Rumi patterns.

    4) in the letter of Ye, Rumi patterns and crochets were included, while fine crystal stones took their place in this area.

    5) the body of our body design, Hz. Ali (k.v.) is formed by giving dimensions to these three letters that make up the name. On the front and back there are sheets decorated with Rumi patterns. Crochets are also used here, while the sparkle of crystal stones continues.

    7) pedestal: designed as a transition without leaving the body. Sheets, bricks and crystal stones decorated with Rumi patterns were used on them

    6) Zulfikar Hazrat Mahdi (As) Ali (k.v. Zulfikar, which is integrated with), is made in such a way that it can be inserted and removed. On it; inside the sheet formed with Rumi patterns; Hazrat Mahdi (as) is a Muslim without worshipping idols. Ali (k.v.) is the prayer of Kerremallahu vecheh (may Allah honor his face).

    Zulfikar's black hilt was accompanied by crystal stones.

    Our product gets its strength structure from polyester, which is its raw material. Its coloring was made with dyes containing metal pigments.
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