Illustrated Full Prayer Teacher-1653

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It is a Prayer Teacher Book that Describes the General Ethics of Islam, Prepared with Pictures.
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    This work has been prepared in such a way that every reader can easily read, understand and apply.

    In particular, he describes the subject of Wudu and Prayer in detail with pictures.

    The work also includes the subject of all Islamic knowledge and worship.


    • Ablution

    • Ghusl

    • Teyemmum

    • Call to prayer

    • Prayer

    • Friday and Eid Prayer

    • Funeral Prayer

    • Faith in Allah

    • Faith in angels

    • Faith in books


    • Zakat

    • Hajj, Umrah

    • Sacrifice


    Some Surahs from the Quran

    • 32-54 Fard

    • Quran Language Elifbas

    Praise be to God, who made people the masters of the creatures he created, who offered the world to the benefit of mankind, who asked people to serve him with the laws and orders he imposed, the owner of infinite power and knowledge, the Most Merciful. specific to cc). Peace be upon the Prophet, his people and companions, and all believers who are devout followers of the enlightened path, who were sent to teach and tell people the way of guidance.

    In every age, many ideas have arisen and many attempts have been made to eradicate Islam. However, these ideas and attempts have never been as dangerous as they were in our time, and were not applied methodically and persistently by such a large mass. Therefore, I am sure that my Muslim brothers and sisters today should be more determined, hardworking and alert than ever before. In order to be like this, he must know Islam well and believe in it with all his might.

    What a Muslim should know best is the conditions of Islam, which covers the most important issues such as belief and prayer, fasting, and zakat. Prayer is the beginning and most important of our worship after belief. It is the measure of serving Allah.

    Therefore, we gave a wide place to prayer with this work, which we believe will be very useful to our Muslim brothers and sisters. Taking the ablution and performing the prayer was shown with pictures. We have prepared questions and answers accordingly. In this work, which includes the conditions of faith and Islam, we have expanded the content of the book and made it more useful by including important prayers. Working is from us, encouragement is from you, success is God Almighty.

    I wish Allah to make this work a means of dignity. May the grace and mercy of Allah be upon all believers.

    Prayer 7

    Rose of the Garden of Worship 11

    The Prayer of Becoming Unwary 13

    32 Fard 15

    A Religious Story: The Importance of Prayer 18

    What Every Muslim Should Know 19

    Faith in God 23

    Faith in the Angels 25

    Faith in Books 26

    Faith in His Prophets 32

    Faith in Accident and Destiny 40

    Religious Story 42

    No and Evil from Allah 43

    Belief in the Last Day 45

    Efali Taxpayer 51

    Edille-i ŞeFiyye-Evidence for Shari- 53

    The Rules of the Waters 55

    Hades 56

    Istinca 57

    Istibra 58

    Istinka 58

    Making Ablution 60

    How to Make Wudu? 62

    Surat al-Qadr 70

    Literature of Ablution 71

    Things Not To Do Without Ablution 73

    Wisdom of Wudu 75

    81 His Ablution in Pictures

    Religious Story: Justice of the Ruler 93

    Ghusl-Boy Ablution- 96

    Conditions Requiring Ghusl 97

    The Devil 97

    Fards of Ghusl 99

    Teyemmum 101

    Fards of Tayammum 102

    Sunnah of Tayammum 102

    How to Make Teyemmüm? 102

    Things That Damage My Tacoma 103

    Wiping on the Mest 104

    Women's Statuses 106

    Questions and Answers About Hayız 107

    Issues Related to Postpartum State 113

    Things That Are Unlawful for Women Who Are Menstruating and Postpartum 114

    Issues of Preference 119

    What Is Disability and How Disabled People Get Ablution 120

    Prayer Surah 122

    Prayer Prayers 135

    Prayer of Ettehiyyat 136

    Rabbenâ ve Acirc; tinâ and Rabbenagfirli Duâsı 138

    Al-Fathers 138

    Salavat Prayers 140

    Azan 142

    Doom 144

    The History of Adhan 145

    Prayer 147

    Prayer Times 154

    Times of Delight 156

    Opinions of Fiqh Imams on those who do not perform prayers 156

    Recitation Errors 169

    Prayer Intentions 170

    How to Perform Morning Prayer? 181

    How to Perform the Noon Prayer? 184

    How to Perform the Afternoon Prayer? 185

    How to Perform the Evening Prayer? 186

    How to Perform Isha Prayer? 186

    Witr Prayer 187

    Al-Fatiha 188

    Friday Prayer 190

    Friday Sermon Prayers 195

    First Sermon 199

    Second Sermon 203

    A Short Prayer in Turkish After Prayer 206

    Prayer in Pictures 209

    Arabic After Prayer Duha 225

    Rosary Prayers Read After Prayer 231

    Ayetel Kürsi 233

    Conditions of Observance of Imam 234

    237 Praying in Congregation

    Conditions of Compliance with Imams 238

    Director 240

    Appendix 243

    Mesbuk 245

    If the Imam Does Not Do These, The Congregation Will Not Do These 247

    Congregation Will Not Do If Imam Does These247

    If the Imam Does These, the Congregation Will Do 248

    Recitation 249

    Eid Prayers 251

    Prayer of Tarawih 253

    Funeral Prayer 254

    Suggestion 259

    Accident Prayers 263

    Guest (Passenger) Prayer 265

    Prayer of the Patients 268

    Fear Prayer 270

    Naft Prayers 271

    Prayer of Tahiyyetul Masjid 271

    Prayer After Ablution or Ablution 272

    Awwabin Prayer 272

    IshrakNamazi 272

    Duha (Kusluk) Prayer 273

    Tahajjud (Night) Prayer 273

    Regaip Night Prayer 274

    Prayer of the Night of Miraj 274

    Night of acquittal prayer 274

    Night of Power Prayer 278

    The Reason for the Landing of the Surah Kadir 280

    The Virtue of the Night of the Cat lyre 280

    Prayer of Tasbih 281

    Prayer of Repentance 282

    Prayer of Repentance 282

    Salatül Valdeyn 283

    Prayer of Hajat 284

    Killer Prayer 286

    Prayer of Istiska 286

    Prayer of Resignation 289

    Fasting of Ramadan 292

    İtikaf 299

    Zakat 304

    How to Give Zakat? 305

    Firat Allegiance 309

    The Wisdom of Zakat and Fitr 310

    Hajj 312

    Types of Hajj 314

    Types of Tawaf 321

    Mikat 324

    The Way of Hajj 330

    Umrah 336

    Shurbamn (Hedy) Nature and Decision 339

    Sacrifice 340

    Social Benefit of the Victim 341

    Sacrifice 349

    Akika Sacrifice 349

    Hajj 351

    Prayers in Tawaf 355

    Sa'y 369

    Dhikr of Müstehab on Eid-al-Adha Day 398

    Salavat-i Şerifeler 405

    Wedding Prayer 413

    Secrets in Surah 114 of the KuFan-ı Kerim 421

    Kenzü'l Arsh Prayer 434

    Statement of Kenzü'l Arş Prayer 441

    Ayete'l Kürsi 442

    Amene'r Messenger 443

    Hüvallâhüllezî 446

    Surat al-Duha 448

    Surah Yasin 455

    Meaning of Surah Yasin 462

    Mulk (Tabareke) Surah 472

    Meaning of Surah Mulk (Tebareke) 476

    Surah Amma (Naba ') 481

    Meaning of Surah Amme (Nebe ') 484

    Surat al-Waqia 488

    Meaning of Surah Al-Vakıa 493

    Surat al-Juma 499

    Meaning of Friday Surah 502

    The Last 505

    Meaning of Doomsday 508

    The Conquest 514

    Meaning of the Surah of Conquest 520

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