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  • Joyful Elifba Set 2 Children's Elifba Exercise Book
    The best thing that we will leave behind and that will be beneficial about us after we go to the hereafter is surely the 'righteous son'. It is the most important duty of a parent to take care of our children and ensure that they receive religious education. We wanted to be with you in this regard, and made the Elif-Ba Set, which is the entrance gate to the world of the Quran, for our children. We wanted our children to learn the Quran and have fun. It is up to you to please our children and leave a beautiful son behind you. Hayrat Neşriyat put the Joyful Child Elifbası Set to its shelves for you and your children. If you say I am here to build the new generation together, we will be happy to host you.

    It was prepared to complement each other with Children's Elifbası. It helps to reinforce the subjects with games, coloring, activities, line joins and puzzles and to ensure learning by spending fun time.
    1- Transfer of letters by visual matching in accordance with the age range ..
    2- Repeating and reinforcing the letters and figures given in accordance with the matching in the learning book by painting.
    3- The beginning, middle and end forms of the letters are reinforced with line joins, and these combinations also contribute to the development of manual skills.
    4- By finding the desired letters in the form of a puzzle and a game on the page where the letters are mixed together, ensuring that the letters are learned permanently, reinforcing them and contributing to the development of intelligence.
    5- Coloring games.
    6- Puzzles.
    7- Other games.
    8- Display of peltek and bold letters.
    9- Letters Games,
    10- The last page of the book was prepared in the form of a congratulation certificate to be given to the child who has completed the work and has learned to read the Quran.

    FEATURES Suitable for Age: 6 years and above
    Height: Rahle Boy - 19x28 cm
    Prepared by: Muhammed Ali ENSARİ
    Editor: Metin UÇAR
    Pedagogical Review: Expert Pedagogue Mehmet TEBER (Pedagogical Association President)
    Skin Type: Hardcover
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