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    Work Title: Medium Colored Word Meal
    Subheading: Very Easy to Read Computer Line
    Line: Kadir Solar Computer Line
    Publisher: Seda Publications
    Language of the Work: Arabic - Turkish
    Paper Info: 70g Shamua
    Cover Information: Plastering Skin Back Stitched
    Release Date: 2012
    Number of Prints: 2. PRINTING
    Pages: 632
    Size X, Y, Z (mm.) En, Height,: 17 x 24 cm

    1,040 gr.


    He descended the Qur'an as a light to bring it out of darkness into light.

    and Our beloved Prophet, who was sent as a mercy for the Acirc; May Muhammad Mustafa salute our lord, his family members, his apostles, and those who follow his path until the apocalypse.

    The Qur'an is such a divine explanation that it has promised to save humanity from the sufferings, harms, wastes, corruptions, sufferings, appropriations and conflicts it is in. There is not a single verse in the Qur'an that is meaningless, useless, unintended or undeterminational. Because the Qur'an is the constitution of the ha-yacht of mankind. Accordingly, the provisions extracted from the meanings of the verses are related either to prayer or to morality and life, or to the legislatures that regulate individual and public life.

    The Qur'an is the holy and divine book of all humanities. All the words and meanings of this blessed book are divine and based on revelation. He invites all people to a unity and fraternity circle. Therefore, it is the most sacred, most important duty for all human beings to fully respect the entire content of the Qur'an.

    There are many wide areas in the Qur'an for those who wish to bring to fruition the knowledge that will benefit the people in the matter of religion, the world and the hereafter. The Qur'an is an eternal miracle, worthy and appropriate for all times and places. The old-timey can't get to him, he won't run out of resources. The Qur'an is the best authority in the Islamic community to solve difficulties and regulate treatments.

    It is every Muslim's sincere desire to learn what is commanded and what is mentioned in the Quran, which is downloaded in Arabic. The scholars who acted and wanted to respond to these desires took special care to translate the Qur'an into the language they spoke, everywhere and at every turn.

    Past scholars have made many efforts to accept his interpretation. It is understood as researched that the Qur'an is a last-dyed sea containing its own pearls and gems.

    He is the one who knows the word of Allah best. We can only explain as much as our minds and comprehensions can understand. It is not possible to fully express the high meanings, wisdom and signs of the Qur'an in other languages. In this regard, all scholars have alliances. As you know, I don't know. Neither these meals nor interpretations of the provisions and truths of the Qur'an can be equivalent to the same. With these translations, worships such as Prayer cannot be performed. Only their arguments are benefited and read.

    On a day when God will correct our mistakes, and that wealth and sons will not benefit, but will benefit those who bring peace, In the hope that he would give us plenty of rewards, we intended to prepare the Quran with the Word Meal that would satisfy the needs of our brothers and sisters, and again we started this business by hoping that Mevlâ Tealâ would make our feet stable in every job, our fates beautiful and add us to the group of salehs: and Acirc;

    1 - We tried to give the exact equivalent of words (in accordance with the principles of consumption and nahif).

    2 - In verbs; We tried to give their meaning as of time and the meanings of the names (fa'il, meful and masdar, etc.). However, we preferred the verbs that come with the terms and some citation letters to the appropriate meaning of the sentence in places that may harm the collective meaning of giving the independent meaning. Those who continue from right to left from beginning to end of the sentence by reading their own meaning under the words in such places will find the right sentence very comfortable.

    3 - In plural and singular words; As we have stated in the mufred, tensiye and cem, we have sometimes enclosed the plural appendix in parentheses (although we indicate the formation of muf-red, tensiye and cemi) in order to ensure its conformity with the sentence and to prevent the low sentence.

    4 - In Arabic, we gave the meanings of embroidery fii in a sentence one-on-one, while we preferred meanings in accordance with the adjectives of Allah where they are attributed to Allah.

    5 - In the Edats; We tried to provide rich content to the researchers by giving different shapes of their meanings in accordance with the place in the sentence.

    6 - In ism-i-positions; We gave its meaning together with the word that comes with it to indicate its independent meaning in a sentence in ba-zen translations as we stated under it. At the same time, we tried to gain a rich quality in learning the pedestals that are followed in sweat-in-the-sweat from Arabic to Turkish.

    We are sure that this study will be of great benefit to all our students studying in the field of theology, especially those who attend Imam Hatip High Schools.

    With the awareness that it is a debt to express my thanks to Hafiz Kemal AKIRMAK and Hafiz OmerAKYILDIZ teacher masters who contributed to the coming of this humble work with great effort from the beginning to the end, I ask Cenab-ı Hakk to make sure that yesterday and the afterlife are finished and that we will always be able to perform good services in their own way.

    We would like to state with satisfaction that we will see the constructive criticisms of those who are qualified in this field as a gain in the elimination of shortcomings and we will be grateful for this.

    We will feel blessed if we have been able to serve the Qur'an and especially the scholars.

    Success is from Mevlâ.

    Abdulselam TUNÇ

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