Large Cevşen Hafız Boy Transcript with Turkish Reading-1907

Saadet Yayınevi
Product Code : 9789757640172
Turkish Pronunciation with Büyük Cevşen and Turkish Means with Tecvidli and Transcription
299.00 TL
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  • Large Cevşen Hafız Boy Transcript with Turkish Reading

    Product features :

    Order and Arrangement: Bediuzzaman Said Nursî
    Translation: Hasan Basri YILDIZ
    Cover Quality: Hardcover
    Page Quality: Şamua
    Number of Pages: 559
    Size: 14 x 20 cm
    Weight: 360 gr


    There Is No One-To-One Turkish Equivalent Of The Arabic Letters. While Reciting Qur'anic Verses or Various Arabic Prayers, Some Special Characters That Are Not In Turkish Are Used In Order To Make The Pronunciation Even In A Nebze. There are Necessary Explanations in the Turkish Reading Book with Large Cevşen Pocket Size Transcript.
    Hizbü'l-Envâri'l-Hakâikı'n-Nuriye, known as the Great Cevşen, is a prayer magazine that gathers a bunch of luminous prayers from the truths of the Nur. His Holiness, the Master, would read the prayers, wrds and conundrums here every night between the evening and morning prayers. It is possible to see Hizbü'l-Envâri'l-Hakâikı'n-Nuriye as the network of conversation that summarizes and defines the nightlife of His Master His Highness.
    Hizbü'l-Envâri'l-Hakâikı'n-Nuriye begins with some Surahs of the Quran. These are: The Surah Yasin, the Surah of Conquest, the Surah of Rahman, the last five verses of the chapter of Hashir, the Surah of Mulk, the Surah of Naba and the last two verses of the Surah of Bakara and the Acirc; the Mene'r-Messenger. Then there is a prayer for the Surahs of the Quran. In this prayer, for the right of the Quran and for the right of the Prophet (pbuh) to whom the Quran was sent down, Allah's enlightening our hearts with the light of the Quran, making the Quran to heal all our troubles, and the Quran in our lives and after death. It is required to make us close to the Quran in the world, as a friend in the grave, as an intercessor in Doomsday, a guiding light on the Sirat, a curtain and a veil against fire, friends in Paradise and evidence and guides for all good deeds and righteous deeds.
    Afterwards, the blessings of the Prophet (pbuh) and his (pbuh) honorable people and companions are sent down to him.
    Contents :

    Yasin Chapter 6
    Conquest 22
    Surah Rahman 34
    Al-Hashr 44
    Property Surah 46
    Nebe '54
    Surah Al-Baqara 60
    Hatim Prayer 62
    Cevşenü'l-Kebîr. 68
    Evrâd-ı Kudiye 164
    Delâili'n-Nur. 216
    Scene 256
    Veysel Karani's Conversation 262
    Duâ-i Tercüman-ı ism-i A'zam 268
    Duâ-i ism-i A'zam 280
    Münâcâtü'l-Quran 290
    Tahmîdiye 364
    Hülâsatü'l-Hülâsa ​​412
    Tazarru and Niyâz-1 446
    Tazarru and Niyâz-2 456
    Tazarru and Niyâz-3 466
    Celcelûtiye Ode 484
    Companions of Badr 520
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