Medium Large Limb (Mealli) -1883

Hayrat Neşriyat
Product Code : 9789759023614
It is the Book of Cevşeni Kebir Prayer, which consists of the words of Allah's oneness with one thousand and one names.
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  • Medium Large Marijuana (Mealli)

    Product features :

    Calligrapher: Ahmet Hüsrev Altınbaşak
    Print Color: 6 Color Printing
    Number of Pages: 264 Pages (528 Pages by Mealiyle)
    Skin Type: Cloth Covering Hardcover
    Size: Medium Size
    Size: Width: 16 X 24 cm
    Meal: Mealli

    Brief introduction

    The prayers, dhikr, auspices, salawat and mubarak, which were not dropped from the languages ​​of the most distinguished spiritual leaders, from the Prophet (saas), Veysel Karani to the Prophets of Abdülkadir Geylânî, from Shah-ı Nakşibend to Bedîüzzaman. compiled in this work. The virtuous chapters that you can read on holy days and nights and mawlids are also added to this work.
    One page is in Arabic and the opposite page is in Turkish. In this way, you will discover the meanings of the treasure you are reading.
    Ahmed Hüsrev Efendi's writings were printed with clear and cute, easy-to-read lines. Hayrat Publications was translated into Turkish by the Scientific Research and Translation Committee.
    What is its significance? How Was It Compiled? What's in it?
    Throughout his life, human beings suffer many misfortunes, big and small, but they cannot get rid of most of them. However, he has more requests than we can count, but he cannot get most of them.
    A person who is helpless against misfortunes and poor against his desires and desires needs bread and water as well as turning to the Almighty and praying.
    In the Quran, Allah asks us to turn to him and pray and states that he will obey these prayers with mercy and grace.
    Here, this work named "Mealli Büyük Cevşen", also known as "Hizbü Envâri'l-Hakâikı'n-Nûriye", in which the most beautiful prayers and dhikr are present, contains the most important dhikr and prayers that we can offer to our Lord.Bediuzzaman Hz. In summary, there are the following sections in this work, which was compiled by Ahmed Ziyaeddin Gümüşhânevi's famous prayer magazine named Mecmu'atü'l-Ahzab and Risale-i Nur, one of the last great saints of the Ottoman Empire.
    Although the most well-known ones are summarized as 7 chapters below, there are 46 chapters, prayers, prayers, prayers and salawats in the work. You can learn all of them in the table of contents below.
    In Chapter 1, there are chapters that are prominent in terms of virtue and merit. The first chapter is a Yasin Book.
    In Chapter 2, there is Cevşenü'l Kebir, which is an exceptional prayer and mediation in which one of the greatest prayers of Allah, one of the greatest prayers of our Prophet (pbuh). You can find more detailed information about this great prayer below.
    In Chapter 3, there is the Evrad-i Kudiya, which is full of secrets and good deeds arranged by the Prophet Shah-i Nakshibend. Bediuzzaman Hz. Advanced indicates that this universe has facial fastness and benefits. A large part of this universe consists of prayers in verses and hadiths.
    In Chapter 4, especially our Prophet (saas), Veysel Karani, Abdulkadir Geylani Hz. There is Delaili'n-Nur, where the most perfect and most mosque salawat of the great poles and gavs, such as those, are collected.
    In Chapter 5, Hz. There is the Münacatü'l Quran that Uthman (ra) drafted with the intention of prayer from various verses. The prayer sentences in this universe are taken directly from the expressions in the verse.
    In Chapter 6, it consists of Tahmidiye. It is known that this prayer, which includes broad and universal praise, also heals many material and spiritual illnesses. Hz. Ali (ra) is a prayer made with the names determined by our master as Ism-i Azam.
    The Hulasatü'l-Hülasa, found in Chapter 7, contains the evidences of oneness and the martyrdoms of the existence. The prayer "Hülasat-ul Hülasa", which is a kind of interpretation of the verse "There is nothing that does not glorify Allah", is read with the intention of the glories of all the creatures in the universe.


    Al-Fatiha 2
    Elif, Lâm, Mim 3
    and Acirc; yete'l-Kürsî 4
    From the Surah of Baccarat 5
    Surah Al-Kahf 5
    Surah Ya-Sîn 17
    Surah Al-Dhuhan 23
    Conquest 26
    Surah Rahman 30
    Surat al-Waqa 33
    36 from the Surah al-Hashir
    Surah to Fri 37
    From the Surah of Tahrîm 38
    Residence Sura 39
    Surah Al-Qiyama 41
    Nehe 'Time 42
    Surat al-Takâsur 44
    Surah Al-Fil 44
    Quraysh 44
    Chapter 45 of Mâûn
    Surah Kevser 45
    Chapter 45 of the Unbeliever
    Al-Nasr 45
    Surah of Tabbet 46
    Chapter 46 of İhlâs
    Fate 46
    An-Nas 46
    Prayer 47
    Virtues of Cevşenü'l-Kebir 50
    Duâ-yı Cevşenü'l-Kebîr 57
    Evrâd-ı Kudiye 101
    To the Prophet (pbuh About the Virtue of Salawat and Acirc; Yet and Hadiths 120
    Delâilü'n-Nûr 123
    The Virtues of the Salawat Mentioned in Delâilü'n-Nur _ 139
    Sekine 147
    A Prayer in the Order of Name-i Azam 149
    Münâcât-ı Üveys al-Karanî 153
    Duâ-yı İsm-i A'zam 157
    Duâ-yı Tercümân-ı İsm-i A‘zam 161
    Münâcâtü'l-Quran 161
    Ta h mîd iye 203
    Hulâsatü'l-Hulâsa 219
    The Nature and Value of Kasîde-i Celcelûtiye 237
    Kasîde-i Celcelûtiye 239
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