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  • Every Day of the Year with the Prophet and Hellip;

    a first in Turkey!

    Dear Prophet in 365 Days, a rare resource for parents and educators ...

    My Beloved Prophet in 365 Days

    In addition, they will be able to discover the unique qualities of our beloved Prophet and his Companions, such as generosity, loyalty, hospitality, honesty, pacifism, and forgiveness by using the subject directory we have given at the beginning of our book. Parents and educators will be able to support children's character development with these high moral models and hellip;

    They will be able to see where the events described in the book take place and place them in their visual memory with the "Age of Happiness Map" that we have given as a gift with our book.

    Wouldn't you like your children to spend a whole year full of the life of our beloved Prophet? ...

    1,168 gr.
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