Pocket Size Large - 1881

Hayrat Neşriyat
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A Prayer Book with Prayers That Do Not Fall From The Tongues Of The Saints, Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh)
109.00 TL
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    Our beloved Prophet (pbuh), especially Hz. From Üveyse'l-Karanî, Hz. Abdülkadir Geylanî to Hz. In this work, you will find dhikr, prayers and conversations that the most distinguished ma'neviyat elders, from Imam-i Bahâeddin Nakşibend to Bedîüzzamân. The virtuous chapters that you can read day and night by enlivening your world of Ma'neviyât have also been brought together. He takes the readers to a different climate and gives them the examples of Paradise in the world. The work was written by his Holiness Ahmed Husrev Altınbaşak, who has the title of "Diamond Pen". The interior arrangement and illumination were completed with long and meticulous work of sensitive hands. With its perfect skin, first-class print and invaluable content, it makes a treasure ...
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    WIDTH / LENGTH: 9 X 14
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