Prayer Information from A to Z

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Yurtdışı Müşterilerinin Dikkatine !
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  • Prayer Information from A to Z Yusuf Tavaslı TAVASLI PUBLICATIONS

    I believe that this work, which we call the new and last of our prayer learning series, namaz Information from A to Z, will be sufficient for learning the prayer knowledge, which is the pillar of the religion of a Muslim family from 7 to 70. I have learned from the letters and faxes I have received from my readers that the topic of prayer is very useful to my religious brothers and sisters, as it is a subject I have been working on for 40 years.

    Release Date 2004-12-31
    ISBN 9756400358
    Number of Impressions 1st Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages 720
    Skin Type Bound
    Paper Type 1. Hm. Paper
    Size 17 x 24.2 cm
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