Prayer Instructor Color and Illustrated (with description) -1651

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Prayer Teacher Book Telling How to Perform Prayer with Pictures
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    O traveler of rights! "Prayer is the pillar of the religion." A Muslim who performs prayers protects his religion and breaks down his religion not performing prayers. Failure to perform prayers is either because of not believing (which, God forbid, it means leaving religion) or not knowing.

    It is fard for every Muslim woman and man to learn prayer information. It is the duty of a Muslim to learn this knowledge, which is the command of Allah.

    Prayer is never abandoned, it cannot be abandoned in any way. Every Muslim who has faith should know this fact in this way and thus keep it in his mind and not be heedless in his prayers.

    For example, even a sick Muslim cannot leave his name. He cannot fail to pray. Prayer cannot be abandoned even in the face of enemy bullets during war or war.

    Yes, if a sick Muslim cannot keep up his prayer, he will sit down. If it does not work by sitting, it does it by lying down or as easy as it gets. He even performs it with an imâ (head sign). The explanation of these issues will be made in their own department (in the prayer section of the patients).

    We learn from these orders and we understand that in Islam (in Islam) there is absolutely no abandoning or quitting prayers. And to stop praying and not to perform prayers are among the major sins.

    The first account that our Almighty Lord will ask from his servants in the hereafter will be the first questioning will be the worship of prayer. Learning this important worship properly is a necessary and very important duty for every Muslim's own happiness and happiness.

    I have prepared this new book in the hope that it will serve my religious brothers and sisters in this regard. To this new book:


    I named it.

    I brought innovation and convenience to teaching prayer by giving visual forms (pictures) about how to perform prayers. For this reason, I believe that I help parents, parents and religious brothers and sisters who are responsible, even if a little.

    Regarding this issue, our Prophet (Aleyhisselam) said: "The favor of the people is the one that is beneficial to the people." If I can be awarded to the Hadith Prophet, I will have the highest happiness.

    My only goal is to serve my religious brothers and sisters and to reach my fortune in helping them in this important issue. And minallâhit’tevfik - Tawfîk and guidance, success, success are through the grace and grace of our Almighty Lord.


    Preface 3

    Thirty Two Fard 5

    Thirty-Two Obligations Considered 6

    A) The Conditions of Faith are Six 7

    Faith in Allah 9

    The Attributes of Allah Almighty Are Six 9

    Allah's Subutî S / horses are Eight 10

    What Does Faith Mean to Allah? 11th

    Faith in His Angels 11

    Gabriel -Aleyhisselam- 12

    Mîkâil-Aleyhisselâm- 12

    İsrâfil -Aleyhisselâm- 12

    Azrail -Aleyhisselâm- 13

    Münker Ve13

    Fiends 13

    Haf aza Angels 14

    Faith in the Books 14

    Faith to the Prophets 15

    and Acirc; Believing in the Day of Hereafter 17

    Attributes of the Prophets 17

    Faith in Destiny 18

    B) Terms of Islam 19

    C) The Fards of Ablution Are Four 19

    Ç) The Fards of Ghusl Are Three 20

    D) Tayammum's Fards are Two 21

    E) The Fards of Prayer are Twelve 22

    Conditions Outside of Prayer 22

    Rukes of Prayer - Conditions in it 25

    Bidet - Cleaning 28

    Ablution 32

    The Recipe of Wudu is as follows 35

    The Fards of Ablution are Four: 37

    Sunnah of Wudu 37

    Wudu and Acirc; Dab-Literature 38

    Wudu Things 40

    Things That Do Not Break Wudu 42

    Wudu Prayers From The Prophet 43

    Prayer When Ablution Is Over 44

    Muslim and Acirc; Wudu Recited by Luls 45

    The Fards of Ghusl Are Three 50

    Ghusl - Boy Ablution 50

    Sunnah of Ghusl 51

    I am taking ghusl ablution 53

    Situations Requiring Ghusl 56

    Things That Are Prohibited Without Ghusl 59

    Azan Words 60

    Kamet 61

    People Who Heard the Azan Recited 62

    The prayer of adhan is B 63

    How to Take Wudu (With Pictures) 65

    Prayer Pictures 70

    How to Perform Prayer 89

    The Sunnah of Sabah

    The Servant of the Sunnah of Sabah

    Kametize 101

    Fard of Dawn 102

    Performing the Fard of Sabah Namazan 102

    Attributing Prayers After Prayer ... 111

    After Prayer (End of Prayer) Prayer 115

    What Does One Who Cannot Perform Morning Prayer on Time ... ll9

    What We Learned During the Morning Prayer 120

    Reading Text: Fard in Prayer, Wajib

    And Sunnahs 123

    Midday 126

    The Four rak'ahs of noon is the first circumcision

    Fard of Noon 140

    A Rule for Four-rakat Fards 154

    The Last Sunnah of the Noon Prayer 155

    The Prophet of the Last Sunnah 156

    End of Prayer Tasbih Prayers 163

    After Prayer (End of Prayer) Prayer 166

    Afternoon Annunciation 169

    Fard of Ascension 184

    Prayers of Prayers 197

    After Prayer (End of Prayer) Prayer 200

    Evening Prayer 202

    The Mandate of Maghrib 203

    The Sunnah of Maghrib 213

    Performing the Sunnah of Maghrib 213

    Tasbih Prayers Performed at the End of Each Prayer 222

    After Prayer (End of Prayer) Prayer 225

    Isha Prayer 227

    The First Four rak'ahs of the Sunnah 228

    The Fard of the Rejection 242

    Last Sunnah of Isha Prayer 255

    Two rak'ahs of the last Sunnah 256

    Salat al-Witr (Witr Prayer) 264

    How To Make Vitir Namaz 266

    Prayers Made to the End of HerNamaz 278

    After Prayer (End of Prayer) Prayer 281

    Tarawih prayer 284

    Anyone Who Comes to Tarawih Prayer Later 287

    The Performer of Tarawih Prayer 288

    The Prayer of Friday 293

    How to Make the First Four-rak'ah Sunnah of Friday ... 294

    The First Four Rak'ah Sunnah of Friday 294

    Friday's Two Rak'ah Fard 308

    The Four Rak'ah Last Sunnah of Friday 309

    Friday's Zuhr-u and Acirc; Performing the hir Prayer 310

    The Root of the Sunnah of Two Rak'ah Times 313

    Those who came to the Imam's last sitting on Friday 315

    Eid Prayers 317

    The Prayer of the Eid 318

    TesrikTekbirleri 321

    Importance of Holidays 323

    The Good Ramadan Feast 324

    Good Things to Do on Holidays ... 325

    Funeral Prayer 327

    Funeral Prayer Is Performed By Congregation 331

    Funeral Deeds 333

    334 Rukes of the Funeral

    Must Memorize This Prayer That Can Be Read For Every Funeral .... 334

    Funeral Prayer 335

    Read This Prayer If A Man is 338

    If a Woman Is a Funeral, Prayer Follows 339

    340 at the funeral of the boy

    At the Funeral of the Girl Child 340

    Nobody Who Knows Pray Reads 341

    Namaz Cover of Patients 343

    Prayer of the Patient Sitting with Pictures 345

    Prayer Prayer of Female Patient Sitting 347

    How to Make a Not Traveling? 349

    Method of Praying in Vehicles on Travel 352

    Manner of Praying in the Sandal 355

    Performing the Accidental Prayers 356

    How to Perform Qazah Prayers? 363

    Prayer Times 366

    Kerahat Times 367

    The Kerahat Time for which No Prayer is Performed is Three ... 368

    Times where it is permissible to perform futile prayers .... 369

    Number of rakats of prayers 370

    Know the 12 Fards of Prayer 371

    The Conditions of Prayer Outside are 6 372

    The Rukes of the Prayer in it are also 6 374

    Fundamentals of Prayer 375

    Secde-i Sehu (Prayer of Error) 376

    Like the Postponement of the Fard 377

    Wajib in Prayer, Like the Delay of Sehven 378

    Wajibin Sehuen Terkine Example in Prayer 378

    Sunnahs of Prayer 380

    Makruhs of Prayer 381

    382 What Nullifies Prayer

    Reading Text: Muezzin in Mosques 384

    Muezzin Prayers 385

    Salâten Tüncînâ 386

    Salah in Minarets 389

    Praying with congregation 390

    Imamate - Being an Imam 392

    When Coming at Home 394

    Conditions of Compliance with the Imam of Jamâat 397

    What to do to catch up with the congregation 399

    If Imam Performs, He Will Not Do Jihad 401

    If the Imam Does Not Perform, He Will Not Do Jama'ah 402



    Fatiha Sura 408

    and Acirc; yetel-Kürsî 409

    and Acirc; mener-Rasulü 411

    Leu Enzelnâ - Hüvallâhüllezi 413

    Surah Al-Duha 415

    Inshirah Surah 417

    TinSura 418

    Al-Alafe 419

    Qadir 422

    Surat al-Bayyine 423

    Zilzâl Sura 426

    427 of Adiyat

    Surah Kâria 428

    Time of Takasur 429

    Asr 430

    Hümeze Sura 431

    Surah Elephant 432

    The Quraysh 433

    Al-Maûn 434

    Keuser 435

    Surah of Unbeliever 436

    Al-Nasr 437

    The Tabbat 438

    Surah Al-Ahlâs 439

    Al-Felak 440

    Surah Nas 441

    DU and Acirc, READ IN PRAYER; LAR

    Subject 442

    Ettehiyyâtü 443

    AUâhümme Bârik 444

    Allâhümme Salli 444

    Rabbena and Acirc; tinâ Fiddgünâ 445

    Rabbenağfirlî Prayer 445

    Quran 446

    Rufeû Order 448

    Takbir 448

    Salutation Spoken in Prayer 449

    449 Reading While Rising from Rukû

    Prostration 449

    Allâhümme Entesselâmı And Minfeesselâm 450

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