Quran - 30 Cuz Quran - Rahle Boy - Computer Lined - Green Color - Hayrat Nesriyat

Hayrat Neşriyat
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Cardboard Hardback, Bag, Sealed, Easy to Read, Illuminated
800.00 TL
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    The seal: Approved and Sealed by the Directorate of Religious Affairs and Egypt's El-Ezher University
    Assembly: In accordance with the order of Mushaf-ı Sharif, which was written with hafiz Osman Line, Ayet-Berkenar was prepared as Kasr of Medd.
    Calligraphy: Ahmed Husrev Altinbaak
    Color Options: Green
    Case / Box: Artificial Leather Carrying Case, Stainless Metal Assembly, Suspended
    Cuz: 30 Cuz
    Print Color: 2 Color Printing
    Pages: 613 Pages
    Size: 19x28 cm (It is the size of the skin, not the box)
    Weight: 6.05
    Skin Type: Cardboard Cover
    Paper Type: 1. Dough Shamua paper
    Feature: Thin, light and robust. It is thinner and lighter due to its cardboard covers. It can be easily placed in libraries with its special bag.


    The Ahmed Husrev line, easy to read and prepared by binding the thirty-somethings of the Tevâfuklu Quran separately, provides great comfort in responses and especially in mass remembrances. Hatm-i Sharif Cüz, which is also very easy to carry in public with its own bag, is the choice of those who want to remember Allâh Kelâm together. Those who want to participate in the responses with hatm-i Sharif Cüz, which has two varieties, individually clothed and cardboard-bound, have the comfort of carrying the leprosy separately.

    A practical, useful set where you can remember collectively and in a short time on blessed nights, Quran Courses, Mevlids, condolence houses, religious conversations.


    1. It is error-resistant:

    Copies of the Ahmad Husrev line tevâfuklu Quran published by Hayrât Nesriyat are registered by the authorities and sealed by our Directorate of Religious Affairs and Ezher University of Egypt. In addition, after each edition, each is rechecked by the memory.

    2. Sealed:

    Our Qurans are sealed by our Directorate of Religious Affairs and Ezher University of Egypt.

    3. Prepared without commercial purpose:

    It was not printed immediately as soon as it was written because it was not intended for commercial purposes, and it was studied for 10 years to make it easier for Muslims to learn and read more easily.

    4. It is the product of a half-century of work:

    40 years of writing and 10 years of preparation for printing is the result of a full 50 years of work.

    5. When printing, the reverence worthy of the Quran is shown:

    Those who work in the printing press do not work without ablution and show respect worthy of the Quran.

    The Qur'an, which was printed on straw paper until the printing press was established, was first published by Hayrat Nesriyat in the 1st century due to the care shown to the Quran. The dough was printed on paper and this understanding has changed since then.

    Even the water used in the cleaning of the printing press is not mixed into the city network due to the inks and dusts poured into it from the Quran, it is mixed into the soil in a separate area made by Hayrat Nesriyat.

    6. Being the easiest line to read:

    It has gained a reputation as the most easily learned and read Line of the Quran in the whole world.

    7. Thesis:

    The thesis, each of which is an art wonder, refers to the pleasure of the eye.

    8. Quality:

    Yarn seam, quality wire and shiraz are also the address of quality and robustness with a sturdy cardboard cover and 1st class cloth skin.

    9. Tevafuklu:

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