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It is Now Very Easy to Read Quran with Hayrat Hafiz Pen and to Learn Prayers with Prayer Teacher Feature.
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  • About Hayrât Quran Reciter Digital Pen  v5.0 (Qur'an Reading Pen)

    It is now much easier to learn how to pray with the prayer instructor chart in the content of the Voice Prayer Teacher Hayrat Quran Pen.

    Read the Quran and Learn With Tajvid, Mahreç Calis and Prayer Read Word by Word.
    Reading Speed ​​Adjustment You can adjust the reading speed by touching any of the "Reading Speed ​​Adjustment" icons in the easy-to-use color chart and in the mix menu.
    Touch the mahrec (pronunciation of letters correctly) on the play icon, then touch the pen over the words in the verse or elifba you want to study. Thus, you will have the chance to check your own reading and correct it.
    With the Hafız Meal option, you can listen to the recitation of a memory you want, along with the recitation.
    You can listen to meaninga by choosing from Turkish, Kurdish and Georgian language options from Languages section.
    Word - Word, you can listen to the Quran word by word with Ibrahim Muhammedi word by word option, so you can improve your reading.

    About the Product:

    What is the Quran Pen?

    Hayrat Quran Pen is an electronic pen that reads the place you touch. It is also an mp3 player where you can listen to mp3 files loaded in it. It is a voice recorder that you can record with one button.

    What can be done with the Digital Quran?

    1- You Can Learn Tajvid Quran: Open your pen, open the first page of Elifba and touch the pen to the letters. The pen will read the letter you touched. As you learn, you can move on to the next topic. Tap the explanation field at the beginning of the topic and it will explain it to you. Then touch the words underneath and it will read the words to you. In this way, you can learn the Quran with tajweed and only with the Quran Pen without the need for any teacher.

    2- You can improve your reading of the Quran: You have learned the Quran, but you do not think you have read it properly yet. Someone who knows should be with you when you read the Quran and tell you where you hang out without getting bored and angry. Here is your assistant to do this, Hayrat Quran Pen. Open your pen, choose the memory you want to listen to, open the Quran and touch it where you are stuck. Let the pen read that place. It's that easy.
    Note: Word by word reading feature is only available in the Hayrat Quran Digital Quran. He reads that verse from beginning to end, not the word you touched in other pens. This makes it difficult to study the Quran. Because there are verses of 3 lines, 5 lines, or even a full page, and when you touch a word in the middle or towards the end, reading will start from the beginning of the page and continue until the end. This can cause a very serious waste of time and frustration due to constant waiting. And it causes you to do less work in too much time. When you switch to word by word mode in Hayrat Quran Pen, you can only read that word and do a lot of work in a short time.

    3- You can react on TV: I did not appear on TV, I woke up, I could not wake up, I caught up-did not catch up, Hodja reads fast etc. There is also the easy task. Open your pen, open your hand, choose your memory, adjust your speed, now touch the number of that page and listen to it. Go to the next page and touch the number again. It's that easy.

    4- You can read Words: Open your pen, press the translation button, touch a verse, the pen reads the Turkish translation of that verse. You can also benefit from a feature exclusive to our Pen. Touch the pen to the area where it says hafız, now touch the verse you want, first, listen to the Turkish Meaning, right after the Arabic verse. It's that easy.

    5- You Can Listen Overly: Open your pen, touch the name of the excess you want to listen from the list, read your pen. Or, it's easier to press the power button once when your pen is on, and your pen reads the extremes.

    6- You can listen to the Hajj and Umrah Prayers: You can easily listen to the prayer that needs to be done in that place by touching the pictures on the color chart without having to find it from a book in Hajda / Umrah.

    7- You Can Listen to the Daily Prayers: You can listen to daily prayers by touching the pictures on the color chart, and you can listen to these prayers everywhere and at any time and memorize these prayers over time.

    8- You Can Study Originality: Touch the pen to the Study Origin button on the color chart, then touch a word from the Elifba or a verse from the Quran, the pen will read the place you touched and a signal will sound, now it's your turn, after reading the same place for a while. The recording will stop with the sound of the signal coming again, and the voice of the pen will be played one after the other, immediately after it. So you will have the chance to check and correct your own reading.

    9- You Can Record Voice: Press and hold the voice recording button, 3 sec. Then a warning will appear that the voice recording has started. When you press the same button once after recording, you will receive a warning that the voice recording is finished. It's that easy.

    10- You can listen to mp3: You can start listening to the hymn or any sound file in mp3 format that you will upload to the file called mp3 in your pen, by pressing the start button once while your pen is on. It's that easy.

    11-You can learn how to perform prayers: You can read the prayer times on the '' Prayer Teacher '' chart in the set with your pen and listen to all the suras and prayers that you will read in prayer and perform all your prayers with your guidance.

    Digital Quran Set Content

    1- Special Design Magnet Box
    2- Medium Size Special Edition Quran 
    3- Medium Size Special Edition Elifba
    4- Prayer and Quran Chart
    5- Quran Pen,
    6- Adapter,
    7- Headphones,
    8- User Manual (Turkish)

    Quran Pen

    1- It has a thin, light, easily portable, elegant design.
    2- Perceives quickly and begins to read.
    2- It has a quality, smooth and high sound output.
    4- Listening can be done with speakers or headphones.
    5- It is produced in an easy to understand and easy to use way.
    6- You can connect it to the computer and manage your files in this way.
    7- It can record high quality sound very easily.
    8- There is a 4 GB memory card installed on the side.
    9- You can slow down and speed up the reading speed.

    Holy Quran

    1- The easiest to read, read by millions, is the Ahmed Husrev Line, the Quran. (Not our own company, in China was published in Turkey, the Turkish line.)
    2- Medium Size.
    3- Color.
    4- Sealed by the Directorate of Religious Affairs.
    5- Sealed from Al-Azhar University.

    Quran Pen Chart

    1- Many Pens are a feature that do not exist in the Quran.
    2- When you do not have the Quran with you, you can read the page, chapter or verse you want with this small card.
    2- You can recite the Daily Prayers, Hajj and Umrah.
    4- You can do research.
    5- You can slow down and speed up the reading speed.
    6- You can start and stop recording audio.
    7- You can change the memories.
    8- You can read Meal and one translation for a word.

    Quran Pen, Elifba

    1- Ahmed Husrev Line, where millions learn the Quran, the Quran Elifbas with Tajvid.
    2- Medium Size, Colorful.
    3- It was specially prepared by Hayrat Publications scientific research committee for children and people of all ages to learn the Quran more easily.
    4- The online Quran learning page prepared by Hayrat Publications has been prepared as you can follow with this elifba.
    5- Hayrat Neşriyat's free iPhone Quran learning program has been prepared so that you can follow it with this elifba.

    Easy Menu

    1- Many Pens are a feature that do not exist in the Quran.
    2- You can read the Daily Prayers.
    3- You can have Hajj and Umrah Prayers read.
    4- You can do research.
    5- You can slow down and speed up the reading speed.
    6- You can start and stop recording audio.
    7- You can change the memories.
    8- You can read meanings and one translation for a word.

    Digital Pen Some of the benefits of the Quran ...

    1- Those who want to learn to read the Quran can learn the Quran with the Pen Quran without the need for any teacher and with the most correct pronunciation and tajvid.
    2- Those who have just learned the Quran can make use of the word they wear by having the Pen read the Quran.
    3- Those who want to learn Tajvid will benefit a lot.
    4- It is helpful for those who want to improve their pronunciation.
    5- You can respond by reading page by page.
    6- You can improve your Arabic by listening to both the Arabic and the translation of the verse you touch.
    7- You can improve your vocabulary by listening to both the Arabic and the translation of the verse you touch.
    8- You can make it easier to memorize the Quran by reciting the verse you want one after another.
    9- You can correct your recitation by using the color movement feature.
    10- You can easily listen to the prayer that needs to be done in that place with a headphone or listen to it with a loudspeaker by touching the pictures on the color chart without having to find it from a book in Hajda / Umrah.
    11- You can listen to daily prayers both anywhere and anytime, and you can memorize these prayers over time by listening to them every day.
    12- There are many memoirs that read in different recitations, so you can improve yourself in that recitation by listening to the recitation you want from any memory.
    13- You can record with the pen of the Quran.
    14- You can use it as an mp3 player.

    Why the Pen Quran of Hayrat Publications?

    1- The feature of learning the Quran from Tajvid's Elifbas, specially produced with the Pen Quran, is only found in the Hayrat Publication Digital Pen Quran.
    2- The Pen Quran of Hayrat Publications, Ahmed Husrev Line, which you know, know and read by millions, reads from the Quran. In addition, this Quran is sealed from the Presidency of Religious Affairs and from Egypt Al-Azhar University. (You can only get this Quran with this Pen Quran)
    3- Thanks to the chart issued by Hayrat Publications for the first time, you can easily carry the Quran everywhere by reading the Quran without the Quran on a single card. You can have the Quran, extremists, pilgrimages, daily prayers, in other words all readings, from this chart.
    4- The Pen Qur'an of Hayrat Publications provides the opportunity to listen to daily prayers with Hajj and Umrah prayers that are not in other Digital Pen Quran.
    5- The Pen Qur'an of Hayrat Publications offers you another feature that is not found in other Digital Pen Qur'an. You can listen to the extremists from İshak Danış's voice.
    6- You can listen to the Quran from İshak Danış's voice, except for foreign hafizes.
    7- Turkish translation is in the Quran.
    8- Our Quran is medium size, unlike many Qur'an with Pen.
    9- You can record with Hayrat Publications Pen Quran.
    10 Khairat Publications, the leading company in the Qur'an-Quran is there are thousands of marketers and sales points in all regions of Turkey. Any error caused by a production problem in your pen is guaranteed by us for one year, and we will replace the defective product and deliver it to you, and we also pay shipping costs. You can update your product by clicking on the update title in the menu of our site and if we have added a new feature to our Pen Quran, you can also benefit from this service. For example, although the first version of our Quran does not have the feature of learning the Quran from the special elifbas, the Pen was added to the Quran as a result of the R&D studies. Our customers who have bought the Pen before have added this feature to their Pens with a small update they made on their pens. With ongoing R&D studies, we can add many more features to our Kalem Quran in the future. You can easily install the new features to your pen. In short, you will experience many advantages of dealing with a corporate company.
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