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  • You can study memorization with the Quran Reciter Digital Pen, and you can easily memorize suras and prayers.
    With the other meaning; This Digital Pen, The Fastest and Shortest Way to Learn the Quran.
    About the work
    The difference from our other normal product is that it is in an economical box and it is a Quran with cellophane cover. Other set content is exactly the same.
    You have the opportunity to examine the Mushafs of the Presidency of Religious Affairs and choose one of the famous hafizes such as İhsan Atasoy, Ebu Bekir Şatri, Abdussamed, Ghamdi and Saud Shuraim from the Kaaba Imams. You can also listen to the Quran Meal, translated by Elmalılı Muhammed Hamdi Yazır and uniquely performed by Yusuf Ziya Özkan.

    129 Different Memories
    16 Hatim
    10 Different Languages
    10 Meal
    Our Memories
    İhsan Atasoy
    İlhan Tok
    David Kaya
    Fatih Çollak
    Mehmet Emin Ay
    Abdulbasid Abdussamed
    Abu Bakr Shati
    Saud Shureym
    Saad Gamidi
    Rashid Al Afasi
    Halil Husari
    Mustafa Ismail
    Ahmed El Novice
    Medina Imams
    Abdulbari As-Subeyti
    Abdulmuhsin Al-Kasim
    Salah al-Badr
    Abdullah al-Juhni

    Our Meals

    Quran Features
    Approved and Sealed by the Presidency of Religious Affairs Mushafs Examination and Recitation Board
    From the calligraphy that millions of people learned to read the Quran
    Very easy to read computer line
    2 Color Offset Printing
    21 x 28 cm Size
    Special Kaaba Skin
    616 pages

    Additional Features
    Learning to Perform Prayers with the Voice Prayer Feature
    Learning Elif Ba with Special Elif Ba
    Learning Tajwid with the Tajwid Chart
    Continue reading from where you left off with the Stop - Resume Feature
    Listening the topics mentioned in the Quran in the Subject Index (Only in Ayfa Press Products) under the headings in Arabic or Turkish Meal
    Mahreç Çalış (Only for Ayfa Press Products) Records with his own voice and compare it with the page you read
    Reading Word by Word
    Reading a Verse One Meal
    Our Gift with the Product;
    Hanafi Pocket Boy Prayer Teacher
    Some Other Technical Features:
    Perfectly clear sound quality.
    The pen who reads the Quran only works by touching the name of the sura or the verse in the special edition Quran.
    When it is brought over the name of the sura, it reads the whole sura.

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