Religious Information and Prayer-1644

Sağlam Yayınevi
Product Code : 9789759180591
It is a Book on the Basic Knowledge of Islam, Worship of Prayer and Virtuous Prayers
10.00 TL
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  • About the publication:
    In this study, which is Religious Information and Prayer Book, Wudu, ghusl, tayammum, prayer suras (from fatiha to duha) and prayer prayers, fasting, zakat, 54 fard, practical religious knowledge with questions, Attributes of Allah (cc), Attributes of Prophets We will learn practical information such as information from imams of 4 sects, essential duties of a Muslim, cleaning information, special conditions of women. In addition, the Arabic text of the prayer surahs, its meaning and its Turkish reading were written, Wudu and prayer were described with pictures.
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