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  • Tales from Tekir (Values ​​Education)

    Number of Pages: 384
    Size: 12,5 x 17 cm
    Color Image printed
    Silvery cover

    The book of tales made of tabby, produced specially for our children, is a book that contributes to the education of our children by having fun.

    - Helpfulness - Being Cautious
    - Being fair - Doing your job well
    - Responsibility - Not to look down on
    - Being grateful for good intentions
    - Being Humble - Not Lying
    - To Be Gentle - Not To Be Jealous
    - To Be Compassionate - To Be Patient
    - Not Mocking - Being Respectful
    - Solidarity - Sharing
    they will learn the moral values.

    In our book based on '' Values ​​Education '', more than one value is handled in each tale. "Values ​​Education" is not limited to the narration of fairy tales. Values ​​become permanent with "I Read-Understand" works.
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