The Troubles That Will Happen to Those Who Do Not Pray in Two Worlds-1148

Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca Yayıncılık
Product Code : 9786058547452
The Pillar of Religion is the Book that tells about the essence of Islam, the secret of salvation, the essence of felah and the covenant of Allah to Muslims.
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  • The Problems That Will Happen to Those Who Do Not Pray in Two Worlds

    Book Features:

    PUBLICATION DATE: February 27, 2011
    NUMBER OF EDITIONS: 3. Printing
    Language Turkish
    PAGE NUMBER: 144
    SKIN TYPE: Soft Cover
    PAPER TYPE: Şamua
    SIZE: 13.5 x 19.5 cm


    O Who Abandon His Prayer!
    Of course, the prayer is complained, it is said when the time comes.
    "God says to curse the one who left me ..
    O Muslim! Every year, there are so many troubles that come before you, but you are entertaining in heedlessness.
    By abandoning prayers, you will abandon the devotion of your Lord. Finally, you are going on an Islamic way, and you on another road.
    The Pillar of Religion, the essence of Islam, the secret of salvation, the essence of felah and the covenant of Allah for Muslims, until when will you lose more prayer, you will not care about it, or you will take it out of time. Or do you doubt that prayer is obligatory and what torments will be inflicted on those who do not perform it, let alone do it?
    O Muslim! If you think that the person who loses the prayer, which is the knot of the Islamic bond, will not suffer torment, read the verses and hadiths that are mentioned in this treatise regarding the importance of prayer in religion, so that the security of Allah and His Messenger is lifted from the person who abandons prayer, and he is in a despicable situation even if he lives. Understand that he is left, what he will suffer when he dies, then the torment in the grave and his shelter in the hereafter will be Hell ..
    Avoid abandoning prayers anymore! If you do this, it means that you have lost the world and the hereafter together with the perished.
    If every Muslim who reads this booklet understands this thoroughly and believes in Allah and the Hereafter, he must spread it among Muslims. Everyone deserves the reward for what they did. "Finally, some bad offspring came after them (prophets) who lost their prayers (by not believing in fard prayers or abandoning them altogether or by failing to do so or by not obeying ta'dîl-i rulers) and By committing forbidden acts such as adultery, they fully followed the desires and lust that prevented prayer and memo; However, it is the one who repented (from the sins of the other people due to his faults in the prayer), believed (by returning from idolatry and disbelieving) and (in accordance with this belief) has done a righteous deed! They will go into heaven and persecute with nothing! ". (Surah Maryam: 59-60)
    All praises are reserved for Allah, who says: "There is a vayl to those who pray, they are unaware of their prayers."
    Eternal salutations: "A person who abandons prayer will be with the Pharaohs and Hâmans" and the Prophet (Salahallah Aleyhi and Salam) who said, "May it be upon the companions of Allah who regard the abandonment of prayer as unbelief."
    This epistle is actually taken from a section in my book called "The Pillar of the Faith, The Mîrâcı Prayer". However, there are very useful additions to this treatise.
    Many of our religious brothers refer to us saying, "My teacher, I am loosening in prayers, help me", thinking that this chapter should not go unnoticed in a big book, and we have seen this subject as a special treatise and note it, day by day. As it is known, human nature is affected by threat rather than encouragement and note.
    Indeed, to a person:The "so much money for you if you do that" pattern may not do that job for many different reasons. But: "If you don't do that, ya and note; my wife," he doesn't do it.
    Likewise, many people can start praying by saying the good news promised to those who pray, but when they hear the torments that await those who leave the prayer, one cannot have faith and risk those troubles.
    For this reason, this book should be delivered to everyone, so that those who do not pray should be initiated to pray, and those who cause and those who start praying should attain the happiness of the world.
    Let's all mobilize for the sake of our Allah, and try to save another person from praying. Let's look, in particular, to save our children and relatives from Hell. May our Lord make it auspicious to be a person of prayer through what is written in this book and to be free from all the torments reported in this book by avoiding non-prayers. and Acirc; mîn !.


    Preface 5


    Failure to Prayer Will Make People Fall to Hell 9
    Lack of prayers is the biggest reason to enter Hell 11
    People Have Several Layers of Prayer 12
    What Happens To Those Who Do Not Care About Their Time While They Pray 14
    Where Non-Prayer Comes After Unbelief 17.
    The Abandonment of Prayers Stems From The Love Of The World And The Desire Of Those Without Prayers 18
    The Punishment of Those Who Abandon Prayer Because of Drinking 22
    Disagreeing with the Absence of Prayer for a Child 24


    Abandoning Prayers Will Endanger Religious Belief 35
    Withdrawal of Immunity of Those Abandoning Prayers39 Abandonment of Prayer Will Put Person Among the Enemies of Allah 41.
    The Heads of Those Who Do Not Pray and Their Acirc; In Hereafter They Will Be Crushed By Rocks And Their Endless Torment 43
    Whoever misses even one prayer will be in harm as if he lost his family and all his existence 47.
    The Names Of Those Who Deliberately Abandon Prayers Will Be Written On The Gate Of Hell 48
    The One Who Abandoned Prayers Will Be Welcomed By Allâh-u Ta'âlâ in Wrath 49
    The Reason of Abandonment of Prayers for the Cancellation of Other Deeds 50
    That Those Who Do Not Prayer Will Be Neighbors with the Greatest Disbelievers in Hell 52
    Fifteen Troubles That Will Happen To Those Who Lose Prayer 56.
    The Terrible Treatments of Angels in the World and Acirc; The Hereafter 65
    Anyone who puts a prayer in accident for a time will remain in Hell for eighty years 69
    70 That Those Who Combine Two Prayers Without An Excuse Combine A Great Sin 70
    What Those Who Follow Their Lust and Ignore Their Prayers Will Be Destroyed 72
    Gayy Well and Veyl Valley, where those who lose prayer are threatened with being thrown into it 74
    The Loss of Prayer as Signs of Doomsday 79.
    What Those Who Do Not Pay Attention to Prayer Times Will Suffer About Death and Sorrow 82
    A Thousand Curses And A Thousand Wrath Every Day For Those Who Abandon Prayers 86
    That Those Who Do Not Preach to People About Prayer Will Be Common to Their Sins 90
    The Prayer of the Prophet (Salahallah and Salam) so that no one is left without prayer in the Ummah 92


    The Companions Who Are Unbelievers Who Do Not Prayers, Ve and Acirc; limler 97
    Those Who Abandon Prayers Has No Like With Islam 100
    Faces of Those Who Quit Prayers Are Turned Off from Qibla in the Grave 101
    That the Fires of Non-prayers Will Not Go Out 102.
    Lines to Be Written on the Black Faces of Non-Prayers 103
    That Non-Prayer Will Dry The Hearth 105
    The Interesting Hitâb of Allâh-u Ta'âlâ for Those Who Do Not Attend Prayer Calls 107
    Failure to Perform Prayers Is a Crime Against Good Servants 109
    Animals Approach Those Who Do Not Prayers With Genius Hatred 111
    Those Who Abandon Prayers Are Suffered Like Satan 113.
    Not Performing Prayers Turns More Than Adultery And Murder 115
    Those Who Interrupt Prayer Will Stay In Hell For Eighty Years At Any Time 119
    The Cause of Penalty in the Grave 121.
    The Way of Those Who Loosen to Prayer to the Vayl Valley in Hell 122
    How To Leave Even A Prayer To Accident Becomes Of General Sins 124
    126 That Those Who Prayed for an Accident Should Quit Every Job and Pay Their Debts
    Indexes 129
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