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    Size: 14 x 20cm
    Number of Pages: 780
    Place of Printing: Konya
    Publication Date: 2015-05
    Cover Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: 2.Pulp
    Language: Turkish
    Author: Vahid Bali - İbrahim Emin
    The reason why jinn harm people is because of people's desire to take refuge in jinns, communicate with them, and seek help from them. For this reason, this situation is pointed out in Surah Al-Falaq and An-Nas, and people are encouraged to seek refuge in Allah, the Lord of everything, from the evil and whispers of jinns and all kinds of creatures.

    The most effective solution against jinn and devil magic is to take refuge in Allah and trust Him. Hz. The Prophet constantly recited Surah Falaq and An-Nas and Ayetel Kursi, seeking refuge in Allah from the evil of everything. In addition, he and his grandchildren, Hz. Hasan and Hz. He recited the following prayer to protect Husayn from evil eyes, spells and similar negativities: "I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah from all kinds of devils, poisonous vermin and all evil eyes" (Bukhari, 3371)

    It is permissible to read the Holy Quran and prayers about healing to patients, hoping for healing from God Almighty. It is religiously forbidden to practice magicians in order to deceive the public and give information about the unknown.

    Hz. The Prophet said, "The evil eye is right." (Bukhari, 36) he said; For someone who sees jaundice on his face: "Pray for him, because he has the evil eye." (Bukhari, Medicine, 35) he said.

    Believers should seek refuge in Allah from all kinds of evil and harm caused by jinn and human devils and should not be afraid of them. Those who do not incline towards them in any way and use their will only in line with truth and truth will be protected from all kinds of effects and harm that may come from jinn and devils.
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