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  • Conversations and Advice from Sahihi Buhari
    Published Date 2013-07-22
    Number of Impressions 1st Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages 1006
    Skin Type Bound
    Paper Type Book Paper
    Size 16.5 x 24 cm
    The duty of the orator in the pulpit is a continuation of the duty of a prophet. Orators have carried the voice of our Prophet on the pulpit until today. Therefore, the responsibilities of the orators and the holiness of their duties are undeniably high. The Prophet (peace be upon him) would enter the mosque when the congregation convened on Friday, salute his companions, when he climbed to the pulpit he would not turn to the qibla and pray, turn his face to the congregation and sit to listen to the adhan. After the call to prayer, praise to Allah, and martyrdom; He would will the sermon with an enthusiastic and warning voice.
    Conversations and Advice from Sahihi Buhari

    He kept the sermon short, prolonged the prayer, remembered Allah a lot, and used short and concise words. In his sermons; He would explain the basic principles of Islam, announce his orders and prohibitions, and read sermons on stimulating and heralding subjects that his companions needed. When appropriate, he would interrupt his sermon and take care of his congregation, answer questions, sometimes get off the pulpit and continue his sermon later. The sermon should concern the congregation individually, draw its attention, provide ideas and guidance, and satisfy the audience in every field. The Messenger of Allah is not limited to Friday and Eid prayers. He told people about Islam sometimes after the morning prayer and sometimes after the noon prayer. Sermons are of great importance in understanding religion.

    Conversations and Advice from Sahihi Buhari
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