Cübbeli Ahmed Hoca Engagement and Wedding Order-1194

Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca Yayıncılık
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The Book Telling Engagement and Marriage Duties in Islam
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    Ahmet Mahmut ÜNLÜ
    (Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca)
    It is an Informational Book Telling How Marriage Engagement and Wedding Service Should Be in Islam.
    ►How Men Will See Women and Women See Men During Engagement
    ► Mistakes Made at Weddings
    ► Marriage with Two Witnesses Cannot Be Considered Secret
    ►Müt'a Marriage
    ► Limited Marriage for a Period of Time
    ► Granting the Right to Divorce to Women◄
    ►Multiple Marriages◄
    ► Replies Against Objections About Multiple Marriages
    ►Special Rewards Promised to Women With Sand◄
    It has been sold by Lalegül Magazine and Arifan Publications.
    Product features

    NUMBER OF EDITIONS: 1. Printing

    Language Turkish

    PAGE NUMBER: 320

    SKIN TYPE: Paperback

    PAPER TYPE: Şamua

    SIZE: 13.5 x 19.5 cm


    Unlimited praises: "Today, all good things have been made lawful for you. And the believing women who are protected (from adultery and slavery) and the protected (honorable and free) women who have been given the book before you; (it is also lawful for you to marry them)! " (From Surah al-Maida: 5) is reserved for Allâh-u Ta'âlâ.

    Salutes without end: "There are four things that are among the sunnahs of the past prophets; to dream, to scent,

    Using miswak and getting married "(Tirmidhi, Nikah. l no: 1080, 3/391; Ahmed ibni Hanbal, al-Musnad,

    No: 23628, 5/421), the Messenger of Allah (Sallam Aley-hi and Salam) and the Ahl-i Bayt, who is continuing with this deed, the Companions of the Quran and those who follow them until the Day of Judgment.

    Let it be known that; Our religion attaches great importance to the establishment of marriage, prescribes pioneering sunnahs such as decorations, and determined some conditions, sunnahs and decency at the later stage of the marriage contract.

    Of course, it is unthinkable that our wise religion, who has determined judgments on every issue, neglected this issue. If it were not for the decrees imposed by our supreme religion, what would be the difference between human unity and animal mating ?!

    The feature that distinguishes man from other living things is that he knows that he has a Lord and obeys His decrees in every matter. Of course, the observance of the decree of our supreme Lord, who is free from profit and loss, will undoubtedly be for the benefit of only servants.

    However, if the servant does not protect these limits, he will not be able to find peace in his family home, and he will never be comfortable in the life of the grave, during the break of judgment, and finally in the torment of Hell.

    Therefore, it is undoubtedly its own interest for a Muslim servant to observe the matters written in this book on a subject that is considered to be the most important issue of human life such as engagement and marriage.

    Otherwise, it will be inevitable that his engagement is against the sunnah, and his marriage is a devout structure built on rotten foundations and doomed to collapse towards Hell at any moment.

    Human beings who are incapable of knowing their own profit and loss must obey the orders of Shari'ah-ı ğarran determined by their Lord, who is a Wise and Wise, and avoid their prohibitions.

    Those who succeed in this will attain the happiness of the two worlds, and those who succeed will be disappointed in the two worlds.

    May Allah make our sentence be able to preserve the hudud-u divinity in our every work, let each of us marry our marriage and marvel at our endings. Amine!

    5 November 2011/9 Zilhicce 1432


    Preface 5



    Hıtbe (Engagement) 13

    Insignia Is Not Legal 14

    No Specific Duration Determination is Required for Engagement 14

    15 that the Consultant Suffered before the Engagement

    The Opinion That The Woman Or Her Guardian Is Of The Right

    He Can Make Marriage Proposal To His Brings 19

    Qualifications to look for in an engaged person 23

    Women Who Cannot Propose Engagement 27

    An Engaged Woman Cannot Be Proposed ... 34

    Aiming a Prostitute 38

    Young People to Be Engaged to See Each Other 44

    The Provision of Caring for Women According to Islam 44
    Seeing Each Other Of The Spouses To Marry 47
    Man's Woman During Engagement,

    How Women Will See Man, Too 49

    Fiancee Strangers to Each Other by Religion 53

    What Is Suffered In The Engagement 56

    After the Breaking of Engagement, the City and the Status of Gifts 60

    Mehrin State 63
    Status of Gifts 64

    NIK and Acirc; PROVISIONS ON HLA 65

    Dictionary Meaning of Marriage 69

    Evidence of the Legitimacy of Marriage 73

    Recipe of the Wedding 77

    Some Expressions About Marriage 80

    1) Absolute Barriers to Marriage 80

    2) Relative Marriage Barriers 80

    Who is Hünsâ? 83

    The Marriage of Humanity 86

    What Is Necessary to be Performed in the Marriage Contract 91

    Wedding Mistakes 128

    The Provision of Marriage (Marriage) 140

    The Order of the Marriage Contract 141

    Conditions of Marriage 147

    In'ikad Conditions of Marriage 148

    Health Conditions of Marriage 154

    Qualifications Required for Marriage Witness 157

    Marriage with Two Witnesses Will Not Be Considered Secret 162

    The Nafâz (Validity) Conditions of Marriage 164

    Necessary (Binding) Conditions of Marriage 169

    Bail (Equivalence) 175

    Some Equivalence Issues 187

    Guardianship 191

    Rank of Parents 197

    Proxy in Marriage 199

    Some Marriage Issues 202

    Marriage to Mut 202
    Limited Marriage for a Period 206
    Conditional Marriage 208
    Giving the Talak Right to Women 211

    MEHİR PAY 213

    The Recipe and Wisdom of Mehrin 215

    The Importance of Making City and City

    Those who do not and Acirc; hereafter and Acirc; their vanity 218

    Mehrin Amount 221

    Evidence that Mehrin was Waged 229

    Parts of Mehrin 232

    The Amount of Detected City is Two Parts 233

    Mehr-i Müsemmâ 233

    Mehr-i Misil 238

    Circumstances to be Given Mehr-i Retaliation 239

    Determination of Mehri Mislin 241

    Contingent City 245

    Situations where a Woman Cannot Get Married 246

    Marriage ends by woman's own act

    The Three Places That Cannot Be Married 246


    TEADDÜD-Ü ZEVC and Acirc; T


    Teaddud-ü Zevcâtın (Multiple Marriage)

    The Wisdom of Its Restriction and Its Legitimation 249

    History of Several Marriages 258

    A Man With A Few Wives

    Major Duties Falling on 262

    About Multiple Marriages

    Responses to Objections 270

    Multiple Marriage Not Considered Worldism 277

    True Sufism People's Marriage and

    He Does Not Avoid Marriage 283

    Will not be able to comply with the rights of women

    287 What Happens Should Not Get Married

    Promised to Women with Fabric

    Special Rewards 291

    The Virtue of Jihad in the Way of God 292

    The Virtue of Keeping Watch in the Way of God 295

    Indexes 305
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