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    Title of the Work English Stories Series (Set of 40 books for Grades 3, 4 and 5)
    Prepared by Ema Ofis Editorial Board
    Publisher: Ema Kids
    Language of the Work English
    General Category
    Education / Foreign language Books
    Paper Information 1.hm
    Cover Information Cardboard
    Print Date 2016 - December
    Number of Impressions 3rd edition
    Number of Pages 640
    (Width, Length, Depth) 14 x 21

    Color, Illustrated, 40 books, 16 pages, 15 x 21 cm, coated paper
    With the 4th grade, our students start to learn a new language. One of the most basic rules of learning a foreign language is to practice by constantly reading. Our students will both improve their vocabulary and have fun thanks to this series, which is fully colored and illustrated in order to make English reading enjoyable and understandable.

    GOAL: To Love a New Language for Chinese-like Children

    Set Contents:


    1-The Frog And The Mouse /
    2-The Cıty Mouse And The Country Mause /
    3-The Turtle And The Two Ducks
    4-The Ant And The Cricket
    5-The Fox The Wolf And The Horse
    6-The Shepherd Wolf
    7-The Fox And The Stork
    8-The SnailAnd Her Home /
    9-The Rabbit And The Turtle
    10-The Sly Fox /


    11-Ali Baba And The Forty Thıeves /
    12-Pinocchıo / Carlo Collodi
    13-Sleepıng Beauty / Jacob-wilhelm Grimm
    14-Cınderella / Jacob-wilhelm Grimm
    15-The Cat In Boots / Jacob-wilhelm Grimm
    16-The Tın Soldıer / Hans Christian Andersen
    17-The Ugly Duck Link / Hans Christian Andersen
    18-The Kıng's New Clthes / Hans Christian Andersen
    19-The Lıttle Match Grıl / Hans Christian Andersen
    20-The Lıttle Mermaid / Hans Christian Andersen
    Keloğlan Storıes

    21-Keloğlan and Ali Cengiz / English Stories With Exercise
    22-Keloğlan And The Gnomes / English Stories With Exercise
    23-Keloğlan And The Mıller / English Stories With Exercise
    24-Keloğlan And The Gıant Women / English Stories With Exercise
    25-Keloğlan And The Gıants / English Stories With Exercise
    26-Keloğlan And The Robbers / English Stories With Exercise
    27-Keloğlan And Hıs Neıghbours / English Stories With Exercise
    28-Keloğlan And The Wolf / English Stories With Exercise
    29-Keloğlan And The Sultan's Daughter / English Stories With Exercise
    30-Keloğlan And The Talented Rabbıt / English Stories With Exercise

    Aesop's Fables

    The Mouse And The Weasel
    The Servant And The Lion
    The Deer And Her Antlers
    The Swallow And Other Birds
    The Dog And The Wolf
    The Wind And The Sun
    37 The Lark And The Young Ones
    38.The Fox And The Woodcutter
    The Man And The Donkey
    40-The Proud Heron
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