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  • Female Personalities and Female Companions

    The following is purported in the hadith: "Fear Allah about my Companions! Do not target them after me! Whoever loves them loves because of his love for me; And whoever mistreats them will mistreat me because of the mist that has happened to me. Whoever oppresses them will have tormented me. Anyone who oppresses me will have harmed Allah. Whoever oppresses Allah will not last long; Allah will cause his trouble. '' (Tirmidhi menakip, 58)

    In the Quran, valuable female figures who lived in the period of previous prophets are mentioned. In the sunnah, Hz. Many hadiths that reflect the personal aspects of women and mention the companions' wives have come from Abraham until today. I hope that the female personalities we are going to talk about with the personality of the Muslim woman developed by Islam.
    will explain the related teachings better. Such that; exemplary female figures are outnumbered and superior in maturity. To you; Besides its small volume, we present a book full of wisdom. We all need to benefit from his wisdom.


    360 Pages

    Publishing House: MERCAN PUBLICATIONS

    Release Date: 2014

    Author: Harun Yildirim
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