God Is My Heart - Ferudun Özdemir

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God Is My Heart - Ferudun Özdemir
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  • God Is My Heart - Ferudun Özdemir

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    Cover Quality: Soft Cover
    Page Quality: 2. Dough
    Number of Pages: 272
    Weight: 292 gr
    Size: 13.5 x 21 cm


    Didn't we open and widen your chest?
    Didn't we lift the burden that bends your waist off?
    Didn't we raise your glory?
    Surely there is a difficulty with ease.
    Really, there is a difficulty with an ease.
    So when you're done with one job, put it on another.
    But turn to your Lord and beg!
    (İnşirâh Surah 1 and 8 Verses)
    Almighty Allah (c.c.), in the Quran, the Prophet. Muhammad (s.a.w.) calls out to all people in the symbol of our Lord. These verses, Hz. He offers the Prophet as a way, a light in the cause he carried out under difficulties, troubles and torments. Likewise, it guides and notes all people who believe in Allah and take refuge in Him. And again these verses, our beloved Prophet, this
    that he felt like his chest was crushed under the weight of the heavy case, that he felt a very heavy load on his shoulder; it inspires that she needs help, help and morale. Then comes the sweet call and the loving address;
    "Didn't we make things easy for you? Didn't we make this case cute for you? Didn't we open the way of this case to you? Didn't we put you on the road to go and make you see the happy end of that path? Be ready to taste this gift in your senses, and tell me, with this opening up, will you not find peace after every suffering, relaxation after every fatigue, ease after every hardship, and satisfaction behind every deprivation?
    Didn't we lift the burden that collapsed his back?Didn't we lift her off her, opening her chest against that load? As a result, didn't the burden come to you light and easy? Didn't we take the burden off by making you a success and making it easier for you to call and opening the door of hearts to you? Have we not removed the burden on your back, sending you the revelation that clarifies the truth and helps you enter hearts with this truth easily, smoothly and comfortably? Don't you feel the burden of crushing your back? Don't you feel your burden easing after we open your chest? "
    What is the value of hardship, fatigue and exhaustion in addition to this grace that sweeps away every suffering and fatigue? Nevertheless, Almighty Allah treats his chosen lover with kindness and kindness, comforts him, relieves his troubles, keeps his heart in peace and informs him of the ease that will never leave him and declares that he will do this for us as well.
    Surely there is an ease with every difficulty. Really, there is a difficulty with an ease. Truly every difficulty coexists with an ease that accompanies and does not depart from it. Indeed, this is a case whose accuracy has been reinforced. Almighty Allah repeats this reinforcement by using the words "ease" and "difficulty". This repetition shows that Hz. At that time, the Prophet was in a difficulty, anguish and hardship that required this thought and this reminder. He was in troubles that required the animation of images that showed the importance of Allah Almighty, the display of traces that prove His auspices, and such reinforcement with all kinds of reinforcement.
    There is convenience with difficulty. Yes, there is ease with difficulty.
    There are two conveniences here. One in the world and the other in the hereafter ...

    Contents :

    Introduction 11
    There is convenience with difficulty.
    Yes, there is ease with difficulty. 13
    So when you finish one job, enter another,
    Ask your Lord that you hope! 14
    The little girl's prayer 15
    Prayer is accepted when it is sincere 16
    God's Compassion 17
    If you are desperate, there is God! 18
    Prayer is a human need 19
    Ask God! 21
    How should it be requested? 22
    Wanting with Trust 26
    Scientific treatment of prayer 29
    Desiring the best 32
    Wanting with gratitude 33
    Giving the right to want 35
    Action prayer 37
    Being able to want at the level of belief 39
    Gazelle's prayer 42
    Prayer According to the Quran and Hadiths 45
    The power of prayer 73
    Prayer to the heart of the Quran 82
    Don't you know any other prayers? 90
    Psychological Prayer 93
    Worry-free prayer is cold 99
    Prayer is a source of happiness and peace 100
    The healing of sadness and stress is prayer 104
    The slave's prayer 112
    Prayers of the Elders 115
    Hz. and Acirc; dem (a.s.) 117
    Hz. Noah (a.s.) 118
    Hz. Ibrahim (a.s.) 119
    Hz. Lot (a.s.) 122
    Hz. Eyüp (a.s.) 123
    Hz. James (a.s.) 124
    Hz. Yusuf (a.s.) 125
    Hz. Shuayb (a.s.) 127
    Hz. Moses' prayers 128
    Hz. Solomon's prayers 131
    Hz. Zechariah (a.s.) 133
    Hz. The prayers of the dolphin 134
    Hz. Prayers of Jesus -. 136
    Hz. Muhammad (s.a.v.) 138
    Hz. The return of the Prophet's Taif expedition
    his prayer 146
    Hz. Prayer from Ali (k.v.) 147
    The prayer of Imam-i Azam 157
    The prayer of Imam Shafii 158
    The prayer of Abdulkadir Geylanî (k.s.) 159
    The prayer of Hazrat Junayd-i Bagdadi 161
    The prayer of Imam Zeynel Abidin 165
    Hz. The prayer of Abu Darda 166
    Hz. Prayer of Ibn Abbas 167
    The prayer of His Holiness Veysel Karani 168
    Hz. Mevlana's prayers 170
    Hz. Abu Bakr's prayer 174
    Hz. Aiş's Prayer 175
    Prayer of Ibrahim Ethem 176
    The prayer of Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır 177
    The prayer of Qadi Zechariya al-Ansari 178
    The prayer of Ibn Qayyim al-Cevziyya 179
    Hz. Ukkaşe's prayer 180
    Hz. The prayer that Fatima read 181
    Hz. The prayer of Enes Ibn Malik's 182
    Prayer of Abdullah Verrak 183
    The prayer of Veysel Karani 184
    The prayer of Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi 185
    Prayers from the Risale-i Nur 186
    The prayer of Evrad-i Kudiye-i Shah-i Nakshibend 189
    I turn to God 191
    The Benefits of Prayer 193
    Quran confirms scientific research 208
    Would prayers to others help? ... 211
    Mother's prayer 213
    Haccac and Aziz 215
    Prayer Examples 217
    Examples of prayers from the Quran 220
    Prayers recommended by the Prophet 224
    Prayer to be read in times of trouble 227
    When Frightened 227
    During difficult moments 227
    227 in moments of rage
    Prayer to be read for the evil eye 228
    Prayer to be read while lying down 228
    Prayer to the patient 228
    The prayer that the Messenger of Allah recited at night 228
    Prayer to be read at the end of the meal 229
    Prayer to protect his family and property ... 229
    The prayer to be read so that it does not touch the evil eye 229
    Prayer to be read when starting to eat 229
    Hz. The prayer that Patima reads morning and evening 230
    230 for a beautiful life
    230 in psychological problems
    231 for inner relief
    Hajat (request, need) prayers 232
    233 for debtors
    235 for relieving anger
    Family, relative happiness; unity and
    for draw 235
    Prayer against trouble, sorrow, trouble and suffering 236
    Prayers of success and perseverance 236
    Prayer to be read when faced with difficulties 237
    The prayer to be read when faced with evil 237
    When faced with danger
    prayer read 238
    Prayer to be read against fear 238
    Prayer of getting rid of evil 239
    In situations that cannot be solved
    prayer to be read 239
    Prayer for help against the cruel and the wicked 240
    Prayer of protection from backbiting or slander ... 241
    Prayer to be recited to get rid of the delusions of Satan 242
    Prayer against evhama 242
    To protect from known and unknown troubles .. 242
    243 for students
    Prayer to be read for moral beauty 245
    Prayer to get things in order 245
    To take refuge in Allah from the evil of sedition 245
    Prayer of wanting the best of everything 246
    Our Prophet (s.a.w.) Hz. Prayer taught by Abu Bakr 248
    A prayer from heedlessness to take refuge in God 249
    Prayer of Kenzül Arsh 249
    Hz. Of Zechariah's prayers; prayer to be read by the person who wants a child 256
    Hz. Abraham's prayer 256
    Hz. The prayer of Umar 256
    Prayer of Imam Azam 257
    The prayer of Mawlana 258
    Yunus Emre's prayers 258
    The prayer of Süleyman Çelebi 258
    Prayer of Ebul Vefa 259
    His Holiness Mehmet Efendi of Gonen
    your prayers 260
    Thirty years 263
    The young's prayer 264
    Prayer: Orhan Seyfi Orhon 265
    Prayer: Arif Nihat Asya 266
    Prayer: Necip Fazıl 268
    In remembrance of God: Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı 269
    Thank God: Orhan Veli 270
    Sultan: Cahit Zarifoğlu 271
    Sources 272
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