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  • Mücerrebat-ı Senusi Translation

    Product features :

    Publisher : Dervişhan Publishing
    Author : Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü
    Cover Quality: Cardboard Cover
    Page Quality : Imported Paper
    Number of Pages: 247
    Language : Arabic - Turkish
    Size : 13.5 X 19.5 cm
    Weight : 196 g
    Barcode: 9786057378224


    All praise:
    “We are sending down such (useful) things (and verses that are a cure-all) from the Qur'an for believers that it is a great healing and a great mercy.” (from al-Isra Surah:82) is reserved for Allah, the Almighty.
    Blessings and peace be upon Abdullah
    In a hadith narrated from Ibnu Mas'ud (Radıyallahu Ta'ala Anh):
    "You stick to the Two Healings, which are honey and the Qur'an." (al-Hakim, al-Mustedrak, number: 7435, 4/222; al-Beyhakî, Şu'abü'l-îmân, number: 2581, 2/519) that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, May it be upon his distinguished Companions and Ahl al-Bayti. Amine!
    Ebû Abdillâh Muhammed ibnu Yûsuf es-Senûsi (Rahimehullâh) (v. 895/1490), who was known as the greatest scholar of theology of his time in North Africa, wrote and annotated multiple works in the field of creed, and has many other works. He also wrote a book for the summons of many benefits such as the fact that there are many benefits such as the emergence of needs and the emergence of wishes, in which many prayers, dhikr and compositions are mentioned.
    The name of this work is "el-Mücerrebât", and "Fethu'l-Meliki'l-Mecîd (Mücerrebat-ı Mecîd)", which his four sect muftis Alî Hayder Efendi has cited in his own handwriting in three places in the patron of his own Mushaf-ı Şerîf. It was published together with the three editions of Diyerbî) that we have.
    While translating this work, we took as a basis the most famous and widespread copy of "al-Mücerrebat", which was published in Dâru'l-Kütübi'l-'Arabiy-yeti'l-Kübrâ in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.
    In addition, for the purpose of further examination and verification, the other two copies registered in the Süleymaniye Library, Laleli, number: 1586, and Laleli, number: 1587 and Esad Efendi, number: 3631, should be compared (comparative comparison). ), I translated this work, which is small in volume but great in benefit, for you.
    However, I found it appropriate not to translate a few humorous sentences that are difficult to implement and that may be misunderstood.
    May Almighty Allah grant us the opportunity to benefit from the beneficial prayers, dhikrs and compositions found in this work. Amine!


    Introduction 5
    His works 12
    Prayers and Prayers to be Recited for Realization of Desires, Getting rid of Troubles and Overcoming the Enemies 17
    Dua to be recited after prayer 18
    What should one do if he wants to see in his dream how his distress will be solved? 19
    An Important Prayer That Will Be Enough for Troubles in Worldly and Hereafter 30
    Prayer to be recited for longevity, victory over enemies, abundant sustenance and protection from bad death 32
    An Important Prayer To Be Recited For Protection From Fears 34
    Which Surahs should be read in the Sunnah of the Morning Prayer in order to be protected from the feared things? . 37
    The Prayer to be Read or Written for Protection from Enemies, Thieves and All Evils 38
    The Prayer to be Recited for Protection from Thieves and Wild Animals on the Journey 43
    Surahs That Protect From Every Danger Everywhere 46
    An Experienced Operation in Protection from Every Danger on the Journey 46
    The Esmâ-i Şerife to be Read for the Protection of His Life and the Property He Left Behind or Burned 56
    The Prayer to be Recited by Those Who Want to Meet with Loss or Something He Wants
    The Deed of a Person Who Wants to Forget His Loved One 58
    Operation to be done with Esma-i Hüsna for the Breaking of Haram Lust 60
    Actions to be done to gain sustenance and reputation and to get rid of delusions 61
    Prayers to See the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) in Dreams 62
    Prayer to be recited for people not to be able to speak against themselves, not to be persecuted by administrators and to win the love of those who are angry with him.. 66
    Prayer to be recited in order to reach the goal in a short time 70
    Verses to be recited morning and evening to be protected from the devil, magician, tyrant, cruel ruler and thief 76
    The Prayer for the Creation to Turn to the Person with Majesty (Respect), Honor (Respect) and Love.... 89
    Verses that a Person Who Wants Creatures to Turn to Himself Must Read 96
    Things to Do for the Fulfillment of a Desire Regarding a Governor (Manager) or Holder of Office 101
    Dua to be read to calm an angry person 101
    Verse to be recited for the job of the person who has a request from someone 103
    Verses to be recited for an (unwanted) person to leave 104
    Nuska 106 to be written to protect the trust or property from being lost and stolen
    Verses to be read for the reconciliation of the spouses who are offended with each other 109
    Things to Do for the Healing of Bound Spouses (Due to Magic) 111
    Things to Do to Protect (Especially Newly) Married Couples from Magic and Attachment 112
    Prayer to be Written for the Cancellation of Magic 113
    What To Do To Repel Fleas (Harmful Pests Like)
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