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    • Author: Ahmed El Buni
    • Katagori: Dua - Havas - Ottoman- Arabic - Vefk - Talisman
    • Number of Pages: 576
    • Size: 17 x 24 cm
    • Printing Place: Beirut - Lebanon
    • Cover Type: Hardcover
    • Paper Type: Old 2. Dough Printing
    • Language: Arabic Original Only


    Elhümdu Lillahi Rabbialemin. Vesselâtu vesselâmu ala Sayyidina Mohammed's Hâtemil-Enbiyâil vel Mürselm and ala alihi and sahbihi-ecmaîn.

    Hamd, and To Allah, the Lord of the Acirc; Salât and salutation, the Last of the Pey-gambers, our Lord Mohammed (S.A.VJe and His family... And to all those who have the right to it.theBook of Shams'ul Maarif'ul Kübra

    Allthat is in the heavens and the earth and in the earth between them is god's. No matter how closed it is, nothing from Al-lah remains hidden.

    Whether you speak openly or in secret, he knows both the secret and the obvious.

    Mahlukatm (In order for mankind, the most honorable of creations, to be a servant to God, he must follow His orders and refrain from his prohibitions olur.www.ihvan.com.tr


    It's a man's duty; We must follow the guidance guide, the recipe for salvation, the Quran, and live as our beloved prophet, the great leader, has lived and shown us. Until the apocalypse, the qur'an is the only divine order that will define the life of all mankind. It is the circumcision of the Prophet. That's never going to change.

    All mankind should receive all its actions and behaviors throughout its life from the Qur'an and the Sunnah. As a matter of fact, I believed in a believer who believed in the violation, and I surrendered, za-man Ya Lord! There is no god but you. You define the whole life, the universe, your beloved resu-lun Muhammad (S.A.V.) is your messenger and the leader of all mankind."


    He's a Muslim; life should be taken from the Koran and Sunnah throughout his life. O Believer! Muhammad (S.A.V.), the last Prophet of Allahthroughout his life. You have to follow it, you have to get it. Before the Apostle of Allah passes away, he says, "I leave you two things. If you do not follow Him, you will be in a state of deeds. One of these trusts is the Quran, the Book of Allah. The other is my be-nim circumcision." www.ihvan.com.tr

    Again, Allah (C.C.): "Take what the Prophet commands you to do. Follow him. Refrain from what it forbids." Yes, we will be able to use god's creation as a means and a means. But let's not make them into the principles of faith. If such paths have been opened in the past, we will look for ways to destroy them. We will not make them the reasons and qualifications that God has given us. We will adapt these events to the measures of the Qur'an and circumcision. Muesli-mans are obliged to embrace the Qur'an and circumcision in order to solve the problems of life and the problems between them. Indeed, it is made clear in the verse: "When you are at odds, embrace the rope of Allah." He's in command. For him, it is necessary not to sin and leave a bad habit when using love and means. If bad behavior is left behind, efforts must be made to remove it. It is necessary to publish some works made for the benefit of the people. Here I am to present to you that imam Ahmet bin Ali al-Buni Kaddes Allahu Sirrahû has translated this work called Shams'ul Marif Suns sun into the turkish of a ukte in your brain and presented it to you as an addition to your opinions with a ge-niche explanation to you in the original texts and representative re-sims of this work. There have been many works on this subject so far, and they are nothing more than distractions for today's people- the madness is known to you and there is no need to explain it to you from its side. I would like to remind you that this giant work has beneficial healing benefits as well as spiritual harmful aspects. There are many verses in this work. Do not be a prisoner of your soul by capitalizing these verses and the word on your material interests. It leads to digestion. May You say our sentence to the soul and the devil's will. (Amen.)

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