Spearhead Catechism Treatises and Translations - Yasin Publishing House

Product Code : 9786053460510
Spearhead Catechism Treatises and Translations - Yasin Publishing House
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  • Spearhead Catechism Treatises and Translations - Yasin Publishing House

    Product features :

    Publisher : Yasin Publishing House
    Prepared by M. İsmail Fındıklı
    Cover Quality : Hardcover
    Page Quality : Shamua
    Number of Pages: 281
    Language : Arabic - Turkish
    Size : 17 X 24 cm
    Weight : 842 g
    Barcode: 9786053460510


    Our ancestors have been close to Arabic, especially since it is the language of the Qur'an, from the very first years of their acceptance of Islam.
    Arabic and Persian, which the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) had foretold as the language of paradise, had almost become Turkish by incorporating into Ottoman Turkish.
    At present, this language is forgotten. To make this forgotten great language as common as before and to have this legacy from our grandfathers.
    This language must be learned and known by everyone. Knowing the Ottoman language, which is an imperial language, and keeping it alive, entered Turkish and
    The use of Turkish words of Arabic and Persian origin depends on keeping them and knowing their characteristics. What we ask of you is to take care of this great language and
    is to keep this language alive by discarding the foreign words we use even in our daily conversations.


    Rule of Faith 9
    Parts of Faith 10
    Conditions of Faith 11
    The Conditions of Islam 12
    Fards of Prayer 13
    A-Except 13
    B-Conditions in 14
    Fards of Ablution 15
    Fards of Ghusl 16
    Fards of Tayammum 16
    Fards of Fasting 17
    Fards of Hajj 18
    Attributes of Allahu Teala 19
    Personal Attributes 19
    Subuti Adjectives 20
    Relative Adjectives
    SPEAR CATHETIC (22-174)
    Prophets whose names are mentioned in the Qur'an 22
    Our Sect in Faith and Practice 23
    The Meaning of Saying "La Ilahe Illallah Muhammadun Rasulullah" 23
    PRAYER 23
    Ruling on Flarekats in Prayer 23
    ORUC 25
    Fards of Fasting 26
    Things that invalidate the fast 26
    Intention in Fasting 27
    Types of Fasting 28
    Feast of Fasting- 28
    Feast of the Believers 29
    Seven Questions on the Sirat Bridge 29
    Who Needs Atonement? 29
    Who Doesn't Need Atonement? 30
    Yevm-i Shekta (Doubtful Day) Intention 30
    Various Issues Related to Fasting 33
    Types of Fasting 33
    Benefits of Fasting 35
    FARZLARI of Ghusl 35
    Types of Ghusl 36
    Harams of Ghusl 36
    Sunnahs of Ghusl 37
    Fards of Tayammum 38
    Things That Make Tayammum Permissible 38
    Conditions of Tayammum 39
    Sunnahs of Tayammum 39
    Conditions of Searching for Water 39
    Various Issues Regarding Tayammum 40
    Sunnahs of Istinja 43
    The Mustahab of İstinca 43
    USEST 43
    Types of Waters 44
    Is Mâ-i Müsta'mel Falling to the Ground or Leaving the Body? 45
    Conditions for Wudu to be Vajib 45
    Sunnahs of Ablution 46
    The Mustahabs of Wudu 47
    The Makruhs of Ablution 47
    Things That Break Wudu 48
    Conditions for Accepting the Prayer to the Rank of Kamal 54
    Things that are Important to Follow in Prayer 54
    Wajibs of Prayer 55
    Sunnahs of Prayer 57
    Mustahabs of Prayer 59
    Adabs of Prayer 61
    Makruhs of Prayer 61
    Things That Disrupt Prayer 65
    Those who do not break the prayer 68
    The Meaning and Virtue of Salat 69
    Prayer with the Congregation 70
    The Virtue of Performing the Prayer on Time 71
    The Harms of Not Performing the Prayer 71
    Types of Followers of the Imam 73
    The Harm of Leaving Ta'dil Erkan in Prayer 74
    The Reward of Standing Behind the Imam 75
    The Virtue of Taking the Iftitah Takbir with the Imam 76
    Quantity of Angels 77
    Compensation for Things Done in Prayer 78
    Key to Heaven 79
    Qualification of Heaven 79
    Friday Prayer and Conditions 82
    Vajibs of Friday Prayer 83
    Mustahabs of Friday Prayer 83
    Makruhs of Friday Prayer 84
    Takbirs of the Eid Prayer 84
    Causes of Poverty- 84
    Fifty-Four Farz 86
    Conditions of Islam 89
    People for whom zakat is not permissible 89
    People for whom Zakat is Permissible 90
    Conditions for Zakat to Be Obligatory 90
    victim 91
    HACC 91
    Types of Tawaf 91
    ihram 92
    Conditions for Hajj to Be Obligatory 92
    Funeral Prayer 92
    Types of Shroud 92
    Those Who Adopt Imamate at the Funeral Prayer 92
    Various Issues Related to Hajj 93
    Signs of Ahl as-Sunnah 94
    The Virtue of the Four Caliphs 94
    The Harms of Not Saying Basmala Before Meal 99
    Benefits of Saying Basmala Before Meal 100
    Our Madhhab in Faith and Action 109
    The Reason for the Persistence of Faith 109
    Reasons for Going Without Faith 110
    Words of faith, Islam, religion, nation and shariah and parts of faith 112
    Difference Between Faith and Deed 113
    Types of Faith 114
    Rule of Faith 114
    What Do They Call Faith, Islam and Ihsan? 116
    Enemy of Faith 117
    The Meaning of Saying “La ilaha illallah Muhammadun Rasulullah” 117
    The names of the word-i Tawhid 117
    Dhikr 117
    The Benefit of Dhikr 119
    The Meaning of Saying 'Eşhedü Enne Muhammeden Abdühu Ve Rasululuh' 119
    Sons, Daughters and Wives of the Messenger of Allah 119
    Edille-i Şer'iyye 120
    Religion, Nation, Sharia 120
    Our Madhhab and Madhhab Imams 120
    Four Gems Given by Allahu Azîmusşân to His Adam's Sons 121
    Condition and Reason for Acceptance of Deed 121
    Attributes Belonging to the Messenger of Allah 122
    Silsile-i Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) 124
    Detailed faith 124
    Benefits of Using Miswak 125
    Benefits of Washing Hands Before Eating
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