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    Release Date: December 12, 2012
    Number of Impressions: 3rd Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages: 844
    Skin Type: Hard Cover
    Paper Type: Chamois Paper
    Size: 16 x 24cm

    It is only possible to know Allah (swt) and to fulfill his duties of servitude in real terms. "Only the scholars fear Allah among their servants. Allah is the Forgiving." (Fatır, 28) Knowledge is praised in the Quran, and it is clearly stated that those who know and those who do not know cannot be one: "Do you know and those who do not know one? Actually, only those who have reason think about them properly." (Zümer, 9) In addition, they refrained from undertaking the duties and responsibilities of man, the earth, sky and mountains. "We presented that trust to the heavens, the earth and the mountains, they were afraid of it, and people burdened it. He is really cruel and very ignorant. (Ahzab, 72) It is a very difficult and arduous task for human beings to fulfill all these responsibilities. In order to grasp properly and fulfill their realities, a person must be subjected to a continuous education. There is a continuity in learning. It is necessary to ensure continuity in order for the knowledge not to be forgotten and to evolve. Again, Muslims have the duty to tell people what they know by learning (Tabligh and Invitation). There is an obligation not only to be informed, but also to work for their happiness by explaining the revelation sent by Allah and the hadith of our master (saas) in accordance with the Islam taught in the era of bliss.
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