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It can be read and used easily in family assemblies. This work can also be taken notes in preaching assemblies or the congregation can be enlightened by reading the topic. It has a plain language and a fluent style. It is a sermon and instruction book for Muslims of all levels. Every subject is explained in detail with verses and hadiths. Many stories and stories have been told on the subject.
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  • Dualı Dürret'ül Ecclesiastes (2 Books Sets) (Hardcover) - Pearl Book of Ecclesiastes
    Osman Hubevi
    Translated By: Abdulkadir Akçiçek
    Huzur Publishing House
    Author: Osman Hubevi
    Translated by: Abdulkadir Akçiçek
    Category: Sermon - Chat Books
    Number of Pages: 1220
    Size: 16.5x24 cm
    Place of Publication: Istanbul - 2017
    Cover Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: 1st Pulp Yellow Chamois - Luxury Cloth Skin
    Language: Turkish - Arabic
    It can be read and used easily in family assemblies.

    This work can also be taken notes in preaching assemblies or the congregation can be enlightened by reading the subject matter.

    It has a plain language and a fluent style.

    It is a sermon and instruction book for Muslims of all levels.

    Every subject is explained in detail in verses and hadiths.

    Many stories and stories have been told on the subject.


    Abdulkadir AKÇİÇEK

    Dear Readers,

    This new work we present to you is a sermon book

    It is like a rare pearl for preachers.

    & mdash; While speaking, the following meaning should come to mind: Advice ..

    & mdash; Preacher .. And then the following meaning should come to mind: Giver of advice ..

    Counseling is a great task. The counsel is the great man of this great task. There is the mind at the head, love in the heart, and balance in the soul. In other words, he is not worthy of advice:

    & mdash; Keep the word of the teacher, do not go the way you go ..

    His word cannot be a valid statement.

    The basis of giving advice in human history, and Acirc; dem aleyhisselâm. We see the following advice of Yazıcıoğlu Muhammed, published by Çile Publishing, in the book of Muhammediye and Acirc; dem aleyhisselâm to his son Şit:

    & mdash; I will give you five counsels, know them well; Tell your children that will stay after you these advice.

    FIRST: Don't lean on creatures; but who and whatever. I have endured heaven, trusted; Almighty God threw me away from him.

    SECOND: Not to be so that he can trust the woman and obey her. I followed the woman, she left me in a difficult situation.

    THIRD: Always think about the end of work, if I were to think about the end of it, I wouldn't have been so miserable.

    FOURTH: Do not follow your inner rash thoughts; always keep your attention, teenni on hand. I rushed the job, my job broke down.

    FIFTH: Always run your work in consultation; Do every job you will do, even if it is the same job, again in consultation. There is no harm from the multiplicity of the consultant.

    What would happen if I also consulted the angels for my job; Would these troubles ever happen to me?

    Until the last Prophet Hazret-i Muhammed Mustafa, this counseling task was always carried out at a high level, mostly the prophets took over. After that, the scholars of this ummah ... The two hadiths we will present are important in this sense:

    & mdash; “The scholars of my ummah are like the prophets of the Israelites. & raquo;

    & mdash; & laquo; and Acirc, limes are the spiritual heirs of the prophets. & raquo;

    According to the evidence of these hadith-i sharifs, the scholars of this ummah undertook the duty of giving advice. But how your knowledge !.

    Scholars who will undertake this great task must first know themselves. As Koca Yunus points out, those who have knowledge must first know themselves. What good can come from the words of those who do not know themselves.

    Every prophet is the most perfect person, equipped with all the knowledge of the age he lived. The scholars who are regarded as their deputies and inheritors must be the most perfect and honest people in their time.

    Fiqh books

    An imam should be chosen from among the people who are best to read the Quran in the place where he is, the cleanest, good external appearance, good voice and dignity in the society.

    He goes on to point out the importance of the work.

    Except for some essentials, no prophet remained a satellite of the previous prophet. He renewed his religion, renewed himself, and brought a brand new life to the society in which he lived:Both material and spiritual .. The situation of the scholars who are the representatives of the prophets should be the same. The rule of evolution is always valid. No matter how good the past, no matter how troubled the future; nobody wants to live in the past. Who wants a life without a phone or television .. A person who has to give advice, taking all these into account should prepare himself and the people he counsels for the future.

    The following sentence of Hazret-i Ali is very beautiful; May Allah be pleased with him:

    & mdash; Prepare your children for the next time ..

    The people are also considered the children of scholars; they must prepare them well for the future.

    Scholars with the desired meaning were many in the first centuries. Almost all the Companions were like that. Of course he was like them. After them, scholars became sparse; from time to time it became unavailable. By the way, great scholars also came; they sensed the future danger, especially religious knowledge is essential; And for this reason, they founded sects, established sects, and wrote works. They entrusted their sect, sect and books to those who came after them and left.

    Now you have no knowledge of them. Although there are great scholars who come from time to time, they cannot replace them; must follow them. It will be long to explain the reason for this, and that is not our subject. Let us briefly state this: While they need to exceed ten to reach the main source, the present ones should exceed maybe millions.

    Because of the meaning explained, the great scholars who knew the limits of the last centuries essentially always followed the old ones. Except for their new comments, they did nothing. There is no limit to interpretation, it is always free.

    This work we present to you consists of two parts; as follows:

    a) Prayers ..

    b) Sermon Assemblies ..

    There are various prayers in the prayers section: Hatim prayer, food prayer, wedding prayer .. All of them are thirteen.

    These prayers were written in the ancient language; it was difficult for the current generation to understand anything from him. For this, we simplified them; we made it understandable. A person should know what he is saying while praying. While simplifying, we remained loyal to the text; we did not get much from the original.

    At the beginning of the work that we base our translation on, the person who prepared these prayers is introduced as follows:

    & mdash; Teacher School Persian Teacher Deceased Seyyid Şeyh Mehmed Tevfik Efendi ..

    Later, it is told that the prayers are written in a literary way, they are liked and accepted prayers.

    In the same place, the author of the Sermon Assemblies is introduced as follows:

    & mdash; One of the advisory scholars, virtuous preachers and prominent professors, Osman b. Hasan Hubevî .. Melik Kavi May Allah have mercy on him.

    This work he prepared is introduced as follows:

    & mdash; The Tibetan Council, which includes the sermons and advices, arranged and organized by the aforementioned person, and among the scholars and students:

    & mdash; It is known as Dürret'ül-Preacher .. (Pearl Book of Ecclesiastes ..); became famous by this name.

    No further information was given about this work and its author. However, in the TAKDİM article on page 49 of the work, he himself gives a little more information.

    This work that we briefly introduced to you; seventy-five councils. Rather, it has been compiled from valuable works of past scholars.

    Especially since we use a very plain language in its translation, people from all walks of life can benefit.

    Those authorized to preach can take notes from this work and decorate their assemblies; They can enlighten their congregation.

    This work can be read even in family assemblies. There is nothing that is not understood; it has many benefits. It will be useful if the reader or the listener has some religious knowledge; completes the shortcoming.

    From now on you .. Read, read; May Allah be with you.

    27 Rajab 1404
    April 28, 1984
    Bostanci - Istanbul

    • Allah states the following in verse 60 of the chapter of Mu'min to encourage my servants to pray:

    & mdash; “Pray to me; I accept your prayer for you. & raquo;


    In the name of God who feeds, protects, protects ...

    Praise be to Allah, thank you. It is his Almighty Person who is worthy of worshiping, to open hands for prayer, to be begged and begged. As for the reason: It is he who fulfills the needs, opens the way to the convenience of tough jobs.

    For this reason: Thanks to the Almighty God, whose glory is told, it is appropriate and worthy to serve, to pray and to pray.

    Allah Almighty stated the following in verse 60 of the chapter of Mu'min in order to encourage his servants to pray:

    & mdash; “Pray to me; I accept your prayer for you. & raquo;

    "Allah-u Taâlâ, with this beautiful promise, gave the glad tidings that he made the prayers of his servants reach the goal of acceptance and that he would give him various blessings; he was pleased.

    Uninterrupted salat u salam; What comes with the 29th verse of the chapter of al-A'raf:

    & mdash; '' Make the religion pure and pure to God and pray to it. & raquo; Explaining its meaning, also:

    & mdash; “Allah loves sinners to groan and groan. & raquo;

    The intercessor of Allah's lover, Muhammad Mustafa, who also gave good news with his hadith-i sharif, is presented to his mausoleum, which is covered with bright and meaningful roses, and the land of His Holiness Muhammad Mustafa. We offer the best respect to him.

    Then the Messenger of Allah said:

    & mdash; “There is no better offer than prayer in the sight of Allah. & raquo;

    With his healthy order, he encouraged and encouraged his ummah to pray and to talk; May Allah bless and greet him.

    We offer our thousands of consent to the burial authorities, even of his friends and his companions, scattered with the smell of geranium, and offer various kinds of respect; May Allah be pleased with them. Even Almighty Allah stated the following in verse 119 of Surat al-Maida, 100 of Surah at-Tawbah, 58 of Surah of Struggle and 98 of Surah of Bayyina:

    & mdash; “Allah is pleased with them; they are also pleased with Allah. & raquo;

    Thus he glorified their superior glory; increased the value of hospitality, increased it.


    The elite of time yield, the overturned egg. The guardian of the bird, the lamp of the royal sky, the pole of the circle of the caliphate, the precious of the sultans of the world, the elite of the Ottoman dynasty, the superior state banners of SULTAN ABDÜLHAMİT HAN HAZRETLER should not descend as long as the two bright stars in the sky remain; We present our prayers for the state of the state to the dervish of Ülhiyet. For, during the reign of this great person, all people were immersed in various bounties, found plenty of booty and received help.

    Aziz Celil Allah, who created the earth and heaven, who gave sustenance to the creatures of humans and jinn, and who is far from the temporary state of the creatures; May the powerful happy homeland of His benefactor Benefactor, whose very beneficial blessings walk like life to our veins and muscles, and whose good luck is open to us, is protected from the unwarranted events of the world day and night, and increase his life and superior reign.

    In addition, let the Nusretiye Mosque preacher Sayyid Sheikh Mohammed Tawfiq, who brought these prayers together and organized, plunge into God Almighty, forgiveness and forgiveness.

    and Acirc; min !. For the sake of Emin Nebi .. May Allah bless and greet him.

    Prayer to be Read at the Reading Commencement Ceremony

    It is read when a child will start reading for the first time.


    In the name of God who feeds, protects, and protects.

    Praise be to Allah.

    Almighty Allah stated the following in the 30th verse of the chapter of Nemil:

    & mdash; “This comes from Solomon; Rahman Rahim in the name of Allah .. ”

    Peace and peace be upon our master Muhammad; He stated the following in a hadith-i sharif:

    & mdash; '' When you are in danger, read it like this:

    & mdash; In the name of Allah who feeds, feeds, protects, protects .. ” Peace be upon him and his companions. Them:

    & mdash; In the name of Allah who feeds, feeds, protects and protects .. They have reached the secrets of the basmala, which we take as meaning.

    Our dignified Almighty Lord, who created letters and words, invented postures and behaviors, movements and tranquility; This beautiful assembly will cause the achievement of goals in two worlds about our sentence, and make capital to find happiness in both worlds. Let it accept the beginning of reading the Quran with our flaws in your sublime dervish.

    The reward and reward obtained from what is read here; First of all, the basmala of the work of being itself, the perfection of the class class beings that occurred, the head of the book of prophethood, the last copy of the prophethood, the letters of the Quran letters, the secret of the school, the signs in the Furkan suras are the reminiscence of the pulpit, the master of the masters, the intercessor of the Day of Judgment, the sheriff of the Prophet We made a gift to the spirit of Nazif and the grave that received all the honors, as a gift, as we were in need of it. As long as the stances and behaviors continue, God Almighty bless him and greet him. "

    Four distinguished Companions, ansar, immigrants, wives, ten Companions with good news of heaven, Companions of Suffah, those who participated in the Battle of Badr, those who fought in the Battle of Uhud, other Companions, and the honorable sons of honor, even the Almighty Mawla delivered them. May Allah be pleased with all of them.

    The Almighty Mawla sends the souls of those who see and follow the Companions, those who see and follow the nature, religious imams, tafsir scholars, scholars, learned orators, scholars who act according to their wisdom, mature people of worship, hafizes, even those who memorize the Quran. .

    May Allah give light to their graves; May heaven make their offices.


    Almighty Mevlâ; May this start of this clean baby, who will begin to read, be auspicious and blessed. Abundance in your life, abundance in your sustenance. May he bestow health benefits on his body and sharpness on his intelligence and help him.

    Then him; Let the scholar who acts with his knowledge, who is grateful, who has wisdom, and who has knowledge.

    May Allah Almighty bless even the parents of this baby by seeing his many followers and let him save him from the torment of Hell.

    May he bless the religious brothers who are ready in this assembly in both worlds; May their future and their end be good. Let him solve his material and spiritual difficulties; take it easy.

    May he grant peace in both worlds to all the Ummah of Muhammad on the land and in the sea.

    In particular, praying to him is the shadow of the creator of the two worlds, which is a debt to all people, the caliph of the Resul, the sultan of the people and the jinn, the Sultanoğlu Sultan, Siddiq natured, Faruk trend, Sultanoğlu Gazi ABDÜLHAMİD HAN, May our lord keep His Highness on his high fortunate throne and health, at the exhibition. May Allah stop his days of reign as the world stops.

    The superior state viziers founded on righteousness, the great sultanate deputies based on mutual sincerity; be successful in line with his precious desire and behave appropriately in the face of his on-site requests.

    Even your children with Kerem have a long life.

    May Allah Almighty make even the God Almighty, who is regarded as the radiant symbol of chastity and who is the cradle of the supreme sovereignty, a long life.


    May Allah give us peace of faith at the end of our life; make the troubled states of death easy; Let the word oneness make even our last word.

    May the Almighty Mawla offer our sentence to enter heaven and to see his cemal.

    May Almighty Allah make our sentences happy and pleased in both worlds by bringing the auspicious prayers read here to the goal of acceptance and showing the signs of acceptance.

    Let's complete this prayer with verses 180.181 182 of the Surah Saffat:

    & mdash; & laquo; He is superior and pure in favor of your superior Lord, the attributes attributed by those who do not know. Peace be upon the prophets sent. And Acirc, praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. & raquo;

    For the acceptance of our prayers, for the sake of the brothers who are present in this assembly, for the sake of Allah: EL-FATİHA ..

    Sermon - Preacher
    1. DU and Acirc ;: To be read at the commencement ceremony
    2. DU and Acirc;: Beautiful calligraphy will be read at the ceremony to be given to its owner
    3. DU and Acirc ;: Mufassal hatim prayer
    4. DU and Acirc ;: Preaching and lecture prayer
    5. DU and Acirc ;: Prayer to be recited in dhikr assemblies and tekkes
    6. DU and Acirc ;: Marriage prayer
    7.DU and Acirc;: Hadji prayer
    8.DU and Acirc ;: Beard prayer
    9. DU and Acirc ;: Funeral prayer
    10. DU and Acirc;: Translation of the Arabic hatim prayer
    11. DU and Acirc;: Dinner prayer
    12. DU and Acirc;: Prayer for opening the assembly
    13. DU and Acirc;: Prayer to close the assembly
    1. Assembly: Ramadan and Ramadan fast
    2. Parliament: On fasting
    3. Assembly: It is based on knowledge
    4. Assembly: The virtue of prayer
    5. Assembly: The power of the Almighty God in the glory of resurrecting the dead
    6. Assembly: Spending property in the way of Allah
    7. Assembly: Bad interest
    8.The Assembly: a) Useful deeds b) Performing prayers c) Giving zakat
    9.The Assembly: a) Unity of God b) The Religion of Islam
    10. The Assembly: We repent for sins
    11. Assembly: Advancing in useful works and the month of Rajab
    12. Assembly: Male - Female relations and rights
    13. The Assembly: a) Worshiping God, not associating something with partners and associating partners b) Parents, relatives, orphans, the helpless poor, the neighbor who is close, the distant neighbor, the friend. To favor those who are stranded, those who work at hand
    14. The Assembly: a) Obedience to Allah and His Messenger b) Loving Allah and His Messenger
    15. Assembly: Greetings and greetings
    16. Assembly: Replenishing the Islamic Religion
    17. The Assembly: a) Drink, b) Gambling
    18. Assembly: The evil of the envy
    19. The Assembly: a) Jesus Christ b) The apostles of Jesus Christ c) Table from the sky d) Eid
    20. Assembly: a) The reward of the good b) the punishment of the evil c) Fasting in the month of Shawwal
    21. Assembly: It is on prayer
    22. The Assembly: a) The condition of the believers b) Excellent faith
    23. Parliament: for Allah's order. To give importance to the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah
    24. The Assembly: a) Spending money in the way of Allah b) Preventing giving zakat
    25. Assembly: Receb. The months of Zilkade, Zilihicce, Muharrem
    26.The Assembly: a) Loyalty b) Stinginess c) Generosity
    27.The Assembly: It is on livelihood
    28.The Assembly: Keeping away from the oppressors
    29.The Assembly: The news of torment
    30. Parliament: Allah's abundant mercy and vast forgiveness
    31. The Assembly: a) Justice b) Ihsan c) Kindness to relatives d) Avoiding bad deeds
    32.The Assembly: It is on ascension
    33.The Assembly: The value of man in the sight of Allah
    34.The Assembly: It is based on the Tahajud prayer
    35.The Assembly: a) The Poor b) The Rich
    36.The Assembly: On the existence of the world
    37.The Assembly: a) Idris aleyhisselâm b) Upon Salavat c) Death and aftermath
    38.The Assembly: a) Stopping prayer b) Chasing bad desires
    39. Parliament: to turn away from Allah's orders
    40.The Assembly: It is on death
    41.The Assembly: The horrors of the doomsday
    42. Parliament: Good servants of God
    43.The Assembly: Corruptions in the World
    44.The Assembly: The Remembrance of Allah
    45.The Assembly: Regarding Salat al-Sharif
    46. ​​Parliament: On trust
    47.The Assembly: a) Reading the Quran b) Praying c) Spending property in the way of Allah
    48.The Assembly: a) Separation of the wicked from the good b) Worshiping Satan c) Worship in the way of Allah
    49.The Assembly: Ibrahim and Ismail aleyhisselâm
    49.The Assembly: a) Eyyub aleyhisselâm b) Patience to trouble
    50.The Assembly: The situation of the people of Hell
    51.The Assembly: The situation of the people of Paradise
    52. Parliament: The Arş's status
    53.The Assembly: It is on Truthfulness
    54.The Assembly: It is on repentance
    55.The Assembly: a) The grace and compassion of Allah to His servants b) The night of Berat
    56.The Assembly: To establish a bond of friendship for Allah
    57.The Assembly: Disobeying Satan
    58. Parliament: Abandoning bad deeds and running to God's obedience
    60th Assembly: It is about the night of acquittal
    61st Assembly: The horrors of the doomsday
    62.The Assembly: Behaving well to parents
    63.The Assembly: a) Bad suspicion b) Searching for shame c) Backbiting
    64.The Assembly: a) The sign of Doomsday b) The splitting of the moon into two c) The Messenger of Allah's miracle
    65.The Assembly: Thinking of the Afterlife
    66.The Assembly: Friday prayer on Friday
    67.The Assembly: a) Protection from Hell with family members b) Hell c) Angels assigned to Hell
    68.The Assembly: The truth of repentance
    69th Assembly: Happiness, misery
    70.The Assembly: Things that will happen on the Day of Judgment
    71.The Assembly: a) Clearance b) Eid al-Fitr
    72.The Assembly: The virtue of the first ten days of the month of Dhul-Hijjah
    73.The Assembly: It is about the night of Power
    74. Parliament: About the Feast of Sacrifice
    75.The Assembly: a) Surah of İhlâs b) Tawhid
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