Family and Child Education in the Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah

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  • Family and Child Education in the Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah

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    Publisher: Fiqh School
    Author: İsmail Tozkoparan
    Cover Quality: Soft Cover
    Page Quality: 2. Dough
    Number of Pages: 142
    Size: 13 x 21 cm
    Weight: 140 g


    Praise be to our Almighty Lord, who brought us into the world from a mother and father and accepted us into his servanthood.
    Salat and greetings to the Prophet, who lost his father before he was born and his mother when he was young.
    Dear young people;
    Family is the most basic building block of social peace. The basis of the family is the parents and the fruit is the children. The peace of the family can be ensured by the individuals fulfilling their duties. Knowing the duties is the first step of this road. Hazrat Mevlana said, “Be careful with your mother's right! Put him on your head. Because if mothers did not suffer from labor, children would not have had the opportunity to be born. " He commanded.
    The place to win heaven is earth. It is our family that brings us to this world, raises, educates and teaches us. It is heavenly means to know them and to return their rights. If a charity is to be done in the world for the sake of Allah, we must first consider parents, make them happy, and receive their blessings.
    We have done this work so that it can be a work that collects the Islamic and humanitarian duties of young people. May Allah give good life to our parents. May mercy on those who passed away. Let us make us a bright eye in the world about them, the reason for happiness, and the charity concubine who will not close the charity book in the hereafter until the Day of Judgment.
    Family and Child Education in the Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah
    Our book consists of three chapters;
    1) Mother Father Rights
    2) the virtues of parenting
    3) Kinship Rights
    The first part is for young people and includes our duties towards our elders.
    In the second part, the sensitivity of our religion to getting married, starting a family and raising children,
    In the third part, we tried to express our kinship duties more generally.
    To work is from us, and success is from our Lord ...

    Preface - 7
    Part One - Parents' Rights - 9
    Importance of Parents' Rights - 9
    Encouragement of Kindness to Parents -11
    Be Kind to Parents -15
    Doing Good to Parents, Even if They Are Polytheists -19
    Virtue of Kindness to Parents - 23
    Kindness to Parents Is Atonement for Great Sins - 28
    The Blessing of Kindness to Parents - 31
    The Duty Does Not End with the Death of the Parents - 36
    Visiting Parents' Graves - 40
    Visiting Parents' Friends - 40
    Looking At Your Parents' Face Is Worship - 43
    Gentle Treatment of Parents - 46
    Asking for Permission While Entering Their Rooms - 47
    Standing Up For Them - 49
    Father's Use of His Son's Property - 52
    God's Consent Depends on the Consent of Parents - 53
    Praying to Parents - 54
    Abandoning Prayer to Parents - 59
    Parents' Prayer Is Accepted - 60
    A Few Examples of Kindness to Parents - 64
    Being Rebel on Parents - 68
    Relating to Parents Is One of the Great Sins - 69
    From the Mercy of God, Who Is His Own Parents
    Stays Away - 73
    The Deeds of Those Who Have Their Parents Are Not Accepted - 76
    Hurrying the Punishment of His Personal Affection to Parents .... - 79 Even If Parents Are Persecuted, It Is Unlawful to Reiterate Them - 81 What Are Parents Rebellion? - 83
    Bad Deeds of Being in Love with Parents - 85 -
    The Situation of the One Who Turns His Face From Parents and Remains Away - 88 -
    The Sin of Hitting the Parents - 89 -
    Son Must Repent to His Parents - 90 -
    Part Two - The Virtues of Raising a Child - 91 -
    Wanting a Child and Its Benefits - 91 -
    Child Protecting Parents from Hell - 95 -
    Son Helps My Mother and Father Enter Paradise .... - 97 -
    Girl's Virtue - 99 -
    My Girls The Virtue of Discipline -100 -
    Upbringing and Being Just Among Them -102 -
    Parents Must Raise Their Children with Love and Fondness -106 -
    Parents Should Not Lie -107 -
    Part Three - Kinship Rights - 116 -
    It Is Necessary to Give Alimony to Relatives -116 -
    Verses and Hadiths Regarding the Requirement of a Child's Mother and Father's Alimony -118 -
    Father Must Provide Child Support -120 -
    How Is Alimony Determined? -121 -
    The Rights of Relatives and the Importance of Sıla-i Rahim -122 -
    Making Sıla-i Rahim Abundant Life and Sustenance ..- 127 -
    The Virtue of Making Sıla-i Rahim -129 -
    The Sin of Cutting Sıla-i Rahim -132 -
    Knowing Lineage and Lineage and Benefits of This Knowledge -134 -
    Prayer to Parents -136 -
    Prayer to the Sons -138 -
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