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    Number of pages: 184
    Size: 13.5 x 21
    Binding: Paperback
    Publishing Language: Turkish, Arabic
    Paper quality: Book Paper
    Author: M. İsmail KEMALOĞLU
    There have always been personalities who stood out in their time. However, some people continue to give advice and be useful to people, not only in their own time, but even a thousand years after their death. Imam Ghazali (Rahimehulllah) is undoubtedly one of them.
    The honor of man and the virtue that makes him superior to all creatures stem from his structure that is suitable for acquiring God's knowledge. Just as his honor, perfection and beauty in this world came about thanks to this knowledge, this knowledge will also be his preparation and precious asset in the afterlife.
    A person cannot prepare for knowledge of Allah with any member other than the heart. Because it is only the heart that knows Allah, brings us closer to Him, works for Allah, strives for Him and discovers the secrets of Allah. Other organs are the servants of the heart and the instruments operated by the heart.
    In the work, concepts such as heart, soul, soul and mind are discussed in detail. Their similarities and differences are explained very well. Characteristics of humans such as anger, lust, ambition, envy, eating too much, love of ornaments and ostentation, fondness for worldly goods, stinginess and haste are discussed and Imam Gazzali gives very effective advice.
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