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  • Happy Marriage - Dr. Arif Arslan

    Product features :

    Publisher: Sena Publishing
    Author: Dr. Arif Arslan
    Cover Quality: Soft Cover
    Page Quality: Imported Paper (2nd Pulp)
    Number of Pages: 174
    Language Turkish
    Size: 13.5 X 21 cm
    Weight: 194 gr.
    Barcode: 9786058079267


    To know depends on learning, but to taste; means learning by living. As a person who has had serious experiences in this matter, I think it is a plague and a responsibility to tell the society what to pay attention to and how to live, what kind of marriage and what should be paid attention after marriage in order to avoid such troubles.
    Although it is permissible to marry or divorce by religion, divorce is not recommended because it causes various destructions, resentments and resentments.
    • Why do people get married?
    • Why would a man who wants to marry want this?
    • What does he / she think about marriage, what does he / she do, how does he behave, what does he apply?
    • What does he want from his spouse after getting married?
    • On what criteria do spouses choose each other?
    • Is it only for men to choose to marry?
    • Don't women have a choice?
    • Who is halal / free or haram / prohibited to marry? What characteristics do women look for in men, what do they pay attention to, why do they get married?

    What rules are there about marriage in our religion? Where do the customs and traditions on this subject originate from and what do they command? What are family quarrels and divorces caused by? What are the duties of men or women when they start fighting? Is it okay for newlyweds to live with their parents? What should be considered in raising a child? In what year of marriage can a child be made? How are the first years of marriage, what are the most important issues to be considered in these years?
    If you want to learn the answers to the questions in question, make a correct and healthy marriage and establish a happy home, it is useful to learn the examples and recommended practices.
    If you met your opposite sex before marrying this book, we recommend that you read chapter one very carefully and then get married. If you introduced them after marriage, we hope that as someone who has taken advantage of the advice in the first part, you will say "I did well, my wife has all these qualities. We also hope that by reading for information, not just for your own life, at least you will not make the mistakes you make in your own life while marrying your children.
    Dr. Arif Arslan Istanbul, 2020

    Presentation 07
    First part
    When it comes to marriage
    First things that come to mind when it comes to marriage 11
    Wedding and Family 12
    Marriage Procedures 19
    Women's Characteristics 24
    What Kind of Marriage? 35
    Getting Married With Love 36
    Marriage and Colors 38
    Wedding Season 40
    Marriage and Fate Relationship 45
    Forced Marriage 47
    Forbidden Marriages 49
    Second part
    Some Problems Encountered in Marriage
    Soulmate 55
    Male Characteristics 57
    Family Discussions 75
    Recommendations for Women 79
    Man's Rights Over His Wife 93
    Do You Know Your Spouse? 104
    Parents' Rights 111
    Tips for Men 118
    Do Women Have to Men? 123
    Is Good Worship Swordfish? 125
    Treat Women Well! 129
    Women and Marriage 132
    How Many Match Are You? 135
    Consulted with Women? 138
    Happy Marriage and Understanding Women 140
    Don't be afraid to get married! 143
    Honor, Chastity and Jealousy 146
    Grumpy Wives 150
    Working Women and Family 152
    Family and Child 155
    Women and Maternity 158
    Divorce Benefits 163
    The 5 'S' Rules for a Happy Marriage 168
    1. Love 169
    2 Respect 169
    3. Sincerity 170
    4. Loyalty 171
    5. Responsibility 173

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