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  • Flamed Silvery Shawl - Blue

    Product features :

    70x170 cm
    150 gr

    Flamed Yarn is made with the air-jet texturing method, it is based on the principle of mixing and texturing the filament yarns with the help of compressed air.
    In the air jet texturing method, the yarns are sent to the air jet placed between the drafting rollers. Compressed air in the turbulence zone of the air jet
    Yarns become curled with the effect of the flow. Some of the yarns produced by this process have thicknesses, which means flamed yarn.
    The yarns are coiled by being transferred from the air jet to the bobbin drum with the help of slowly rotating drafting cylinders.
    Fabrics knitted from yarns produced with this system are called "flamed fabric".
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