Warranty and Return Conditions

You can cancel the order placed in our store under the following conditions.

Order cancellation:
Orders go through 4 stages from the moment they start to be processed in our store. "Order Created", "Processed", "Confirmed" and "Shipped". You can cancel your order before your credit card is approved.
Orders with credit cards approved by the bank cannot be canceled. In this case, you must follow the return procedure.

Payment Cancellation:
Perform your return process by complying with all the terms of the Return Conditions. At the end of the transaction, the fees paid for the product are returned to the customer through the same payment channel without any deductions.

You can return the product you have purchased within 7 days from the date of the sales invoice without opening its packaging, using it or allowing it to deteriorate. The original box is broken, it has lost its ability to be sold again
Returns of products that cannot be purchased by another customer are not accepted. The products must be returned complete and undamaged, together with standard accessories, if any. Before returning the product, you can send the message containing your invoice number and order number by stating the reason for the return.
send it to our postal address or to our contact (customer service) department. Customer service will contact you via e-mail and you will be informed how to return the product.
Transportation costs to be paid due to the return will be covered by the consumer.

II. Products Damaged During Transportation:
In order to detect the damaged product during transportation, open the order received at your door next to the cargo authority and compare it with the invoice. Check for any errors, omissions or damage. In case there is any damage or deficiency in the product you have bought, it will be stated in the report you will keep with the help of the cargo officer,
Deliver the product to the cargo authority. Otherwise, it is accepted that you have received the product in full and no refund will be made. Returns of products sent without a receipt, invoice or report are not accepted by our company.
Within 7 days following the receipt of these documents, our company attempts to return the product price to the customer's credit card (Note: www.ihvan.com.tr is not responsible for the malfunctions caused by the bank in the product return).
· If you request, you can take a product of the same or equivalent value instead of the product damaged during transportation.

III. Defective Products:
Send it to our postal address or using the contact section. If the customer service deems your reason suitable, it sends the product you bought with your invoice to the company for testing.
At the end of the examination, if the tested product does not show any defects in the report from the company, a doctor report explaining the allergy condition is requested from the consumer. If the received doctor's report is delivered to the customer service, another product or payment cancellation transaction for the same price is carried out according to the consumer's request.
· For defective Products, transportation costs of the returned product will be covered by us.

If there is no mistake, mistake or defect in the product we have sent, if you send it back to us as we sent you within one week without opening the package, your product return can be accepted.
Product returns are not accepted for more than 1 week after the order. Returns such as broken, damaged, incorrect or missing items will be accepted if a report is kept while the courier is at your door. The signature indicating that you have received the package from the cargo company is a signature stating that you have received the product undamaged and correct.
The cargo company will be deemed to have completed its duty from the moment you sign the receipt. Therefore, open and check the package when the courier is at the door.

Return invoices of products sold by institutions and product returns are not accepted without the originals of invoices issued to individuals.
The returned product prices will be returned to you after we receive the product. The transfer of the product price to your account depends on the bank you work with, we do not have the right to intervene in this period. The return shipping fee of the products delivered without any problem is the buyer, in other cases, it belongs to us.

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