Delivery Conditions
Delivery and Warranty
The most important issue for www.ihvan.com.tr is the safety of the users. For this reason, the payment information is checked when the order is placed.

Therefore, in order for your order to be sent, first of all, an e-mail confirming your order must be sent to you.

Normally, your purchases from www.ihvan.com.tr,
If the bank confirmation of the order is received in a healthy way, it will be delivered to Istanbul within the first 3 working days after the e-mail you receive, and within 5 working days following the order date to other provinces by CARGO.
Since our product prices are added for logistical activities, our cargoes are sent to the buyer as a sender payment.

Orders placed after 16:00 pm on Saturdays will be processed on Monday. No action is taken on holidays and public holidays.

Order deliveries
Orders placed within Istanbul,
Orders placed outside of Istanbul are delivered within 3 working days (Monday-Saturday) after the approval of the bank and finance, and within 5 working days (Monday-Saturday) at the latest.

Orders placed after 08:00 in the morning are processed until 16:00 on the same day.

No action is taken on holidays and public holidays.
Delivery and Shipping Fees
Shipping and delivery costs vary depending on the content of orders, the type of delivery selected, and the destination of delivery. Transport fee information can be viewed in detail on the payment screens where the shopping takes place.

Overseas deliveries
www.ihvan.com.tr delivers abroad.
Special delivery terms by category
Due to the different features of the products and services offered by www.ihvan.com.tr, there are occasional changes in transportation and delivery conditions.

For example, for purchases made from the poppy category, to whom and when,
The Customer Service Department steps in for information about the exact time and address to be sent.

If your order has not arrived ...
To solve your questions and problems regarding your order, simply send an e-mail to the Customer Service Authorities.
Our experts will assess the situation as soon as possible and contact you to provide information about solutions.
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