Privacy and Payment Security

İhvan.com.tr - 30 years of assurance
Behind all the services of ihvan.com.tr is 30 years of retail retail experience, experience and trust.

All purchases you make on ihvan.com.tr are carried out over 256 bit SSL Security. Your credit card information is forwarded to your bank's payment systems in encrypted form.
Your credit card information is never stored in our database.

We can leave cookies on your browser and record your IP address to increase your user experience. For example, you do not encounter popups that pop up again and again, you can complete your unfinished shopping this way.
Personal information sent to us via contact form or shopping is never shared with third parties.

Confidentiality Obligation of Member Buyer
The Decree Law on the Protection of Trademarks in terms of information and visual materials of all products and services on this website www.ihvan.com.tr,
All other rights are reserved in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on Patent Law and Prevention of Unfair Competition. The Member accepts that any information and visual material that he / she will have within the scope of this website belongs to www.ihvan.com.tr, that he / she will keep such information and materials confidential, will not use them elsewhere and will not disclose to third parties in any way, declares and undertakes. "

Credit Card Security Check
Our site ihvan.com.tr uses the latest versions of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) technology. All information exchange is under SSL assurance and all transfer transactions are made using SET protocol over All Contracted Bank Vpos.
Your card number is under bank security and nobody can access this information.

Securing Your Browser:
If your browser is running securely, there is a 'lock' or key sign to the right or left of your status bar. Apart from that, there is https instead of http in the url address that your browser is displaying.
The letter is derived from the word secure, which means safe in English.

Credit card Security Approval:
In order to ensure the security of your credit card, bank approval is required for purchases made using your credit card. At the time of your order, your credit card may not be approved for different reasons. These reasons;
Your credit card's usable limit is insufficient.
Entering your card number incorrectly.
Your card has expired.
Temporary connection problems occur during the approval process.
When you use a Virtual Card, the limit in your card's account is not sufficient.
To get help with your credit card verification problems, you need to contact the bank from which you bought the card.

NOTE: When leaving our store; If you are logged in, it is recommended for your safety to leave with Member Logout.

Correction / Renewal
Our users have the right to change any information stored on our site at any time.
Security Information
If you need a security check, make sure that you enter the information correctly, as you will be reached from your fixed phone number.
If it is not at the address specified by the buyer, the cargo officer will leave a notice to the relevant address and deliver it from the branch.

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