Gems from the Quran Selected Suras and Word Means from Ömer Nasûhî Bilmen Commentary - 1976

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In this study, which was carried out by taking into account the understanding of the Quran and its proper deeds, certain suras were chosen from the Quran, and this work was created by quoting the translation of the simplified interpretation of Omer Nasuhi Bilmen.
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  • Gems from the Holy Qur'an Selected Surahs from Ömer Nasndenhî Bilmen Commentary and Word Means (2 Volumes Set)
    Omer Nasuhi Bilmen
    Meal and Tafsir: Ömer Nasuhî BİLMEN
    Word Meaning: Ali KARA
    Print Date: 2017 - Istanbul
    Impressions: 1st Edition
    Number of Pages: 980
    Skin Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: 1. Pulp Paper
    Size: 16 x 24 cm
    Praise be to Allah Almighty, blessings and greetings to His chosen Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his family and his precious Companions!

    It is a known fact that the Quran is a heavenly book that will leave the whole humanity in the light of guidance. His holy verses include thousands of truths, enough to enlighten and enlighten all intellectuals. It is possible that the orders, prohibitions, all provisions and recommendations of that exalted book are accepted wholeheartedly, and that all of his statements are a source of truth and wisdom.
    The Holy Koran is a holy divine book of all humanity. All the words and meanings of this blessed book are divine and are based on revelation. It invites all people to a union, a circle of brotherhood. Consequently, it is the most sacred and beneficial duty for all humanity to try to preserve the original and wise provisions of the Holy Quran as they are and to obey all the meanings it contains.

    In this study, which was carried out by taking into account the understanding of the Holy Quran and its proper deeds, certain suras were chosen especially from the Quran and this work was created by quoting the simplified interpretation of Omer Nasuhî Bilmen. Considering that the words in the Holy Quran will be popular with those who are interested in Arabic, the words have been given meaning by our esteemed teachers. We have made possible mistakes in these studies, which are not intentional, but our quality of servitude.

    He demands God's mercy on our teachers who contributed to the preparation of the work for publication; Allah's modest work does not make this modest work an evidence against us in the world and the hereafter, but makes a spiritual capital for us and the Ummah, on the way to his approval.
    Yasin Publishing House

    Content of Volume 1: Fâtiha, Ayetül Kürsi, Amenerresulü, Lev Enzelna, Surah Isra, Surah Nur, Surah Lokman, Surah-Prostration, Surah Ahzab, Surah Yasin
    Content of Volume 2: Dhuhan Sura, Fatah Surah, Hujurat Sura, Rahman Sura, Vâkıa Surah, Mulk Sura and Amma Juzu
    Surah al-Fatiha and the number of chapters and verses
    Purpose and explanation of the basmala-i sheriff and the conqueror
    How to beg Allah Almighty
    Ayetül Kürsi
    Lev Enzelna
    The verse that collects the principles of faith, states of forgetting and mistakes
    Surah al-Isra
    How enormous influence the Quran has
    Information about the Prophet's heir
    Life style of the Prophet Moses and the Israelites
    The blessings that the Quran is a guide and heralds and people receive
    A prophet was sent to each ummah and parts of the people of interregnum
    It was destroyed by the sprinkles of some countries and tribes.
    Gentle treatment of the mother and father and respect for the rights of the relatives
    Avoiding waste and stinginess
    Banned from killing his children out of fear of need, adultery and infringement of orphans' property
    Quranic explanations about twenty-five features
    That the decrees in the Quran are the wisdom and mercy itself
    That the whole universe praises and glorifies the Almighty God
    How gentle and wise discussions with deniers should be
    It is clear what benefits miracles are shown for
    Some evidence showing the power and wisdom of Allah
    Prophet and Acirc; prostration of angels in dem, where people were created superior in their own way
    The five daily prayers and the continuation of the tahajjud prayer of His Messenger
    That the Holy Quran is a healing and divine mercy
    Information about the soul The conflict between the soul and the soul
    The Quran is an eternal miracle and it is not possible to bring a similar one
    That the polytheists demanded various miracles
    Various miracles demonstrated by Musa Aleyhisselam
    In what way and for what wisdom the Holy Quran was revealed
    Many blessed names of God Almighty and that each of them can be prayed
    Surah An-Nur
    The wisdom in the face of Sura-i Nur
    The nature and conditions of religious punishment and adultery about those who commit adultery
    The punishment to be imposed for adultery, which is attributed to chaste women and cannot be duly proven, and the penalty for slander
    The nature of lia and the conditions for lia to be made
    A very clean, distinguished Muslim mother, who was slandered by hypocrites, to gain superior morality by Allah
    The slander about the clean, righteous persons required a great sin and torment to sue
    Muslims who are still well-off to take an oath to their relatives and needy religious brothers
    The terrible fate of the slanders about Muslim honorable women and that the dirty ones are only reserved for those who are found dirty.
    Declaring the need to comply with manners and how to enter the homes of others
    What kind of chastity and cleanliness the people of faith will live in
    Declaring the marriages of slaves and concubines who are well-off and the deeds of the poor.
    Declaring the three magnificent attributes of the Holy Quran
    It is the most eloquent issue of divinity and declares that the light of Allah illuminates the whole universe.
    Describing the very dark states of unbelief and their catastrophic end
    The evidences that prove the unity and power of Allah, signs and those who are in the darkness of the heart declare that they are deprived of seeing them.
    Other types of evidence about the creativity and power of God Almighty
    The hypocrites who accept the religion of Islam in their language and do not accept them wholeheartedly
    The sure future and domination of the people of the people and the fiery destiny of the disbelievers
    The living of the Islamic community in a clean humanitarian discipline and their observance of setr avrete
    Declaring a religious consent and a more hypocritical position on very old women
    Social actions of some excused persons and persons with a kinship relationship regarding the determination and others
    How true believers adhere to their religion and obey the prophet's order
    How to address the Messenger of Allah with respect, the necessity of obeying his orders
    Surah Lokman
    How some people live in vain and denial
    How the heavens are a work of enormous power and that there is no creator other than God Almighty
    Prophet Lokman was given wisdom and his advice to his son and translation
    The various blessings and words of Allah are endless
    Commanding people to taqwa: Nobody can know the time of doomsday and what is in the womb and the time of death
    The Prostration
    The creation of the heavens and the earth in six days and the kinds of savings of God Almighty, the blowing of the soul
    The difference between believers and sinners and the punishment of gush
    Prophet Moses and the Children of Israel and the tribes before them and their fates
    Surat al-Ahzab
    People have a heart and the issue of husband and wife, kinship born from marriage
    The high stance of the Messenger of Allah and the wives of the prophets towards believers
    Divine blessings about the believers and the hymns of the hypocrites and the miracle of the Trench
    That escape from death and war will not benefit those who escape
    Trench attack
    The notification of the wives of the Prophet and the issues of mehr and mut`a
    Divine reward promised to believers and obedience
    The attitude of the believers towards the Messenger of Allah and the issue of Zeynep (radıyâllahu anha)
    The condition of the Messenger of Allah and that he was the Last Prophet
    Obligation of believers to glorify with dhikr
    That our Prophet was a witness and a harbinger and a warning and an illuminating lamp
    An important duty of believers in the family life
    Which women are halal to be wives and their treatment to the Messenger of Allah
    How the Companions could enter the house of the Prophet's happiness
    With whom Muslim women can meet without cover
    Observance of the veil of the wives of the prophets and other Muslim women in order to preserve their honor
    Questions and answers about when the doomsday will occur
    The moral duty to be made against the Messenger of Allah is to avoid giving him an adultery
    Important duties and relics directed to the creatures of God Almighty
    Surah Yasin
    The fate of those who opposed him and that the Messenger of God was sent with the Quran
    The truth and the decree of the oath of God Almighty to swear by some things
    The terrible conditions of those who lost their original creation
    The exemplary consequence of the deeds of a disbelieving people towards their prophet
    How a person came and gave advice to that disbelieving people and their assassination
    Drawing attention to some evidence of creation The importance of night and day
    Divine blessings about the lineage of humanity and the denial of some people
    Disbelievers will not obey the order of execution and what a terrible sound they will destroy
    How the Doomsday will take place, the incident of blowing the Sur
    The very happy states of the people of heaven
    How criminals can be punished by being alone
    The Quran is not a poem and its wisdom and consolation to His Messenger, Ekrem
    How holy Surah Yasin is
    Surah Dukhan
    To declare that the Holy Qur'an was sent down in a blessed night and that the wisdom in His coming and every wise order will be announced on that night
    He warns that giving consolation to the Messenger of Allah and repentance to be made later will not benefit the deniers by stating how torments will finally happen to the deniers.
    As an example that there were many unbelieving tribes before the Era of Bliss, how much success the people who believed in the pharaoh after the destruction of the pharaoh
    How successful the people who believed in the Prophet Jesus were after the destruction of the pharaoh
    God Almighty created all the worlds based on wisdom and benefits and the state of people on the Day of Judgment
    What a terrible torment that disbelievers will suffer because of their disbelief
    The wisdom in the prophetic language of the Quran and that the people of the believers will pay for eternal blessings
    The Conquest
    Declaring that the Messenger of Allah has received a brilliant conquest and heralding that he will receive a lot of help and that the believers will be at the level of a strong belief.
    Indicating the wisdom of the divine victory that will emerge, declaring the most beautiful fate of the believers and the terrible fate of the unbelievers. To announce that believers are obliged to jihad and have the support of Allah
    Declare what qualities the Messenger of Allah was sent to and the benefits of this sending. Sign of the importance of allegiance made during the Hudaybiya expedition
    Indicating the very important responsibility of not obeying an allegiance made with the Prophet, giving good news of rewards that will be rewarded by those who obey
    To declare that the Bedouins who did not participate in the Hudaybiya campaign were not allowed to participate in the Khaybar Campaign in order to gain booty.
    His Messenger, Ekrem, declares that Allah Almighty is pleased with the believers who have paid allegiance under a tree and heralds that those believers will attain many booties and conquests.
    To point out the reason and wisdom that the Messenger of Allah did not fight the unbelievers who prevented him from visiting the Masjid al-Haram and sending their victims
    To declare that the war has been postponed in order to protect the believers among the infidels and the ignorant fanaticism of the unbelievers, and to praise the heart calm of the Messenger of Allah and the believers and to announce that they will be successful in visiting the disbelievers and Beytullah.
    To declare the exalted qualities of the Messenger of Allah and his Companions Kiram and to describe that the believers are the only front against the unbelievers and they worship and obey among themselves with a very compassionate and holy purpose
    Surah Hujurat
    To declare what kind of will the people of the believers will make against Allah and His Messenger Ekrem and how they will speak in the presence of the Prophet and to warn that it is not appropriate to be quoted from behind their rooms.
    To declare how believers should behave against sinners and do not value the words of those falsehoods. To point out the state of the Messenger of Allah
    Ordering believers to be brothers in religion and not to fight each other, to order them not to fight each other and to try to improve between them, and to warn Muslim men and women not to be qualified with good morals and mock each other and not to act contrary to moral
    Inviting people to a great social upbringing, ordering them to avoid bad thoughts, pointing out the rewards that the true believers will receive. To declare the evidences of mature belief and the qualities of true believers and to inculcate their duties
    Surah ar-Rahman
    The vast mercy and wisdom of Allah and what a great divine grace of the Holy Qur'an. The grace of heavenly bodies, that the blessings of our Holy Creator cannot be denied
    Another part of divine blessings that cannot be denied
    All your creatures other than the great creator are bad. they are exposed to
    The violence of the fire on the Day of Judgment, from which no one can escape from responsibility and the people will turn to Hell
    To warn the terrible state of Hell in order to condemn disbelievers and to herald the righteous people with various blessings
    Describing the numerous blessings of Paradise to which believers will be blessed and the qualities of the virgins. To warn that all these blessings cannot be denied. And to remind the glory and holiness of God Almighty
    Surat al-Waqa
    Information about the occurrence of the apocalypse, the companions of the Yemîn and his companions, Mes'ama
    Who Sabikun consists of and his rewards
    The rewards of his Companions Yemîn and the terrible fate of his Companion Şimal
    Evidence that God Almighty His Creativity, that he is the sustenance of the world
    Declaration that the Holy Quran is a divine book
    Rewards that will be rewarded by those who are among the mukarreb to condemn and silence those who deny the divinity
    Surah Mulk
    Declaring Allah's power, grandeur and sovereignty over all creatures, drawing attention to the works of power
    That the sky of the world is adorned with stars, that these are important reasons for exorcising demons, that the irreligious people will object to the terrible fates and murders of the hereafter.
    Encouraging believers to persevere in faith, a sign that people should work and benefit from the blessings of the world and not forget the life of the hereafter.
    It warns that some disasters will befall the irreligious people who deny the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad. Stating that those who denied their Prophet before them were destroyed and to draw attention to some evidence of might.
    To condemn those who worship idols even though they see the works of power and evidence of unity of God Almighty, warning that they will not benefit from those idols, declare that believers are in guidance, how perverse the polytheists are, and point to some evidence of might.
    Determine what the Messenger of Allah will answer to the disbelievers who ask about the breaking time of the Day of Judgment with the aim of ridicule and declare how those unbelievers will be condemned in the Day of Judgment and warn those unbelievers that their idols and others will not benefit
    Surat an-Naba
    Rejecting those who gossip about the Doomsday and about His Messenger, Ekrem and the Quran, and to present nine kinds of works from the visible works of divine power
    Stating and warning the dire fate of those who deny Doomsday
    To herald the otherworldly rewards that will be rewarded by those who are in support. Describes how some spiritual creatures can find peace
    Surah An-Nâziât
    I swear by various works of creation to indicate the importance of the Doomsday and that it will probably happen.
    The declaration of the story of Moses and the pharaoh as a means of awakening and a sign of the dire fate of irreligion
    To draw attention to some works of power as a means of awakening to those who deny the Doomsday
    The position and duty of the Messenger of Allah regarding the Doomsday will be the scene of many terrible events and to give information about the doomsday
    Surah Abasa
    How his apostle Ekrem took a position against Bilal al-Habeşi (may Allah be pleased with him) while inviting a community to Islam, and how the Islamic decrees that were communicated were determined on the lofty pages.
    Declaring how useful things the supreme creator has created in the outer and inner world, exposing how ugly the rebellious people are.
    How terrible the doomsday is, that a number of people will be in a bright state on that day, and the irreligious will remain in darkness in their sinners
    Surat at-Takwir
    Calling humanity to prepare for that day with the warning that the apocalypse is very severe.
    The Quran is a lofty word given to the Messenger of Allah through Jibrîl-i Emin, who has a high rank, and that the Messenger of God is free from flaws such as insanity and magic.
    Surah İnfitar
    An important part of the doomsday evidences is the declaration and the warning that all human acts are written by the angels.
    Who is blessed by Allah and who will be punished?
    Surah al-Mutafif
    Stating the bad quality of not obeying the measure and weighing indicates the very ugly conditions of those who do not comply with them.
    Declaring the slanders of the deniers about the Quran, a warning of how hard they are, and how they are deprived.
    To declare the height of the books on the deeds of righteous believers and herald the various blessings they will bear
    He warns of the very ugly and terrible conditions of those who mock people of faith
    Surah Inshikak
    Warning that some signs of the apocalypse and that the books will be given from the right and left sides
    Indicates the worldly and otherworldly reforms of the people, the good fate of the believers and the fate of the deniers.
    Surah Bûruc
    He declares the disasters that happened to an ancient tribe who insulted and assassinated believers.
    To declare the terrible fate of the unbelievers who tortured believers and the power, forgiveness and grace of God Almighty.
    Surah at-Tariq
    Surah Ala
    Addressing His God Almighty, the Almighty Prophet: "O Almighty Prophet!
    "This phrase is not written forgotten in the explanation part.
    The nature of deducing God's personality, attributes, names and deeds
    Surah al-Gashiye
    On that day, when the Day of Judgment is a great day, some people will suffer dreadful torments and some people will receive great blessings.
    To attract the eyes of people to some of the works of power in the world. Appoint the high post of the Messenger of Allah, warning the terrible fate of the deniers
    Surah Fajr
    How some tribes were destroyed because of their swearing and transgression, and their existence could not save them from destruction.
    God, the Lord of the Worlds, knows all the events, where wealth and poverty are tested.
    Rejecting the claims of those who are devoted to mortal beings, warning the unbelievers how they will stay in the hereafter, giving good news that believers and righteous servants will receive the divine blessings that day.
    Surah Municipality
    What kind of a nature people were created in, how they were proud of their own forces and what the path to salvation and peace consists of for people
    Surah Shams
    To attract the eyes to some works of power by swearing. Declaring the disaster of the Thamud nation as a means of awakening
    Surah Leu
    Warning of disaster
    That people are divided into two groups. The fact that a group makes sacrifices and receives rewards, and another group is stingy, boasting, and a terrible fate
    Surah Duha
    The grace of the Prophet is that he treated the orphans and the poor and was obliged to give thanks for the blessings he received.
    Surah Inshirah
    The blessings of the Messenger of Allah, heralding that the troubles he suffered will be eliminated, that he has been obliged to continue with the righteous principles and his trust in God Almighty.
    Surah Tîn
    Indicating the various states and future of all humanity
    Who are the most condemned and who are candidates for eternal blessings and that religion will not deny the divine
    Surah Alaq
    The first verses that were sent down
    The fact that his Messenger was the first to receive divine revelation and his accession to divine blessings and what kind of nation he was born among
    Surah al-Kâdir
    The glory of the Quran and the glory and glory of the Night of Power
    Surah al-Bayyina
    The disbelievers insist on their blasphemy against the most blatant prophet, the most sublime Prophet and the most beneficial duties, and therefore they will be subjected to eternal punishment, how believers and righteous deeds will be at the highest positions.
    Surah Zilzâl
    How the earth will suffer when Doomsday strikes and people will get their own deeds
    Surah Adiyat
    The disasters of resurrection and dissemination in which people are dignitaries to temporal things
    Surah Karia
    Describe the qualities of the Doomsday, who will be salvaged on that day and who will suffer disasters
    Tekasür time
    Warning the disastrous end of arrogant and proud people
    Warning the dire fate of people who are not religious
    Surah Hümeze
    Warning of the dire fate of non-religious people
    Warning that some people who make fun of others and trust their own wealth will suffer terrible torments
    Surah Fîl
    An exemplary story about the magnificent fate of those who are hostile to the religion of Allah and His Prophet 409
    The Quraysh
    Notice that the Qurayshi group, who has a divine protection in terms of trade and travel, are obliged to worship and give thanks
    Surah Maun
    Exposing the ugly conditions of those who regard religion as a lie, who are stingy, and who pray hypocritically
    Surah Kevser
    Declaring the blessings of our Prophet and his two holy duties and warning that those who are hostile to him will be subjected to all kinds of deprivation.
    Surah Unbeliever
    The religion of Islam is far from other religions and needs others, and the Messenger of Allah is under the protection of Allah. is located
    The Prophet was given the glad tidings of conquest and assistance and that he was liable to dhikr and glorification.
    Surah Lahab
    The end of the dark fire of the person who made torment and torment to the Messenger of Allah
    Surah Ihlâs
    Declaring the oneness of God and divine attributes
    The glory and benefits of Surah-i İhlas
    Surah al-Falak
    He orders to take refuge in the creator of honor from the evil of such harmful things and declares the causes of these blessed surahs.
    Surah Nas
    The necessity of taking shelter in God Almighty, one of the wickedness of a number of jinn and devilish people who want to mislead people
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