Ibn Kesir The Great Commentary of the Quran (Full Text) 10 Volumes -1383

Product Code : 9789757954583
Ibn Kesir The Great Commentary of the Quran (Full Text) 10 Volumes -1383
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  • Ibn Kesir The Great Commentary of the Quran (Full Text) 10 Volumes

    Book Ibn Kesir The Great Commentary of the Quran
    Writer Ibni Kesir
    Translation Assoc. Abdulvehhab Ozturk
    Publisher Hero Publications
    Paper - Binder Yellow Chamois Paper, Luxury Plaster Hard Binding, 10 Volumes set
    Page 5,703
    Size 17x24
    Release Year 2014 reprint
    ISBN 9789757954583

    To Understand the Holy Quran Directly.

    The Great Interpretation of the Quran: İBN KESİR COMMENTARY
    Many interpretations of the Quran have been written in the Islamic world until today. These works enlightened Muslim societies throughout the ages and enabled them to understand the Quran, which is the word of Allah, and the true religion Islam in the most accurate way.
    One of the most known and read commentaries among these is undoubtedly Ibn Kesir's Tafsir. The author of this commentary is Hafiz Ismail bin Omar bin Kesir bin Dav 'bin Der'el-Qurayshi al-Buravi ed-Dimeski al-Shafii, briefly known as "Ibn Kesir", his nickname is Imaduddin, and his name is Ebu'l-Fida. He lived between 1301-1373 (Hijri: 700-774). He was born in the town of Cendel in Busra near Damascus. He started studying science from an early age. He took lessons from well-known scholars in his youth over the years.
    Known as the greatest religious scholar of his time and respected by everyone, Ibn Kathir was a hadith memorandum. He memorized 100 thousand hadiths with his texts and notes. He knew the names and life stories of those who narrated these hadiths. This fact is evident in both his tafsir and his work called Camiü'l-Mesanid.
    While he was still alive, Ibn Kesir's name was spoken and his works were circulated. This relevance has continued unabated until today. Today, the Islamic world, especially the most trusted in him, including in Turkey, works of Ibn Kathir's reputation among most scholars are shown. The famous commentary has been published in many Islamic countries until today.
    In the presentation of the work, the features of the tafsir are listed as follows:
    1- While the verses are being interpreted, they should be based on definite decrees.
    2- First, he interprets the verse in general and then explains various views.
    3- To state the reason (the reason for descent) while making provisions from the verse.
    4- Giving hadiths and works and showing their narrators (narrators) and sources.
    5- Declaring the opinions and rejecting the inappropriate ones and choosing among them.
    6- His mentioning the nasih (hadith showing that a previous religious decree was abolished) and the abrogation (the hadith that has been annulled, revoked, its provision abrogated, annulled, abrogated from the religion).
    7- His avoidance of the People of the Book (the Torah, the Psalms and the Bible) and Israel (the stories and legends from the people of superstition reported in the Bani Israel books).
    A dictionary of hadith terminology is included at the head of the book because it uses abundant hadith criticism terms when mentioning and narrating hadiths and is necessary for deeds.
    The commentary of Ibn Kesir, who has many valuable works published, has been a valuable scholar, who has been instrumental in great benefits throughout these centuries, and Assoc. Dr. Abdülvehhab Öztürk translated it into Turkish. The work, which has 10 large volumes and consists of 6 thousand pages, is a full text and a complete translation. Its language is plain, fluent and immersive.
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