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  • Elaleyn Commentary Translation The Meaning Of The Holy Quran And Its Commentary
    Ali Rıza Kaşeli (Translation)
    Robust Publication

    Release Date: January 01, 2015
    Number of Impressions: 3rd Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages: 1800
    Skin Type: Hard Cover
    Paper Type: chamois paper
    Size: 16 x 24cm

    Translation of Celaleyn Commentary, The Meaning of the Holy Quran and Its Commentary (3 Volumes, Team) Translation: Ali Rıza Kaşeli; Mehmet Talu Honorable reader! This work is a translation of the CELALEYN commentary. The reason why this work is called Celaleyn: It is written by two scholars whose names are CELAL, that Celaleyn means deity (word expressing two beings) and means two Jalal. As follows: Jalal al-Din al-Mahalli (791-864) wrote the interpretation of the Quran from Surat al-Baqara to the end of Surah al-Isra, and when he passed away, Celaluddin as-Suyuti (849) -911) supplied in the same manner. For this reason, this blessed commentary with the title of TEFSİR-İ CELALEYN, ma'ruf, is a very concise and very useful work. Both commentators, who are members of the Shafii sect, followed the same style. The meanings of the strange words are shown, attention was paid to the differences in recitation and the preferred views were trusted. Only the ideological fatwas of Imam-i Shafii are included. Lübbu''t-Tafsir = The essence of the commentaries is worthy of saying this laconic commentary. May Allah show mercy on both talismans. Amine. Here, I checked the translation of such a valuable work by Ali Rıza KAŞELİ, from beginning to end, line by line. I supplied it without breaking the style and style of my translator.I have made all my available strength and effort to ensure an error-free translation. However, let's not forget this: The only flawless, complete book is Kitabullah = Quran. Consequently, minor mistakes and deficiencies that may go unnoticed will be compensated in the following editions, insha Allah. This is why we await constructive criticism from incliners. Jalaleyn's Commentary, Imam-Hatib today. It is taught as a textbook in high schools, Theology Faculties and Quran Courses. In this respect, we believe that this will be a helpful textbook for translation and our student brothers and sisters and fill a big gap. Mehmet TALU istanbul-1997 - April TAKDiM Bismillahirrahmanirrahi'm Since the day it was revealed, people who have spirituality in science have tried to explain and interpret this beautiful book to the Muslims around them in a way that they can understand. In addition, many commentaries have been written and some of them have been taught as textbooks in madrasahs until today. One of these short and useful ones is the commentary named Celaleyn. We tried to translate this interpretation as true for the sake of convenience to our brothers and sisters who demand knowledge. In the translation of the tafsir we have used a language that is easy to understand as possible. Among the features of tafsir, we can mention the following: 1- Tafsir explained the closed words in the verses with an appropriate word that is widely used in Arabic as much as possible.2- He made the will of some words and sentences in the verse. 3- If there are various recitations about a word, he mentions them as much as possible. 4- He mentioned the reason why many verses were sent down. The works that have been used by applying for translation: 1 - Nasefi Tefsiri 2- Bahru''l Muhi''t Commentary 3- İrabul Quran. 4- Savi (Celaleyn tafsir resident) 5- Cemel (Celaleyn commentary hashiye) 6- Tefsiri Kebir. The Turkish works benefited: 1- Commentary of the Quran by Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen 2- The Qur'an Meal of Hasan Basri Çantay. 3- The Language of Hak Dini Quran (Elmalılı M. Hamdi Yazır) The points that the person reading the work will pay attention to: 1 - The verses are indicated in black text in the commentary. 2- The sentences or words that interpret the verses were written in white. 3- The will of some words during tafsir. The issues related to the recitation are indicated with a subtitle type called italic. I would like to express my gratitude to the reverend Mehmet TALU, who controlled the work, and to Ahmet BOZER, who was involved in the printing and distribution of the work, and who ensured that the students and teachers were combined. I leave the scholars and students of science alone with translation, I refer the evaluation to them, and I believe that the work will be greatly benefited. May my Lord let us all right. Ali Riza KAŞELİ
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