Hak Dini Quran Language (10 Volumes) Huzur Publishing-1416

Huzur Yayınevi
Product Code : 9789758524501
The Interpretation of the Quran with the Magnificent Translation of Elmalılı Muhammed Hamdi Yazır
4,720.00 TL
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  • Hak Dini Quran Language (10 Volumes) Huzur Yayıncılık About the Product:
    Elmalılı Muhammed Hamdi Yazır is one of the great religious scholars whom centuries-old can rarely raise. While clergymen used to explain the divine messages given by the Quran to the Turkic world to the public by using Arabic tafsir books, it has been an appropriate development to write Turkish commentaries over time. The most important of these is M. Hamdi Yazır's work named "The True Religious Quran Language". The deceased is quite plain in translation without sacrificing the meaning to the word, compared to the language used that day. However, over time, this language used also became obsolete, and a simplification was used in order for this generation to benefit from this interpretation, and this simplification was made in accordance with the original.
    Hak Dini Quran Language (10 Volumes) Huzur Publishing Features
    • Chamois Paper
    • Hardcover Cover
    17 * 24cm
    10 Luxury Skins
    1 Volume: 640 pages
    • Author: Elmalılı M. Hamdi Yazır
    • Translator: Assoc. Dr. Sıtkı Gülle
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