Interpretation of the Short Sura - 1392

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The Book of Commentary on the Interpretation of the Short Surah Read in the Five-Time Prayer
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    Praise be to our Lord, who created us out of nothing, who made us "human" the greatest of all beings, who honored them with the blessings of Islam and faith, acted as witnesses of his existence and unity, and who sent a book with limitless interpretation suitable for the destiny of every century since its birth.

    Our guide to happiness in the world, and our intercessor in the hereafter, Hz. May the eternal salute to Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh).
    When viewed from the horizon of belief, it is clearly seen that this world is a school of faith, all events that occur are manifestations of Divine test, and life is a journey to the land of eternity. Undoubtedly, such a life requires an insight that will perceive the wisdom of being sent to this world with the realization of mortality. The source of all these virtues is in the Quran. Koran; The treasure of the world of unseen and martyrdom is a book that the universe needs itself and that opens the eyes of the servant. It is the duty of every believer to read and tell the Quran, which is the fate of every conscious person.
    This truth, which has been interpreted for centuries with the efforts of commentators, has become a huge plane tree for fifteen centuries. The seed, which is the essence of the universe, has preserved people from unlimited attacks of unbelief and mischief. And in each of its letters, it has been a means of happiness by guiding those who read with its infinitely deep meanings. He is such a Furkan that he rescued those who perceived it from "esfeli safilîn" and brought "ahsen to calendar".
    With the grace and grace of my Lord twenty years ago, we, the poor, were also destined to hold this lofty Quran at one end. With the lessons and notes, as our students read the notes in our friends' hands, we started to work to make our notes into a book by evaluating the demands of our students to turn them into a book so that they and others could benefit more from these lessons.
    Benefiting from this work in the best way is definitely the biggest reason for our effort; It is our greatest wish that it will be beneficial to every person who strives to understand the Quran and that it will be charity concubine in the hereafter.
    Our study consists of the interpretation of the suras starting with Surah al-Fatiha and starting from the Surah of Dhuha, also known as prayer suras. In our tafsir study, we chose to compile the opinions of borrowed-expert interpreters. We tried not to include our own comments, avoiding making mistakes and being plagued.
    We started the interpretation of the verses with the collective interpretation of the verses after the broken translation. Surahs; We have examined the nuzuls, their names, their relations with the suras before them, their contents, their virtues, the relations between the verses ...
    We took care of examining the Arabic patterns of the words in the verse by examining the verses in the verses, and aimed to increase the familiarity with the words coming with similar patterns in these and other verses and to help them to be understood more easily. We must also remind that our readers have some Arabic knowledge in order to make the most of such a study.
    We tried to crown the surahs and verses with the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh) and touched upon the lessons and decrees that can come out of the verses at the end of each surah.
    To be able to understand the message and letter of our Lord sent by addressing us while reading, to travel to peaceful climates and to live a material-spiritual prosperous life; If we have any mistakes in this interpretation work, which we have prepared with the aim of attaining real peace by feeling that we are in the presence of our Lord at all times and that He has observed us, and to gain his consent more, we promise that we will do our best to make amends.
    Although we take care and care as much as we can, our work is always open to our readers in terms of correcting the overlooked points.
    I would like to thank my wife, who did not spare me their material and moral support during my work, my children who could not spare enough time for them, especially my eldest daughter who worked with me day and night in the compilation of notes, correction of verses and hadiths, my mother who never refused my sincere prayers, and my family and friends for all their help. I would.
    In addition, in this work for over twenty years, my students who I can call my brothers who have shared the same circle of lessons with me and encouraged me to prepare this work; I would also like to thank the tafsir teachers and administrators of the Ihramcızâde Kız Kur'an Course.
    May my Lord not separate our sentence from the divine service. I ask Allah Almighty that this work is always open to use.
    and Acirc; MÎN ... Zehra Eriş

    Preface 5
    Status 10
    Basmalah 14
    Commentary of the Surah Fatiha 26
    Surah Al-Duha 56
    Inshirah 82
    Surah Tin 99
    Alâk 118
    Al-Qadir 150
    Surah Al-Bayyine 171
    Zilzal Surah 201
    and Acirc; Diyat Surah 218
    Surat of Cairo 236
    Surah Al-Takâsur 251
    Asr 274
    Hümeze Surah 290
    Surah Elephant 305
    The Quraysh 321
    Mahogany 333
    Surah Kevser 348
    Chapter 368 of the Unbeliever
    Al-Nasr 387
    Surah of Tabbet 415
    The Chapter of İhlâs 431
    455 of the Falak
    An-Nas 476
    Bibliography 494

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