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  • Necklace with Kıtmir Prayer
    It is 2.2x2.7cm in size
    Not Silver
    Radium coated, does not yellow
    Kıtmir prayer is also known as evil eye prayer among the people. The verses and names are written in the form of a circle by placing the name kıtmir in the middle. The reason for this is that prayer is wanted to be kept separate from others. This "God, for the sake of the Companions of the Cave, you preserved even the word for a long time. Keep this as the word of the Prophet Muhammad. For the sake of your acceptable servants who take shelter behind the verses and names that surround you, I wish you to protect and protect me." It means. The names of Ashab-ı Kehf are mentioned in the verse. These are Mekselina, Mernuş, Yemliha, Meselina, Kefestetayuş, Debernuş, Sazenuş and Kıtmir (This is a shepherd's dog.) The Kıtmir prayer will help to escape from the unwanted, reach the desired things, escape from the fire. In addition, it will cause wealth, silence of crying children, abundance in agriculture and trade, and ensure that there are no bad deaths.

    Our Prophet (s.a.w.) stated in a hadith that; "Teach your children the names of Ashab-Kahf, if you write the names on the doors of the houses, the house will be protected from fire, if you write it on your clothes it will not be stolen, it will not sink if you write to the person who goes in the sea."

    Read the prayer of Kıtmir a lot, keep it in your home, on you and in your workplace in order to protect yourself from evil eye, avoid evil, increase the abundance in your home and workplace.

    Kıtmir (Ashab-ı Kehf) is the name of Hz. It is the dog of one of the seven people from the religion of Jesus, who migrated to protect their religion, leaving everything behind and sleeping in a cave. Since he was in the Companions of the Cave, Allah gave him the good news in the Qur'an that he was among those who entered Paradise with the Companions of the Cave. The cave is known as the Seven Sleepers Cave, which is rumored to be located around Mersin Tarsus, Kahramanmaraş Afşin or İzmir Selçuk. According to the rumor, the seven sleepers in this cave slept for 309 years.

    Kıtmir prayer

    "Allahumma Ya Rabbi ve Cebraile and Mikaile and Israfile and Azraile and Ibrahime and Ismaile and Ishaka and Yakube and munzilel berekati vet tevrati vez zeburi wal incili wal furkani ve la havle ve la quvete illa billahil aliyyil perseverance.

    La ilaha illallahul melikül hakul mubin.

    Muhammad's Messenger of Allah sadikul va 'language sure.

    Ya Rabbi Ya Rabbi Ya Hayyu Ya Kayyumu Ya Zel Celali wal food.

    Es'elüke ya rabbel arşil perseverance.

    The most yerzukan sustenance is halally tayyiben a mercy of your erham'er womb

    Debernus, Sazenuş, Kefestetayuş, Kıtmir, Yemliha, Mekselina, Meselina, Mernuş. "

    Means "O My Almighty God, Lord of Gabriel, Israfil, Michael, Azrael, Ishmael, Isaac, Abraham and Jacob! My Almighty Lord, who sent down the Bible and the Torah, My Almighty God, the Mighty and Powerful, there is no god but the only God, the true God. My Lord, O Kaim, the one who is alive, the owner of the greatest throne, I ask for halal sustenance from you. O the most merciful among the merciful! Sazenuş, Debernuş, Kefestetayuş, Kıtmir, Yemliha, Meselina, Mernuş, Mekselina (Ashab -i Kehf names) "
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