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    • 59x51 cm
    • 990g
    • Cast Coating

    This piece is designed as a black metal wall art featuring the inscription of 'Vav' alongside embellished religious motifs. It measures 59x51 cm and weighs 990 grams. Crafted with a special cast metal structure, this wall art is created to reflect a sense of religious aesthetics.

    The product embodies an aesthetic structure reflecting religious sensitivity. The inscription of 'Vav' and the detailed embellishment of religious motifs add depth and careful artisanship to the piece. This meticulous craftsmanship enables the wall art to represent your religious and spiritual sentiments in a decorative manner.

    The wall art boasts an elegant and modern design, making it an attention-grabbing element in any interior space. It offers a meaningful decorative option, symbolizing Islamic sentiments and spirituality.

    This product can be chosen as an aesthetic piece to enrich the walls of homes, offices, or any indoor space. Not only does it serve as an elegant decorative element, but it also conveys meaning through its religious symbols, offering an aesthetic and sensitive choice for you."

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