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  • 0-6 Age Period Basic Rule Book

    Release Date: 03.2019
    ISBN: 9786050820034
    Number of Impressions: Print
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages: 216
    Skin Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: Book Paper
    Size: 5 x 19 cm
    Your parents said, "I wonder if I do that, is that this?" the most obvious period of hesitation; 0-6 age period of their children. So, when will the child leave the mother's side; If she leaves early, her emotional bond with the mother will be damaged, if she leaves late, there will be an addiction ... How to stop without sucking; By disgust or creating no disgust?
    When will he start nursery; when the parents are overwhelmed at home or when the child is spiritually ready?
    How to be released to the caregiver; By going quietly while the child is asleep or saying goodbye when leaving the house?
    How will the rules be set; special rules for the child or general rules for the family?
    It is not always easy to find the answers to all these questions in a single sentence and a few lines of narration ...
    Here, in this second book of the "100 Fundamental Rules" series, we tried to fit a lot of information into few words ...
    We have collected the summary of dozens of pedagogy books in this small work. ..
    We kept the topics independent from each other so that they could be read anywhere, anytime ...
    We hope that this work, which contains the basic information of the age-6 period, will give a new perspective to adults who want to establish a friendly relationship with the child ...
    Adem Gunes Istanbul, 2015
    How difficult it was to prepare a book for publication ... Putting words into letters, making sentences friendly to each other ...
    I think it's even harder to write a plain book ...
    It turns out that it takes days to have both brief and concise information on one page ...
    Despite all these difficulties, the imagination that parents will establish a correct communication with their children gives people strength.
    This was the first time I worked with Adem Güneş, where many parents queued to get a little information from him ...
    When all these difficulties are added to the difficulty of working with an expert, consider my situation ...
    I hope a beautiful work has come out ...
    As you navigate through these lines trying to provide the information you need in a short way, I will relieve all the fatigue and the pleasure of you.
    And considering that this work will be instrumental in the happiness of children ...
    I wish everyone a pleasant reading.
    Gonca Anıl Denizli, 2015

    THANK YOU 11
    1-The baby does not need a room, even the most beautiful room is safe from the mother's bed
    not giving 16
    2-The newborn is either next to the mother or close to the mother
    must sleep in a cradle 18
    3-Baby bed is not obstructing like prison bars,
    should be easily accessible to the mother 20
    4- Bottom is clean, belly is full; leave the child to loneliness because he sleeps crying and crying
    doing so damages the bond between mother and baby 22
    5-The child sucks confidence, not milk from the mother 24
    6-The child is not cut off from breast milk suddenly 26
    7-Trust when emotional needs are met 'on time and adequately'
    the feeling develops 28
    8-The real personality of the child can only be revealed, but he is safe
    9-The child can leave the mother only after the age of 3.5 32
    10-The biggest mistake of parents is' if I cannot speak when I am little,
    when he grows up he never listens to me '34
    11-Oppressive parents have passive children 36
    12-Childhood is the 'feeling acquisition' period 38
    13-The child who is securely attached can leave safely 40
    14-The essence of child education is 'secure attachment' 42
    15-Anxious mothers have dependent children 44
    16-If secure attachment takes place between the ages of 0-4 and with 'one person', the child
    is spiritually calm 46
    17-Children with attachment problems wake up suddenly at night and for no reason.
    they can cry 48
    18-If the mother does not leave herself to the child, the child will not leave the mother 50
    19-In the preschool period, irritability, usually the problem of being unable to attach
    expression 52
    20-The child is 'sensitive' as much as he can establish a 'secure bond' with his mother,
    will be as 'willed' as possible together 54
    21-There is no child who does not obey, there are children who are not connected 56
    22-Three contact points of attachment; 'eye, skin, and voice' 58
    23-Working mother prefers a caregiver instead of giving her child before the age of 4 to nursery
    should pay 60
    24-Leaving the baby to the caregiver not suddenly, but within 6 weeks
    must occur 62
    25-The mother should say goodbye to her child. Going unannounced
    provokes anxiety in the child 64
    Up to the age of 26-6, children can develop their development with 'commanding inner guidance'.
    continue 66
    27.The child is actually born at age 4 68
    28-If the child is very hungry, he eats fast, if he is very thirsty, he drinks pouring on him;
    There is neither shame nor shame in this 70
    29. A parent's best psychologist is their own child 72
    30-Toilet habit, when the child is mentally and physically ready
    must begin 74
    31-The strongest word in communication with the child is 'Yes', and the most damaging word is No 76
    32-Game and toy are only a tool, ingenuity, non-mediated communication with the child
    to establish 78
    33-The child who can penetrate things gains a sense of trust 80
    34-The language of action should be used in communication with children in the preschool period 82
    35 Eating disorder is manifested by the pressure on the child in response to eating.
    shoot 84
    36-Setting rules for a child makes him feel left out 86
    37.The ideal age difference between siblings is four 88
    When explaining death to children under the age of 38-6, it is not 'cause' but 'cause'
    emphasis should be placed on 90
    39- Children who cannot enjoy their parents
    keep busy with tools like computers 92
    Watching television before the age of 40-4 weakens the child's empathy ... 94
    41-Resistance to sleep is the behavior of children who enjoy living 96
    42-The most prominent feature of a preschool child is slowness 98
    Shaking a 43-2 year old child to sleep makes him dizzy 100
    44-Adults slow down when they get tired, children get faster when they get tired 102
    45-Kindergarten age is four for children with healthy attachment period 104
    46-Sending the child to school crying to get used to it, parent child
    damage your bond 106
    47-To confirm the existence of the child in kindergarten, not in a 'group'
    should be addressed by name 108
    48-Child does not get used to school crying 110
    49-The biggest gain of kindergarten for children is sensitivity to time
    50-In preschool education, the teacher is not disciplined and authoritarian, like a mother.
    must be affectionate 114
    51-Mother with the guidance of inner senses, not with knowledge
    to become 116
    52-Although the child of a strictly disciplined mother appears to be in order 'formally',
    are in emotional deprivations 118
    53-As the child is humiliated, he loses his two human feelings; embarrassment and shame 120
    54- Addiction in children is a state of 'not getting enough' 122
    55-His needs are not met, he is offered things that he does not need
    children become addicted 124
    56-Life gives peace to those who are confident 126
    57-Having 'will, will and capacity' in order for a person to be punished
    it is essential that these do not exist in children 128
    58-No child is prone to violence; aggression for a child
    is an act of defense 130
    Positive personality does not occur with negative words 132
    60-The child who is under pressure exhibits hyperactive behaviors 134
    61-The effort to educate the child with punishment and reward,
    nothing more 136
    62-Parents who cannot establish a bond put pressure 138
    63-Not crying to the crying child due to the oppressive attitude of the parent
    pressure causes anger 140
    64-Childhood period is the building period of the self, to an incomplete self
    Punishment damages self-building 142
    65- What is unfortunate that parents who do not
    show them 144
    66-Children experience amnesia at the age of 3-4 146
    67-The greatest need of preschool children is freedom 148
    68-A child is not an adult's toy, but a saintly guest preparing for life. 150
    69-A saint who was entrusted to the child parents as a guest for a while
    guest 152
    70-In pedagogy, the child has three worlds; reality, dream and dream. School
    It is difficult to distinguish them before 154
    71- Whoever dares to educate a child should also risk becoming a child 156
    Behaviors do not have any meaning on their own, because every behavior is a
    it is an expression of emotion 158
    73- Values ​​education is not possible with insensitive words 160
    74. The child develops not as he is persuaded, but as he is persuaded 162
    75-A child who is listening while talking feels valuable. 164
    76-The most prominent characteristics of children who are valued in the family are 'carefree
    their smiles 166
    77- The child whose personality is 'worthless' is worth the worthless work
    tend to earn 168
    78- The past that is not remembered is the feeling of worthlessness 170
    79-The most prominent feature of childhood is distraction 172
    80-Preschool children were told about the love of the prophet and the suffering of the prophet.
    not gained 174
    81- Virtuous behaviors are not learned, they are 'acquired' 176
    82-Raising a child is not just raising your own child,
    it is a state of social sensitivity 178
    83-The main purpose of child upbringing is 'sensitivity and will', not 'behavior' to the child.
    84-Child mistake becomes insensitive when hit in the face 182
    85-A parent's child, 'I will no longer be your mother / father'
    it is emotional violence 184
    86 To avoid the need for a child in emotional deprivation
    he starts to move fast by reducing his perception 186
    87-Meeting the emotional needs of the child
    much more important 188
    88-Children experiencing emotional deprivation are constantly on the move 190
    89-If emotional deprivation is the cause of the child's crying, it should be eliminated immediately;
    The struggle for power should be allowed to cry 192
    90-Half an hour of silence play every day is effective in reducing the child's impulsivity 194
    91- Children cannot create the habit of 'order' before the concept of 'space' is formed. 196
    92-Whatever I do, my child loves me 'is true but incomplete,
    because the child has no other alternative 198
    93-Parenting with patience to the child, both the child and the parent
    outwears 200
    94-Childhood 'abnormal behavior is easy to abandon; parent
    the child changes as he changes 202
    95-The child seeks freedom in intimacy 204
    96- Parents who do not have a problem with themselves do not have a problem with their child 206
    97-Parents who are not influential cannot play a role in child education 208
    98- The most fundamental feeling left over from childhood years is fear 210
    99. 'and', 'but', 'but' are pedagogically objectionable words in communication with children 212
    100-Father's determination facilitates the mother's sensitivity 214
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