100 basic rules in adolescence-1605

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100 basic rules in adolescence
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  • 100 basic rules during adolescence

    Published Date 2018-04-10
    Number of Impressions 5th Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages 216
    Skin Type Hardcover
    Paper Type Book Paper
    Size 14.5 x 19 cm

    To many parents, puberty feels like a problem period.
    However, adolescence is not a problem period, it is a period of mental purification.
    It is a period when the problems experienced in the past years and turned into an internal accumulation are expressed with aggressiveness, irritability and reactivity ... the adolescent calms down and calms down as they are expressed ...
    For this reason, preventing the behaviors expressed by the adolescent means preventing him from doing internal cleaning.
    In this book, we tried to collect the most basic information necessary for families to go through adolescence more calmly and peacefully.
    This book was written not only from the eyes of an expert, but from the experience of a father who had encountered three adolescent children ...
    I hope that both these experiences and the expert perspective will contribute to the parents' having a more harmonious process with their children ...
    Have a good reading ...
    Adem Gunes Istanbul, 2015
    The process of preparing this book for publication meant the discovery of the "most special" period of human life for me ...
    This transition period was an astonishing opportunity for both parents and children.
    Adolescence means not only physical change, but also a change in emotions ...
    The adolescent child's posture, gaze, and placing his hand meant something ...
    Not being lazy, sleeping too much, for example ...
    He talks a lot, it's not babbling ...
    His objection to everything was not out of bad temper ...
    As it turns out, the inner world of the adolescent expanded with the problems he experienced.
    His bad temper meant solving the problems he accumulated as a child ...
    It turns out that this turbulent period was the time when the foundations of marriage and business life were laid ...
    While working on this book with Adem Hocam, I thought about how important adolescence is in each line.
    I felt sorry for the parents who were unaware of this importance and the children who had to live with them.
    I went back to my own adolescence years, painfully and sweetly ... And I wanted to live that period to the fullest with my parents ...
    I hope this book reaches out to anyone dealing with a teenager. It becomes an unwavering guide at both awareness and solution point.
    I wish you all pleasant reading.
    Gonca Anıl İsparta, 2015

    1 There are no silent adolescents, there are parents who do not have communication skills 16
    2 What adolescents are most nervous about is
    is being forced to talk and talk 18
    3 A person who has no one to spoil does not have puberty 20
    4 The order of the adolescent starts with having a role in the management of the house 22
    5 adolescent girls are just as disconnected from their father
    be prone 24
    6 A girl who spends her adolescence with a tough mother, she is the mother
    becomes intolerant to the child when it occurs 26
    7 When an adolescent is in the most difficult time, he
    is the moment it is attributed 28
    8 A calm parent heals the aggressive adolescent, not medicine 30
    9 The most distinctive feature of the weak adolescent is the effort to show himself big. 32
    10 The greatest injustice done to today's young people is 'to be like yourself'
    instead, it is the imposition of being like others 34
    11 Adolescence is the period when human behavior is the most inexperienced. 36
    12 The strongest need of adolescents is independence 38
    13 The greatest need of adolescents is freedom within belonging 40
    14 young girls love it too, this is not an anomaly,
    being human is itself 42
    15 Adolescence is not a problem period, but a manifestation of childhood problems 44
    16 Cultivated in childhood, harvested in adolescence 46
    17 Adolescents like to give reason, not to think 48
    17 The silence of the adolescent is more dangerous than his irritability 50
    19 The silence of the adolescent is not always a sign of maturity, but often anxiety 52
    20 The adult who resembles young people, not to them, develops himself 54
    21 House takes on style only with young children 56
    22 The adolescent's vulnerability to impulse is not always negative, it is youthful for adult fatigue.
    23 Understanding young people gives youth to soul 60
    24 Adolescent's aggressiveness is self-therapy, preventing aggression is preventing therapy 62
    25 Adolescents are reactive to injustice 64
    26 Young people find emotional intimacy not in 'strong', but in 'just' person. .. 66
    27 Boys don't be 'ashamed' to adolescence,
    girls enter with a sense of greatness 68
    28 The faster the physique of the adolescent develops, the more aggressive he will be ... 70
    29 As communication within the family decreases, adolescence problems increase 72
    30 Harmony with adolescents increases as they chirp as much as adolescents, not as they become silent74
    31 Too maturity in the face of adolescents leads to 'adolescent silence' 76
    32 Adolescents find it boring even though they like very mature people 78
    33 The adolescent is already prone to dissatisfaction, and it is important not to lay the groundwork for it 80
    34 Adolescents need more authority than 'responsibility' 82
    35 The adolescent cries when he sees the mosque wall and plays when he sees the Konya spoon; don't worry, watch 84
    36 Adolescents enjoy listening to adults listening 86
    37 Adolescence begins with a feeling of alienation from the father in boys, and ends with enjoying the father more 88
    38 Adolescence in girls starts with getting closer to the mother, continues with conflict, ends with integration 90
    39 As the adolescents remain empty, they either eat themselves or their surroundings 92
    40 Adolescents who are emotionally weak rather than physical are exposed to peer violence ... 94
    41 The adolescent's hand trembles, his face burns; this is neither weird nor bad 96
    42 As the adolescent girl's inside trembles, calmness reflects on the outside 98
    43 Adolescent responsiveness is due to the need for defense 100
    44 In adolescence, a boy is more shy than a girl 102
    45 The most obvious symptom of adolescence in boys is guilt104
    46 The problem is not to get excited about the opposite sex in adolescence, but to get caught up in this excitement. 106
    47 The adolescent experiences his emotions in excess, both his joy and anger ... 108
    48 People who were not loved enough in their childhood,
    He is like a teenager even though he is an adult 110
    49 Young people are fairer than adults 112
    50 The dominant feeling of a youth who grew up in an unfair environment; it is selfish 114
    51 Adolescents are mentally healthy,
    it is clear from creating his own style 116
    52 Every adolescent has a unique style in its essence, some reveal it, some hide it in it 118
    53 The love that adolescents hates most is artificial love 120
    54 What kills a teenager is witnessing his parents' lies 122
    55 Adolescents love the natural, not the one who loves them 124
    56 Living with adolescents should teach parents to be quiet sometimes, 'even if the heart is unhappy' 126
    57 One of the most distinctive characteristics of adolescents is 'forgetfulness' 128
    58 To emotionally weak adolescents, problematic people look attractive 130
    59 'Inability to cry' in adolescence is a pedagogical problem with inherent depth 132
    60 The freedom to be compassionate to her father like a mother is good for any young girl 134
    61 The most risky aspect of adolescents is their interest in excitement 136
    62 The feeling of worthlessness creates the need to seek someone to whom he will feel valuable 138
    63 Fanatic parents have a violent child 140
    64 Unlimited internet is not good for adolescents 142
    65 Continuous watching TV series creates 'wannabe personality' in adolescents 144
    66 Profession preference is also the personality preference of the adolescent 146
    67 In career choice guidance, personal predisposition should be more important than the popularity of the profession 148
    68 The adolescent's self-centered gaze is not selfish; emotional development 150
    69 There are no parents who had a conflict with adolescents and made a profit 152
    70 Adolescence is not a problem period, but a purification and spiritual cleansing period 154
    71 Boys adolescents are more clumsy than girls 156
    72 The fastest behavior of adolescent boys is machismo 158
    73 Adolescent girl under pressure tries to defend herself by showing herself pure 160
    74 The adolescent is among friends, not because he likes his taste.
    starts smoking to avoid exclusion 162
    75 Smoking is not nicotine, but the emotion associated with smoking.
    starts with addiction 164
    76 The most basic education of adolescence is privacy education 166
    77 The three major weaknesses of adolescents are magic, mystery and fear 168
    78 The most difficult parts of adolescents are the arms 170
    79 Boy pays attention to adolescent emotions and girl adolescent physique 172
    80 Adolescents' emotional world is prone to negative discourse and music 174
    81 Not being able to communicate with adolescents, it is not adolescence 176
    82 Adolescents whose thoughts are underestimated feel humiliated 178
    83 Puberty is severe for a child who has reached physical puberty but is not yet mentally adolescent 180
    84 What bothers adolescents most is being questioned with an adult attitude 182
    85 Adolescents receive weekly allowance, not daily allowance 184
    86 Adolescents should not be mistaken if they are not taken, young people depend on ambition
    feelings wake up quickly 186
    87 Childhood years without love lead to 'obsessive belonging' in adolescence 188
    88 The most important thing to offer to adolescent children is peer
    friendship 190
    89 Male adolescents are handsome, girl adolescents are beautiful
    they love to hear 192
    90 Adolescents learn in life, not at school 194
    91 The emotion that adolescents should never lose is hope 196
    92 The most obvious manifestation of adolescent depression is the desire to be alone 198
    93 The last sign of adolescent depression is daytime sleepiness 200
    94 As the adolescent horse rides, he feels his emotion free, the person who feels his emotions freely enjoys life 202
    95 Licensing is not freedom of conduct 204
    96 Limitless and irresponsible behaviors create inner restlessness, not spiritual relaxation 206
    97 Adolescent neither want to sleep nor wake up 208
    98 Young people learn from each other more than from the teacher ..... 210
    99 Adolescents' behavior education takes place with their peers 212
    100 Do not be ashamed of your adolescent child! there is no gentle teen 214
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