Hilye-i Şerif PVC Coated-1131

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Hilye-i Şerif, which has many virtues, is a different and special happy birthday gift.
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  • Hilye-i Şerif PVC Coated
    Hazrat-i Ali (may Allah be pleased with him!) While describing the characteristics of our Prophet (peace be upon him), he said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was neither too long nor too short to stand out. He was neither perfectly straight, with medium curl. He was not chunky, his face was also round. His color was white with a reddish color. His eyes were black with a very black eyelashes. His eyelashes were long. His hands and feet were full. He was the last of the prophets. He was the most generous of the people. He was the most comfortable of the people. He was the most correct in dialect, the j softest in nature, and the most gracious with the people. The one who knew him was afraid of him. He who knew him loved him. When he was incapable of telling him, he would say, "I have never seen a similar one before or after Him." Prophet Muhammad, who was the prophet of mercy and the intercessor of the ummah, and the whole; Send mercy and safety to your immaculate scholars and companions and all prophets and 1 apostles.

    Hilye-i Şerif: This hadith narrated from Hazrat Ali and Hilye-i Şerife, who voiced the blessed schemail of the Prophet (pbuh) sallallahu alayhi and sallamin j, had peace, happiness and comfort. It was believed that this place would be a means of abundance and that this place would be protected from disasters. It was accepted as one of the most beautiful gifts to bring happiness to the newlyweds, especially in the Ottoman society.
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