Erbakan Treatments 4 - Trouble of Interest-1208

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Erbakan Treatments 4 - Trouble of Interest-1208
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  • Erbakan Treatments 4 - The Trouble of Interest
    M. Mustafa Uzun
    Impressions: 1st Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages: 88
    Skin Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: Book Paper
    Size: 13.5 x 19.5 cm
    Almighty Allah says:
    "We placed you on the earth and gave you means of subsistence there. How little thank you are despite this."
    & mdash; Purgatory, 10

    "For a human, there is only as much as he works. His work will definitely be seen. Then he will be rewarded completely.
    & mdash; Necm, 39-41

    The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) stated the following regarding the issue:
    "There are such people in sins that only the troubles of their livelihood will cleanse them and make them forgive."
    & mdash; Kenzul Ummal, Had No: 16640

    In the life of the venerable Necmettin Erbakan, the founder and natural leader of the National Vision Movement, his struggle with interest and the power behind him, Zionism, has a very large place.

    I have been dealing with Erbakan Hodja's books and speeches for the last 6 years. I worked long nights to complete the "Erbakan Collection". I think he has no more than a book I haven't read and a single speech I haven't taken a look at the deciphering. During this period, I rarely witnessed the speech or book of Erbakan, who was a versatile leader and touched on all kinds of issues, except for the books he wrote in the technical field, that he did not mention "interest microbes".

    Hodja was telling us how dangerous microbe interest was in the 60's. He also spoke about the interest in his last conference just before his death. For Master Erbakan, interest is the key figure that explains the global system of oppression, Zionism, Modernism and Capitalism. In fact, Erbakan starts with Communism and touches on the effect of interest in every field from morality to spirituality. For him, whatever is the basis of the mentality that murdered Muslims in Bosnia, there is also the basis of the interestist mentality. There is no difference between the mentality that occupies Jerusalem and the mentality that organizes the crusades, the mentality that destroyed Syria and the mindset of interest.

    According to Erbakan Hodja, interest is the backbone of the capitalist order. However, according to him, the weakest point of the capitalist system and the point where it will break down is again interest. Teacher; He says, "The capitalist order will collapse from here."

    Well, what is it that puts the interest on Erbakan Hodja's agenda? Is it just one of the decrees that Islam has made strictly forbidden?

    Of course, if there were no other reasons, he would say that this prohibition should be avoided just because Allah has made it forbidden. But what else did he see with his material knowledge and foresight? Economics is a field he knows very well, and since interest is the basis of today's dominant capitalist economic understanding, he has to examine this issue thoroughly and he has personally seen that all depressions are due to interest, the wheel of exploitation. In other words, Erbakan Hoca not only knew the badness of the interest, which was forbidden by Islam, but also by examining all the details of the world economic system, he became familiar with the destructive power of interest.

    In this treatise you are holding, we tried to deal with the views of the late Erbakan about interest as much as we could. Of course, we do not have the opportunity to include all the sentences made by Hodja about interest. After all, we are talking about a person who refers to interest in all his books, all meetings, all conference and parliamentary speeches and explains what a great trouble it is. The sections we have here can only be summaries of Hodja's sentences about interest. For a larger archive, you need to take a look at the Erbakan Collection.

    M. Mustafa Uzun
    Istanbul, April 2013

    He was born in Erzurum in 1982. He finished primary school and memorization in Hatay. He graduated from Istanbul University Literature and History departments. He studied Public Administration at Anadolu University as the 3rd University. He continues his academic life at Istanbul University and prepares a thesis on Leadership and Global Entrepreneurship.

    He tried to translate the suffering of the Ummah by traveling the great Islamic geography from Morocco to Indonesia. He has been in these regions to comfort the people who lost their relatives from Gaza to Moro, from Kashmir to Patani, sometimes to the joy of the feast of the oppressed Muslims, sometimes during the Gaza attacks. Journalist and writer. He traveled to more than 60 countries, Central and South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus, the Balkans, Asia and Far Asia.

    After Master Erbakan's march to Hakka, he collected all the printed works that many of them were not aware of, and revealed the "Erbakan Collection". From time to time he writes articles on various subjects in various magazines, national newspapers, bulletins and internet sites.

    & raquo; Preface 9
    & raquo; Interest in Islamic Law 15
    & raquo; Interest is the Microbe of Forty Kinds of Troubles 19
    & raquo; Interest is Infringement of the Right of Working Human 21
    & raquo; Interest Does Not Add Value To Fixed Money 23
    & raquo; Did Erbakan Oppose Interest Only For Religious Reasons? 25
    & raquo; Interest and Profit Sharing 29
    & raquo; Erbakan's Proposal to End the Interest Given to the Parliament 34
    & raquo; Interest Speeches in the Parliament 37
    & raquo; Interest Driven Us 41
    & raquo; Will Interest Raise in Today's World? 43
    1. Partnerships 44
    2. Right Acquisition Equivalent Loan 45
    3.Land Against Labor 47
    4. Pledge Loan 48
    5. Paid in Taxes Loans 49
    6. Loan against Investment Project 49
    7. Loan against Selem Act 52
    & raquo; What Happens in an Interest-Free Economy? 58
    What Will Happen When A Fair Order Is Enforced? 58
    & raquo; What is Erbakan's "No Interest Principle"? 66
    "No Interest" Principle 66
    & raquo; Is it Possible to Remove the Interest? 69
    Our banking policy 71
    & raquo; Quitting Interest Planning is Must 75
    & raquo; I Need to Uproot Interest 79
    & raquo; Will Banking Remove If Interest Raises? 83
    & raquo; The Capitalist System Will Crash From Interest 87
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