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  • Erbakan Treatments 5 - Heavy Industry Case
    M. Mustafa Uzun
    Number of Impressions: 2nd Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages: 111
    Skin Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: Book Paper
    Size: 13.5 x 19.5 cm
    Almighty Allah says:
    "We placed you on the earth and gave you means of subsistence there. How little thank you are despite this."
    & mdash; Purgatory, 10

    "For a human, there is only as much as he works. His work will definitely be seen. Then he will be rewarded completely."
    & mdash; Necm, 39-41

    The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) stated the following regarding the issue:
    "There are such people in sins that only the troubles of their livelihood will cleanse them and make them forgive."
    & mdash; Kenzul Ummal, Had No: 16640

    He was born in Erzurum in 1982. He finished primary school and memorization in Hatay. He graduated from Istanbul University Literature and History departments. He studied Public Administration at Anadolu University as the 3rd University. He continues his academic life at Istanbul University and prepares a thesis on Leadership and Global Entrepreneurship.

    He tried to translate the suffering of the Ummah by traveling the great Islamic geography from Morocco to Indonesia. He has been in these regions to comfort the people who lost their relatives from Gaza to Moro, from Kashmir to Patani, sometimes to the joy of the feast of the oppressed Muslims, sometimes during the attacks in Gaza. Journalist and writer. He traveled to more than 60 countries, Central and South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus, the Balkans, Asia and Far Asia.

    After Master Erbakan's march to Hakka, he collected all the printed works that many of them were not aware of, and uncovered the "Erbakan Collection". From time to time he writes articles on various subjects in various magazines, national newspapers, bulletins and internet sites.

    & raquo; Material and Spiritual Development 11
    & raquo; Silver Engine 14
    & raquo; Heavy Industry Case in the 70's 16
    & raquo; Teachers' Thoughts on How to Make Heavy Industry in the 1970's 18
    & raquo; Where Did Erbakan's First Heavy Industry Move Started? 20
    & raquo; 1976 Heavy Industry Move in General Lines 22
    & raquo; Genuine Manufacturing, Not Assembly 33
    & raquo; What Benefits Will Heavy Industry Bring? 36
    & raquo; Two Million New Jobs in 1970's 38
    & raquo; What were the 7 Great Benefits of Erbakan's Industrial Move? 40
    & raquo; 1976 Was the Year of the Heavy Industry Breakthrough 42
    & raquo; The Biggest Development Move in the History of the Republic 44
    & raquo; Five Periods Closes, Five New Eras Opens 46
    & raquo; 26 Heavy Industry Factories Would Be Activated In Three Years 48
    & raquo; Industrial Moves Started and Finished by Erbakan in 1976 51
    & raquo; Material Development Should Go Together With Spiritual Development 56
    & raquo; Do Not Progress Through Imitation 58
    & raquo; Do Not Turn To Mounting And Gazing 60
    & raquo; We Don't Bury Imitation in the Foundations of Our Factories 62
    & raquo; Turkey, as a country leader 64
    & raquo; They are Installers, We Are Genuine Industrialists 66
    & raquo; Documents to Witness History 68
    & raquo; Aydın Electronic Facilities to be Established in Aydın 70
    & raquo; Main Information on the Investment to Be Founded in Bitlis 72
    Bitlis Cement Factory 72
    & raquo; Detailed Information on Investments in Diyarbakır 74
    Diyarbakır Organized Industrial Zone 75
    Diyarbakir Temsan Investments 75
    Factories to be Established by TEMSAN 76
    Diyarbakır Temsan Factories and Production Types 77
    & raquo; Detailed Information on Investments Made in Erzurum 79
    TESTAS be Performed by Turkey Electronics Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company 79
    Azot Sanayii T.A.Ş. Erzurum Balkaya Ammonia and Fertilizer Plants 81
    & raquo; Detailed Information on Investments Made in Kars 84
    Main Information on Kars Sugar Factory Project 84
    Kars Province Ardahan District Small Industrial Site 85
    Sümerbank Kars Shoe Factory 86
    Sümerbank Integrated Printing Plants 87
    Sümerbank Kars Yan Kamgam Carpet Yarn Plant 87
    & raquo; Detailed Information on Investments Made in Mardin 88
    Main Information on Mardin (Mazıdağı) Fertilizer Facilities Investment 88
    Main Information About Mardin Tractor Factory 89
    Main Information About Mardin Organized Industrial Zone 90
    Main Information on Mardin Sugar Factory Project 91
    & raquo; Detailed Information on Investments Made in Muş 92
    Main Information on Muş Sugar Factory Project 92
    & raquo; Detailed Information About Investments Made in Samsun 94
    Main Information on Samsun (Ladik) Cement Factory Project 94
    Main Information on Samsun Sugar Factory Project 95
    & raquo; Detailed Information on Investments Made in Siirt 96
    Main Information About Siirt Kurtalan Cement Factory ... 96
    Main Information About Siirt (Şımak) Ammonia and Fertilizer Plants 97
    & raquo; Detailed Information About the Depositors Made in Şanlıurfa 99
    Main Information About Urfa Cement Factory 99
    Main Information About Urfa Organized Industrial Zone 100
    & raquo; Detailed Information on Investments Made in Van 101
    Main Information About Van Erciş Sugar Factory Project 101
    Main Information About Van Organized Industrial Zone 102
    & raquo; Epilogue 105
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